More Overwatch fanart. I had my sketchbook out and ready, and a pencil in my hand, and didn’t know what to draw, so I asked my partner what to draw. He immediately came out with “D.VA from Overwatch!” So, I drew her that night, and spent the next day lazily colouring it in. Her suit is normally purple, but my partner always tries to get the green coloured skins for all the characters, so I drew her in a green suit.

As I was drawing, I was at a family gathering, and someone was watching me draw. “Wow, you’re really good at drawing, you could be an artist!” They said. “I am,” I replied, to which they said “so you have exhibitions and sell your art?”

This rather annoyed me, as there is so many different types of artists, and it isn’t something that is defined so easily. I’m not sure I could outline what makes people artists, as it’s often a title chosen by the person when they decide they deserve it. I contribute a lot to my art, and practice everyday, I come on here, and try to teach art and craft online. I occasionally make webcomics and fanart. In my eyes this makes me an artist. Just because I haven’t sold any pieces, or paint canvases for galleries doesn’t take that away. 

I know the person didn’t mean to annoy me, and I shouldn’t let it get to me, as I am firm in my belief that I’m an artist. But I just wanted to share it with you, incase you get a similar comment.

Go forth and Art!



For some strange reason, I thought it would be a good idea to spend today stamping all my stamps out so that I could scan them into the computer. While I stand by the fact that this is a good idea, as I can see what stamps I have, colour them digitally, or print them out, this was a tricky task.
While I did get into a good rhythm, I had to sift through my piles of crudely sorted stamps to attempt to group together themes. In the end, I only stamped two pages before needing a nap. There was a distinct lack of space where I chose to work, and the wet cushions from spilling my drink limited the space even more. I was stamping them all into marker paper, using Memento Tuxedo black ink, so I could colour and cut out the designs for future cards.
While I had the stamps out, I stamped a couple onto watercolour paper, so I could play with my paints, which I ended up doing this evening. These stamps have so many details that it’s hard to know what is petals or leaves, and which flower each belongs to, so it takes some thinking. I’ll probably add a bit more shading, especially in the pink roses, as they blend into each other, so adding more depth might help.
I’d better get some beauty sleep before tomorrows stream- I definitely need a lot… after I’ve checked all my phone games.



I often end up drawing at family get togethers lately, so last night, I decided to go fully prepared. I set up in a corner of the table with a bottle of drink, conveniently located myself near the honey soy chips, and got my sketchbook, pens, pencils and colouring in pencils, and got to drawing. As the night went on, I got very cold, and drew myself in a bundle of blankets. Then I got far too cold and couldn’t even draw anymore. Some people at the party said I should animate it into an Adventure time parody.
I usually draw at parties as a distraction, but it is often a good conversation point.



Drawing more drawings.
I bought a new Copic Multiliner SP, which means it’s a refillable, waterproof, Copic proof pen. I bought the .25 mm size, which is quite a nice size. I intend to buy a smaller one at a later time, but I wanted to test out one first.
Being refillable, I’m not too worried about using up the ink as I am with normal pens, despite this ink would probably be more expensive than the pens I was using. It is worth it to have some reliable ink, that won’t run when liquid touches it, though.


I did take the opportunity to redraw a picture that I did a couple of years ago. You might remember it from this blog. I don’t blame you if you don’t – there’s a lot on here by now. But I liked the idea, but the pose and drawing needed an update, and I needed an idea to try out my new pen with watercolours. I have to scan in the image before I get to colouring, as I like to do- just in case I mess it up, or want to try something different in the future.

Keep Creative, and Flock the Planet!



This fella was developed after I did a sketch on my Twitch stream last night. I was drawing an octopus that was listening to music, and I had the idea to turn his tentacles into Celtic knotwork. After googling to see if it had been done before, I saw a couple of really good examples, but nothing exactly what I had in mind. To be honest, what I drew wasn’t exactly what I had thought, either, but I didn’t really plan it out, and it’s a lot simpler than I’d hoped. Perhaps I’ll get out some graph paper at some stage and redraw it with a more intricate knot design.
As for the most part if my day, I was creating a php coded illustration Random prompt generator. I had the idea for years, but couldn’t figure it out, so I put it to the side until recently, my partner was doing some coding which inspired me to give it another go. The page is pretty much completed, I just need to move it out of my development area, so you guys can access it. I’d also like to add a lot more options, though I’m having fun seeing all the different combinations. Once I finished coding the illustration page, I copied the files so I could start a card making random prompt generator.
Soon I’ll randomly generate the world! Mwahahahahaha!