I have been wanting to play with clay for so long, but with the inspection and no space available, it wasn’t an achievable goal. I had even bought some clay tools that I was waiting to use, and today was finally the day.

While waiting, I had been looking at pictures and videos as well as playing with textures on my bluetac eraser.

I had the idea of making relief sculptures in bottle caps, and had lots of fun creating the two pendants above. I’m a little worried, as I researched whether bottle caps can be heated in the oven, and it said they should be fine. I’m a bit worried about the other one, as it’s a bezel of unknown materials. I quite like the coral filled one, but if it doesn’t work, I can always build the clay onto a circle and glue it on after baking.

One main reason I am back into bottle cap creations, is that I bought a tiny hand drill, used for jewellery, which makes holes in various materials, like aluminium. I was hoping it would go through shell as well, but it’s not working well on it. Maybe I just need to get the right size combination. I’ve been able to go through pencils, layered cardboard, and wood with no problems.



Between cleaning, I’ve been working on my new colouring book. This piece is the third one that I’ve worked on, as the others weren’t working as I had hoped. I used masking fluid to cover the lines and applied quite a few layers of straight blue watercolour. In the previous picture I painted, I chose a colour that I had to mix, and didn’t mask before painting it. This resulted in a horrible mottled look  that looks rather muddy, as I had to mix purple myself, and that rarely goes well. Combined with the fact that I had to use a small brush so I didn’t paint over the already painted flowers, and I had to keep mixing more of the colour, it seemed doomed from the start.
This time, I took a bit more time planning, putting light layers and building up colour, which makes it nicer, even and easier to fix mistakes.
I was painting this with a lamp on, and with a small brush doing touch ups after removing the masking fluid, and I felt like an illustrator, which was cool.
Other than that, I’ve been shuffling through a great big pile of catalogues that I’ve collected, looking for images for the bottle cap pendants. I have quite a few now, I’m even having to cut back on the images, in case I run out of domes. I guess I can keep them for later. I’m always looking for inspiration and images, and I can buy more domes or use resin another time. The left over paper is mostly being cut into pieces to be used for paper mache. I had an urge to make a really big paper mache sculpture, like a chair or something. Not sure how I’ll go with my motivation on big projects. I’m only at the start of the thinking process though, perhaps a fancy cat bed or footstool would be much better. I came up with an idea for a scratching post as well. So much to do!



I’ve been using the epoxy domes that I received the other day.
I’ve found the best technique so far, is to put the sticker dome over the picture that I want, then use a bit of PVA or glossy accents to stick the image into a bottle cap that has been flattened with my big shot machine.
Most of the pictures that I’ve used for these are from catalogues. Images on advertised t-shirts seem to be the best.
Tonight, I’ve been colouring parts in a colouring book to cut out for them.
I’ll be able to glue two together, sandwiching a bale or keychain between the caps. Alternatively, I could glue or solder a badge backing onto them.
I went fabric shopping today. I bought a few remnants in different textures to practice sewing various materials. I found some red spotted plush fabric to make miniature bears with.
I also found a nice pattern for a top and picked up some rayon, but I didn’t get the zip and bias binding that I need, so I’ll have to get them later. That should give me time to wash and dry the fabrics between cleaning.
Looks like I’m making more mess than I’m cleaning at the moment.



We got mail!
Today I received epoxy dome stickers, one inch, so they fit into bottle caps, and some crochet lace for a sewing project.
You can’t really see the stickers in the photo, but they’re nice. They are flexible, but give the illusion of resin. I’m having trouble getting resin, as I can’t find any nearby, and I need to pay extra to get it shipped from anywhere, as it is classed as dangerous. I tried using glossy accents to give some extra stick, just in case the base paint peeled off, and took everything with it.
One thing I had trouble with was air pockets around stickers, (or single pieces of glitter) and the epoxy sticker couldn’t bend into the space. To rectify this, I will try putting a layer of glossy accents and set the dome into it. This should fill those gaps and not leave a foggy glow around the shapes.
Investigation is needed on the matter.

Day #151


Bottle caps and glass stones.
I made these yesterday but I waited till the glue was dry so it didn’t look weird when I showed you. I’ve been preparing bottle caps for resin doming…which I will get to one day. With these two, I made a pair so they will match when I glue them back to back. I poured glittery nail polish into the flattened bottlecaps and after a few days, decided to used alphabet stickers and gems to decorate. I like the pink and silver against the turquoise blue. The bottle caps seem to have a coating that isn’t quite gold and isn’t quite silver, so I can use either gold or silver decorations and fittings. If you’re wondering how to flatten them, I use my big shot on I think the embossing folder platform. Make sure you buy the unused crown seals in the beer making or craft section.
As for the glass stone, I followed a tutorial on making gems out of catalogues. I had done this technique before, but it inspired me to look through some catalogues to use them up. It turns out that the shops are beginning toy sales for Christmas already, but this gave me a few Adventure Time, Hello Kitty, Winnie the pooh and Peppa Pig images to play with. Unfortunately, the stones I had had a slight blue colour to them, which distorts the colours. Maybe I’ll look for larger, clearer ones since this is a fun and easy craft.

Day #147


Sorry for the impromptu hiatus. I didn’t expect the wisdom tooth removal to hit me so hard in the energy region. Despite my setbacks, I’m slowly getting around to doing some resin in the future. I bought some resin, just need to seal all the paper things that I want to embed, as well as find a place outside that’s not too wonky and the weather isn’t too windy. I can’t really do it inside with my athsma and cats. Also a house inspection coming up so I’m half cleaning, half picking out things I can put into resin.
If all goes well I know what to make everyone for Christmas 😉

Day #102


Quilling and bottle caps combined! Yay!
I know the photos I put up aren’t great as they are taken on my phone at night, since I mainly blog on my phone in bed. This is the easiest way for me, and I know that if I do it all properly and get my camera and daylight and upload on my computer it’ll all look nicer, but I’m not as likely to post then. Besides, blurry or small images boost your imaginative skills. So I’m teaching you… in a way 😛
So, I was watching the frugal crafter on YouTube today, looking up quilling. It happened that she had made bottle cap pendants with quilling in them. As this was what I was working on, most of the supplies were in reach, so I got to working. It was actually quite fun. I might cover some with the clear embossing powder, especially the cool looking large circle ones.
I got my hot glue gun out also. I rarely get this out, mainly because I’m scared of getting burnt, even though it’s a low temp one. I was burned by one in primary school quite badly and took me a while to even get one. No matter how handy they are.
I was playing around with filling silicone moulds with hot glue. I think a hightemp one would have given nicer results, but it was an experiment and it worked ok. I tried some with pva, which will take a lot longer to dry, so I’ll find out in a few days.