Despite being a normal day, even one where I didn’t do a lot of drawing, today was rather special. I finally made the first step towards selling.
But first, here’s a picture I drew following a tutorial on how to draw a cat.
This morning, I had to get up early and wait for a delivery, so I was doodling and thinking about shirt designs. I needed a break from space-cat today and decided to make a simple, retro design that I thought my partner would like.
Within an hour I’d thought up the idea, drew it, and edited it, ready for uploading to a printing site. I chose Spreadshirt, as I know a few people who have used them, and they’ve been good so far. So I had to make an account, change password, fill in forms, change username, change password again, try to upload my image, shrink image, upload image, make product and wait for verification that I hadn’t infringed any copyrights. After all that this morning, I’m still waiting for it to show up in the shop. It said there would be a delay, and I’ve waited all day, so it’s hopefully going to be there tomorrow. I’ll let you guys know.
Since I didn’t spend much time on it at all, and wanted to keep the cost down, I set my cut quite low, just to test the waters. For more detailed work, I’ll put it higher, as you can attach a price to each design that you upload, which is then added to the cost of production for the total.
I’m quite excited and nervous, but this is probably a safe first step to take into the selling world. Just hope it lists soon.



I quite like this drawing.
I decided to make a prompt sheet. By writing a column of nouns, one of verbs and one of adjectives. I then used a couple of can tabs and drew what they fell on. I ended up with ‘fancy’, ‘elf’ and ‘playing with animals’.
This simple prompt allowed plenty of freedom, and I could even get the same prompt and come up with a male elf playing with wolves in a fancy dress costume. Could even be a pixie playing with butterflies in a ball gown. I have seen lists done with dice where each die represents a column, and each item is numbered. The lists don’t even have to be these three things. When making a monster, it could be whether it has horns, or how many eyes it has. Maybe even just picking three words from the dictionary at random and force a connection.
I’d like to make a giant list and program it into a generator. There are a few out there, but I haven’t found the perfect one for me.
I also realised that this doesn’t have to be the final picture. I can redraw it, making the cat more realistic, or change her pose. I could colour it in, and I’d like to make it bigger.
But for now, I’m exhausted. Finally finished cleaning and need my beauty sleep. Good night everyone.



I have spent the past two days, on and off, trying to cover this cat in red wool. I made the base in filling as normal, but for some reason it’s taking forever to cover. It might be that the shape is more complex than a ball that I’m used to, or something, but it’s getting really frustrating. I work on it until I get bored, then I game until I get bored, or when my wrist starts hurting, then switch back or to another activity. Hopefully I get through it soon, otherwise I’ll give up. I am working on little wool cat charms of my cats when I get annoyed at the red cat.
Even though I have so much that I should be doing, I have a pile of projects on rotation. I really need to prioritise and organise them. I’ll put that on my list of things to do.



I did quite a bit today, and am certainly going to bed soon. I’ve been out twice, to have lunch with my partner, and to check my postbox. I received only one package today, being a gem mould that I bought.

Unfortunately, despite double checking all the description, the measurements weren’t labeled as centimetres, but for some reason, I had assumed they were inches. The mould is a cute 11 by 8 cm, and still useful at this size. I am currently trying nail polish for the first casting, so I can look at the designs with detail.


While I had the nail polish out, and had already filled the house with noxious fumes, I decided to give my fake nails a coat, as well as my tissue creatures. I’m not a fan of fake nails, I just wanted to paint on them, so I bought some cheap ones from eBay to practice. I thought of using glue dots to wear them, so I can take them off as soon as they annoy me too much, which shouldn’t be long.

Yesterday and today, I have made a load of paperclay using toilet paper, water and PVA glue. I filled a few different moulds, which are all drying at the moment. This might take a couple of days, as they contained a lot of water. I try to leave them longer than I should, in case little areas like the nose are hiding wet spots down the bottom. It’s going to be hot weather tomorrow, so that should help it along.

Having all this time isn’t making my house look any cleaner. I just keep making more mess!


Pic 2378

I have been creating, It’s just been hard to upload.

This past week, I’ve gone shopping, done painting, watercolour, colouring, glittering, gluing, wrapping and cutting. My phone decided to update, causing a bunch of photos to be incompatible, somehow. Due to this inconvenience, I would go to post, then decide to fix it the next day, then forget to.

Last week, I conveyed my love for adhesive felt, but I was mistaken. It is not the felt that i felt so strongly for, but its adhesive properties. I discovered this when I went to buy some adhesive felt (at $4 for an A4 sheet) but found a discount bin with double sided adhesive sheets, and stocked up at $2 for 4 A5 sheets. Since I have a huge box of felt, this was not only cheaper, but much more versatile. Once I got the sheets home, I began to think of all the things that I could do with this, that I couldn’t with the felt. I’ve been making my own stickers out of paper, fabric, wrapping paper, drawings, foam and felt. I’ve been glittering shapes that I cut out of the adhesive with punches and dies. I have even made alphabet foam stickers out of my tiny alphabet die. There are so many things i can make with this, I even tried making nail stickers. That might need some work.


I found a couple of adorable moulds at a variety shop last week, so I used tissues and watered down pva to cast them. There’s a lot of different animals on one, and Rilakuma bears on the other. I have some more drying at the moment.


This morning, this video came up in my recommended videos on YouTube, and I thought it was great, and something more people should hear about.

I’d better go so something nice and quiet in a corner somewhere while I recover from the Gym.



Yay! 300 daily posts!
You may be wondering where I bought these cool looking gems and bee from, but I made them. Cool, huh? Using old nail polish (I love buying it but can’t apply it if my life depended on it, so I use them from craft,) I filled some small moulds full of nail polish, and waited for it to dry. When it dries, it kind of depletes, leaving a shell, so I refilled it once more with the polish, and when that dried, I filled the rest with glue, all before taking it out of the mould. The bee was a lot trickier to get out of the mould, but that was a sculpey mould, and wasn’t as dense as the other, Mod Podge brand mould that I used, which works so well. It takes quite a while for each layer to dry, and our house now smells like a nail salon, but I think they look awesome. The glitter polish seems to look best on the smooth cabochons, and more detailed ones are better with plain or superfine glitter. I have another bunch of experiments drying at the moment using the Mod Podge mould, including two colours and all the different shapes. Now that I think about it, I have a Wilton mould that might act similar to the Mod Podge one. There’s a whole bunch of moulds that I’d like to buy.
I’m working slowly on the website. Really slowly. Getting back into the swing of coding is fun, but there’s a lot that has changed. It’s less HTML and more CSS, and when did DIV replace tables? Eh, even getting the layout and colours right is tricky. Don’t even talk to me about the logo. I printed out a test and the raspberry colour was pixelated orange with unreadable words.
I brought out my tablet today after watching a video on Photoshop colouring techniques that I hadn’t seen before. Unfortunately, one of my cats decided it was a good time for cuddles, and kept stepping on my keyboard, changing my settings all the time. At least they don’t get messy stepping on my digital painting.



Caught red pawed.
I put the little hat in the wash. Looks like it wasn’t wooly enough, and didn’t change a whole lot. Not long after I put the hat on a ball to dry, my lovely, inquisitive, stealy, annoying cat stole it. It was kinda cute, as he picked it up in his mouth as I followed him with the camera for proof. Once I retrieved it and put it back on my table out of harms way, it didn’t take long for him to return to the scene of the crime for another attempt at thievery. Apparently, tiny wet hats are a cats best friend.



Kidden charm.
One day, I will buy some neutral wool, and make some cute cats and miniatures. Until then, here’s an orange and mustard tabby, with blood red nose and weird mouth.
I saw a video showing the process of a needle felting kit for a cat keyring. It was cute, but I thought it was a bit big for a keyring, and wanted to make a smaller one. I can’t seem to get the ears  to work as easily as the video, although they skip any time consuming parts. It seems to take a lot more effort than they show, and a lot less blood loss, despite them holding the needle right at the end so they have no control!
Guess they just make it look easy.
I ended up sectioning off too much orange wool, so decided to try making a ring. Unfortunately, my finger size crossed with orange wool made the ring look exactly like a burger ring, and made me hungry. I don’t even like orange, or the feel of wool, so it was just a trial. Delicious looking trial.
I also made yet another ball. This time using a plastic stencil to felt a heart shape on it. It worked rather well. Using the same concept as the cookie cutter, but being careful not to stab the hard plastic, in case you break the needle.
I also began another orange/ginger cat. This time as an ornament. I have a curled up cat figure and wanted to make my own version. Took ages to just make two legs and the tail. I still have to make the ears, which hopefully will work better this time.
I hope I’m getting better at the needle felting. It seems like I’m still getting an awful lot of new finger wounds.



It seems to be birthday season, and now that I’ve completed my valentine’s crafts, I’d better get onto card making. Again.
Either I am a very bad stamper, or there’s something wrong with every stamp and ink I own, but my stamps rarely come out perfectly. I’m always touching up the entire image with fine liners. The cardstock I use has no tooth, and I often use foam or paper underneath to give some cushioning, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I thought it was the cheap inks I was buying, but I have a memento pad which doesn’t work well either. Same with stamps, even my red rubber Gorjuss brand stamps come out pale and patchy. It’s very annoying, as going over all the lines is time consuming and sometimes isn’t the best looking. Sure it trains hand eye coordination and muscle memory, but it’s mostly a hassle when you have to go over every image. It makes me want to avoid stamping, which is hard to do, but sometimes practising and writing out the calligraphy, or drawings, is less of a bother.