Day #86


Today I had a box of ribbon, thread, glue and I got up and got some felt and created while watching telly and YouTube videos.

I played around with bows and banners and I don’t know what those faces are meant to be, I just went with it. Most of the embellishments in the YouTube videos were using paper, and I simply used as inspiration, Like the banner had the year on it, and was on a scrapbooking layout for Christmas. Once I find a reasonably priced alphabet die set for my big shot, I could make personalised mini banners.

As for the top, white bow, I was watching a video that said just keep adding. so I added a bit at a time, and quite like the outcome. I was going to add a gem, but I didn’t have any in the box, and thought the center was nice and straight for once, and didn’t need it. I want to add it to a headband, but don’t have any white bases, so I’ll have to cover one for it.

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