Sorry it’s been ages since I posted, it’s been one of THOSE months.

In other news, I hand sewed this bunny for a future human. He’s nice and soft and cuddly and baby proof. I’m always wary of what to give babies, and don’t even trust safety eyes, that’s why his eyes are just embroidered circles. I may go over them and add a mouth, but I’m not sure. I got a bit sick of hand stitching half way through, as it was getting painful, so one I had finished that, I put him to the side for a bit while my hands recovered.

I had a dream about buying some pink fabric to make a bear, so I feel as though I need to make a pink bear, now. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything like the fabric from my dream, so I’ll have to figure that out. May take some improvising or a shopping trip.

I’m madly trying to design more t-shirts to sell online. I need to start focusing on finishing designs so I can start earning something for my work.

I’d better get some sleep. I’m getting sick on top of everything else (thanks to my other half) and need some rest.❤



I finished another bear today. He looks a lot like a badger, though, as I used a zebra print minky fabric that was too large for the little bear. But you don’t know if some things will work until you try. His ears are also a little wonky, but you didn’t know that until I told you and now you can’t unsee it.
I’d like to find a nice upholstery velvet, as that gives the same effect as fur fabric on a large bear, and looks more professional. It’s also hard to buy it online, as you can’t feel and see the fabric and know how it will act until it’s in your hands, and that could waste some money. Especially since all the different sellers have different opinions on what short pile fabric is. Guess I’ll have to go actual shopping.:/



Today, I finished this little guy. I started him yesterday, and watched YouTube as I sewed.
I occasionally randomly make a bear like this, as you’d know if you’ve followed me for a while. He’s completely hand sewn and is 2.5 inches high (6.5cm.) I’ve also pulled out a bunch of other bear making fabric to make some more, and have cut one out of a second hand suede skirt that I bought ages ago for this purpose.


While working fiddly projects, I often have to switch between that and a larger project to give my hands a break so they don’t cramp up too much. Here is a half finished scarf that I found when I was looking for large needles to start a red scarf… I also found a barely started green one, too.

But now, I need your help. My little bear needs a name and an outfit! Please help me, and my little fellow, out. Leave your suggestions in the comments!



Today, I watched a chibi drawing tutorial by Yamio. She has the cutest voice, and adorable drawings, so I really like her YouTube channel. This tutorial is really good, especially as it teaches you to create chibi characters, but not as a step by step, but shows way that you can choose what you like and pick and mix to create your own style.
I attempted one, thinking about shapes and ‘beans’, but it seemed a little static, causing the second one to be super dynamic, which produced a nice doll-like figure.
I’m trying to come up with little pictures, so that I can practice inking with a dip pen, as an exercise. I’m drawing them on printer paper, so that I can put it on my diy light table (glass table with a lamp under it,) and easily see through the thin paper.
I’d like to create some colouring pages in this way. I can draw a bunch of separate doodles, and draw them into one piece on the light box. This also means I don’t have to worry about erasing pencil beneath the ink, which is always a gamble.
If you don’t have a light box or glass table, you can use a window, or stuck a battery torch into an upside down plastic box with a smooth base. Just keep an eye on the heat that might build. Previously, I have used a piece of glass between two chairs with a bedside lamp under it.
Arting is often 90% improvising.



Very quick update, as it’s quite late.
Passed our inspection, so I’m very exhausted and found some new muscles in my legs while I was cleaning. I used my inktense pencils and a water brush to colour in some Japanese themed postcards. I would never trust these in the mil, and that would mean I’d have to go somewhere or write to someone. So I think these would look nice in some frames. They’re the same size as standard photos, so the frames will be cheap and easy to find. Just need to find a place to put them.

I went to a craft shop for the first time in a long time. I didn’t feel like buying anything after I had to clean up my craft room. There is so much stuff! I did end up buying a big ball of red T-shirt yarn, so I can make myself a non itchy scarf. I used a coupon, so it didn’t cost me anything, so I don’t feel too bad about it, hehe.



Just a quick update and some pretty swirly rainbow watercolours. Oooh.

So, I didn’t win the competition, which I’m fine with. It was a good experience and I leveled up my skills, so it’s all good.

I have yet another inspection coming up, so I should really stop playing with the pretty colours, and play with the less messy digital colours. I have something coming in the mail to help this. So excited:).

That’s pretty much it for now. Other than working on little projects and maybe a YouTube channel or twitch stream in the future. We’ll see how things go😉



I found a pebble in the garden. So I washed it and painted it. I’ve seen heaps of people who paint dragons eyes on rocks, so I thought I’d try that.
I started out using acrylic, but only had three colours in front of me, so I put it to the side while I was trying out nail art on some fake nails. In the middle of this, while waiting for coats to dry, I decided to try using nail polish as the dragons scales. This worked even better than I thought. Building up blobs of the polish gives the piece texture and depth on the scales. As this wasn’t very planned, I added to black for the crevices between the scales afterwards with black acrylic. I found the green polish to be quite opaque and with the amount I put on, it could have easily gone over the top of a black base. Since this picture, I have gone over the red in more polish to make it stand out a bit more, and am planning to put a clear coat over the eye to make it glossy.
I think I’ll pick up some nice stones at the hardware store next time I go, and paint some more. They usually sell packets for gardening things.
I might show you some nail art one day, but I am so very bad at it, I’m just practising the basics at the moment… Like covering the nail in polish. But not too much.
Also patience. Need more patience.




So, lately, my arting sessions have consisted of me sitting on my couch watching Netflix, ever wary of a mountain of supplies that were carefully balanced on the cushion next to me, like a game of jenga. Any movement would cause a landslide, and cause any number of things to fall onto me or onto the floor. This clearly was not a valid storage solution. I decided that I needed a trolley. Something that would hold all my most used tools and items along with some current projects that I could move between rooms without causing any more back pain (I’m not supposed to move furniture -doctors orders.) I needed it to be mobile, as I often work in three different areas, depending on the situation and day, and using a trolley for the tools will clear up my workspace, while keeping all my tools in easy access.
Enter, the Draggan. I found this cart on the IKEA website, and found it was just right with a reasonable cost. I found this in the bathroom storage section, but I also looked at tea trolleys and salon drawer units. I knew I had a lot of tins and cups for brushes and pens so, I wanted something with shelves instead of drawers, preferably. All depends on your needs. You can easily put boxes, tins, magazine holders or dividers to suit your supplies.
Now that I have this one, I may need one with drawers for my sewing supplies. Maybe when I get around to being in the mood to sew. I’m in a drawing/nail art kick at the moment, with some stuff in the mail for that. Whoever thought it was a good idea to let me online shop… Was amazing. It’s so cool.



Well, here it is. The infamous competition entry, and its work in progress photos.

The theme for the competition was a to create a personified season, and put them in a landscape of another season. I chose a girl representing Summer, in the middle of a Norwegian Winter. This had to be done in a traditional medium.

This took quite a while, with a lot of work. I wanted to continue, but I was panicking too much, and was advised to stop, to prevent overworking and stressing.I’m quite pleased with it, and it was a great experience, so that’s all I can hope for. I’ll probably not do next months challenge, for a nice break, but I’ll keep an eye on future themes, in case I get motivated to do another one, later.

I created this with watercolours, inktense pencils, coloured pencils and acrylic. I had to research quite a few things for this, such as the snow and what children wear in the winter, as I don’t live anywhere near cold. I created a folder full of pictures for reference of winter villages, summer clothing, mountains at night, and bonfire lighting.

I had trouble getting the final photo, as the far left always came out slightly blurry, but I think it’ll be alright. It might just be me worrying.

The entry is on Newgrounds.com, here, and I think I’ll find out results in the beginning of next month.