Hey everyone! I completely forgot to blog there for a while, as I was doing some secret projects and commissions. But today I have a great reason to blog today!

I got a photo light box for taking pictures of my crafts. YAY! Now I can look all professional like on my blog. It came with a white and a black foam background, and it plugs into the computer usb to light up. The light is a great cool colour and shows the colours of the objects closely.

The box is foldable for easy storage, and did fit together with magnets, but I was a bit wary of the magnets near the computer, which I have to plug it into. I cut the magnets out, and used glue dots and pegs to keep it together until I can find some Velcro to glue onto it.

Good thing I have so many things to photograph.

Stay snappy, my sheeple 🙂


Very quick update. Made some more bows. So much easier with half sorted ribbons and lighter sealing methods. I haven’t been working on a large project, apart from cards for family, so not much to show lately. Not great for blogging fuel, but I am planning a couple of ideas for larger blog posts. Hopefully I’ll get around to doing them.

I tried getting my sleep pattern to be better lately, but it turns out being a zombie all day gets even less done than sleeping most of the day away, and having short bursts of energy. It is also more dangerous in my case. I’m lucky I figured out how to use the two button safety lighter.

Sleep well, and sweet dreams.


Earlier this week, it was clarified that I’m not, not allowed to use flames in my crafting, according to my partner (contradicting his earlier comments, but I have his bad memory to thank.) As long as there was no large open flames… Unless I’m cooking…

This led to today finally getting up the courage to use the stove lighter to seal the ends of ribbons, making it easier to create without battling raw edges. I am an adult, and wouldn’t recommend this without age or adults to back you up. I also think a lighter that doesn’t stay on is a bit safer than a candle, which I would only use next to a sink of water.

Disclaimers over, this sealing was so much easier to sew ribbon. Without having to add bulk to counteract the fraying and having clean ends was so much better looking. Previously, I had to seal ends with glue, then wait overnight for them to dry. I still need some practice, as the more delicate satin blackened with the flame. I was able to curl and manipulate some organza ribbon to create petals by burning the edges. This happens with sheer fabrics and tulle as well.

All in all, I got through the crafting session with no burns and house intact, so a good day for me. I have a whole folder on my computer of flowers and bows to try, so I’ll likely make some more in the future. Might need a new lighter, though.

Flame on.


Hey my beauties. I have returned. I never actually left, I just forgot to post. But I’m going to get back into the routine, and update you on the pretties.

Above you’ll see I’ve tried to make a few flowers and bows with ribbon. Tried being the operative word here. They aren’t too bad at a glance, but they are fairly wonky with petals longer than others, and raw edges. I’m not trusted with fire unless I’m cooking, so it’s tricky to work with ribbon without sealing the edges with a lighter. I’m hoping I can get a bunch of ideas together, so I can sit over a sink and seal a bunch of ribbon edges at the same time.

This week’s pay has been long awaited, as I was well enough to go shopping. It took every ounce of my energy, after no going out for a long while, but I did it. I ended up buying three craft magazines, all with free die gifts on them. I received a nice laced edge die, a swirly reindeer, with small bow and snowflake, and the final die set included two scalloped circles, a plain circle, a flagged banner shape, three tiny hearts and three tiny stars. The magazines had some good ideas, too, and I’ll likely go through and take notes and sketches at some time. Something I should do with all the magazines I tend to throw in a pile while I use the gifts.

I managed to grab some more hot glue sticks before rushing home to bed, so when I recover, I can play around with more ideas using ribbon, paper and plastic cups.

I’ll remember to keep you updated this time 😉



Bows and a fairy.
I thought I’d switch it up tonight, taking a break from needle felting for now, and got out my ribbon box (which I promptly returned after to make my space pretend to be clean.) I’d been looking on Pinterest for crafts as usual, when I followed a trail towards bows. I like how you can choose images and migrate through the pages like thoughts, ever evolving and perhaps returning to images multiple times. It allows you to pick what you like, and show you more like it, it’s fun and doesn’t take brain power. In the end, the site learns what you like, and you might learn things about yourself. My journey often leads me to the miniatures section in crafts, which isn’t a surprise, as I’ve always loved miniature things. The skill that goes into the art of teeny tiny room making astounds me, and I’m yet to master this. Sure it takes a lot of different skill sets, that I may have, but it also takes a lot of patience and dedication to one project. Perhaps if I decide on a room and make a little bit each time I’m on a certain craft, I can complete something in a few years. If I had started when I first found this love. I’d have finished some by now. Come to think of it, I have a half painted wooden doll furniture set that I’m trying to customise. I’ll have to dig it out when I’m up to painting again. That might be after clay, if I ever start that.
Just like Pinterest, I have veered off course into a progressive path of natural thought. Letting your mind go on like this is good for idea generation and brain storming. Also helps with sleep if you write it all down.

Day #91


This is technically from yesterday and today, bit I had a BBQ yesterday and went straight to bed when we got home. So made some progress on my amigurumi. It’s a little skinnier than the pattern I’m using from http://abbygurumi.tumblr.com but its still cute.
I had a massive case of insomnia the other night, and went crazy looking on pinterest for bow ideas. There was some awesome ones bases off of Disney princesses and ladybugs and all sorts. I tried a couple using what I had and using my own artistic licence. The black and white one is based on Venom from Spiderman. The original had a spiderweb pattern, but he only has them in the movies, not the comics, so I left that out.
The gingham and ruby red is based off no other than Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. The blue is slightly darker than intended but I think it still looks nice. I know I have the right ribbon somewhere, but my craft room is still a mess.
I want to make some Dr Who scarves, which seems easy with the simple garter stitch, but I’m not one for big projects. Also considering how many of my friends are Dr Who fans, they all may want one. :/

Day #86


Today I had a box of ribbon, thread, glue and I got up and got some felt and created while watching telly and YouTube videos.

I played around with bows and banners and I don’t know what those faces are meant to be, I just went with it. Most of the embellishments in the YouTube videos were using paper, and I simply used as inspiration, Like the banner had the year on it, and was on a scrapbooking layout for Christmas. Once I find a reasonably priced alphabet die set for my big shot, I could make personalised mini banners.

As for the top, white bow, I was watching a video that said just keep adding. so I added a bit at a time, and quite like the outcome. I was going to add a gem, but I didn’t have any in the box, and thought the center was nice and straight for once, and didn’t need it. I want to add it to a headband, but don’t have any white bases, so I’ll have to cover one for it.

Day #84



Toys clothes! The first craft items I made and what got me to love Sewing. Lately, my Mum and I have been discussing making dresses for toys, so today I felt like making one.

It was all hand stitched, as it was a trial run, so the thread doesn’t even match properly. Also I didn’t burn the ribbon ends, so they’re beginning to fray. Although you can’t see, the bodice is supposed to be pleated, but I didn’t want to iron, so I tacked it down, and it just looks like a random seam. I love the blue and white combination, but found a few more fabrics that would be nice.

I’ve always wanted to make a pattern book for doll clothes. I just need the motivation and dedication. Maybe I’ll go craft some…

Day #50


Today I was being lazy and found myself watching YouTube again. There was a tutorial recommended to me, to make these fabric butterflies. They looked pretty and we’re a copy of a shop brought version, and the lady copied it quite well, but went through unnecessary steps with ironing and glued where she could have stitched, as she was gathering each piece individually, then stuck them to some card.
I made the above ones with ribbon and some beads. They were easy to make, and would look good on a headband, I think.