Despite being a normal day, even one where I didn’t do a lot of drawing, today was rather special. I finally made the first step towards selling.
But first, here’s a picture I drew following a tutorial on how to draw a cat.
This morning, I had to get up early and wait for a delivery, so I was doodling and thinking about shirt designs. I needed a break from space-cat today and decided to make a simple, retro design that I thought my partner would like.
Within an hour I’d thought up the idea, drew it, and edited it, ready for uploading to a printing site. I chose Spreadshirt, as I know a few people who have used them, and they’ve been good so far. So I had to make an account, change password, fill in forms, change username, change password again, try to upload my image, shrink image, upload image, make product and wait for verification that I hadn’t infringed any copyrights. After all that this morning, I’m still waiting for it to show up in the shop. It said there would be a delay, and I’ve waited all day, so it’s hopefully going to be there tomorrow. I’ll let you guys know.
Since I didn’t spend much time on it at all, and wanted to keep the cost down, I set my cut quite low, just to test the waters. For more detailed work, I’ll put it higher, as you can attach a price to each design that you upload, which is then added to the cost of production for the total.
I’m quite excited and nervous, but this is probably a safe first step to take into the selling world. Just hope it lists soon.



Welcome to all my new followers! My partner and one of our friends double teamed a recruitment drive behind my back, so I have a whole pile of new audience members on Facebook and Twitter. Remember you guys can chat to me and ask me questions on any of these sites, and as long as my phone notifies me, I’ll be able to get back to you as soon as I can! Find me on Facebook at https://facebook.com/raspberrysheep6, and Twitter @raspberrysheep6.
Ok, as for the sketches, they are a couple of shirt ideas that I started on. The first is a heavy metal guitarist, as requested by my partner, as we are both heavy metal fans, so I began sketching him. While I was drawing, I was sent a video review about the cat bag with the bubble window in it. The cat in the video was so adorable and looked like it was in a spaceship, so I wanted to draw him in a spacesuit, and thought it’d make a good shirt, too. Hbed  is the video that inspired me.
My partner saw one of my posts, where I was complaining about wanting to get paid for art that people want me to do. He was adamant that commissions was the way to go, until I could find a way to explain that there is a lot of contact and communication needed when working out the brief for the pieces. I’m not quite ready for that kind of communication, but he really wanted to help me to get the ball rolling, so he’s decided to help me out with starting up shop, and motivating me with my art. This is keeping me quite positive at the moment, so we’ll see how we go.
For now, it’s bed time. Gnight.



Trialing some macro photography with a crude home made light box.
I wanted to photo some objects to make a background at raspberrysheep.com. It still needs some tweaking and isn’t good for your eyes at 3am, but it’s a start. I just looked at it on my phone, and noticed it has a yellow halo on some pictures that didn’t appear on my laptop. One of the issues of web design is optimising for as many devices and browsers as you can.
Hopefully, I can make a better and bigger light box to photograph my crafts. The one I made is a semi clear storage box on its side, with foil taped on either side with a lamp, resting on a tissue box aimed overhead, or in front, depending. It wasn’t even large enough to fit a card in nicely, so I’ll have to make it bigger. Maybe I’ll use a bigger box. There are plenty of instructions online to make light boxes for photography, and I even bought white tissue paper for it, I just got lazy, but it probably worked out just the same.
In the mean time, I’ve been finding small things to photo, like sequins, pens, bottles, and rhinestones. I’m trying to stick to aqua and pink to go with the raspberrysheep theme, but I’m also practicing changing the colours using Photoshop. I certainly need a lot more practice on that.
I also started on some custom social media buttons for the site, so we’ll see how that goes.

(this was taken on my Nexus 5 Smartphone)



Tiny sneak peek at what I was doing today.
Trying out some digital painting techniques that I’ve learnt from YouTube, and some things that I’m discovering on my own. I decided to try putting abase gradient down, then colouring the area based on what colours lands there. The picture that I’m using, I showed you a while ago, named fire fairy. I haven’t put her wings on, and I’m not sure I will on this version. I’m imagining this on a shirt, so I want to get it right. I need to change her hand position, and her back leg is too short, but I’m taking my time and having fun. It is a little unusual go change the sketch this far in, but I knew it didn’t look right, but didn’t know how to change it. Now I have a couple of ideas.
I’ll work on it between cleaning and sleeping.



The other day, when I was playing with the water colour pencils, I created a few blobs of colour. I had seen a picture on pinterest and a blog showing chicks, bunnies, piggies and mousies using a blob of watercolour and a pen. They are so cute and so simple, I had to try. By using the watercolour pencils, the shapes weren’t too random, so I had to add a lot of water. I ended up with two birds, a frog, a pig, a blue pokemon (?) and a three year olds representation of a human. All turned out pretty cute. I added some white pen to some things for dots or patterns. I’d like to do this again with tube watercolours and a larger soft brush for random splodges. This would be perfect as a diy paper pattern. Either on cards, down a bookmark, as wrapping paper or make a scene with the critters like they did in the blog. This could also help to create simple cartoon characters or creatures. You could wet your page, if you want, put on some colour, then find a figure in the resulting shape. Try it out, you can adjust it to your skill level, making it as simple or elaborate as you want. Just have fun!



I decided to try copics directly onto the cake wrappers today. It worked wonderfully. The colours went on so well it almost looks airbrushed, and even kept the shimmery glossy texture of the paper.
You’d be able to do this if you were using them on cupcakes, since these wraps have inserts where you put the cake, so it isn’t touching the ink. You could use paint, or make blank ones, taking the pattern yourself, and write, stamp, paint or draw a theme of the party on there. I did this because the first thing I thought was to colour under the cutout, and leave the cupcake wrapper blank. Then I thought to do the opposite, and colour the cutout and punt it on a plain background. I started doing the background in copics, but it didn’t have the effect I wanted, so I’ll get out my watercolours to try another time.
I measured my craft room for a fresh change and plan where my new cupboards are to go. What I do is get some graph paper, and measure each piece of furniture as well as the room itself. I then convert every 10 centimetre into one square on the grid ( using a 5mm grid.) I then cut out the furniture, allowing me to place it on the room, not forgetting doors, windows and power points. This allows me to see if all pieces fit without moving the furniture itself. I took a photo of each idea as reference, and got my partner to check if it looks good and logical. I nearly forgot the power point, and put my table in the corner with no light, and far from the power point for the lamp.
Moving paper is much easier than moving tables, but then again the fan doesn’t blow the furniture away…


I know it’s a few days early for New Years, but I have decided that this year, I will focus more on my art. I would like to get better at full images, not static design like poses. I would like to get better at colours. I know the colour wheel in and out, but I’m not using colour to it’s full potential, but I will learn. My goal to aim for is to produce an image (at least one) that I myself would be comfortable and proud to sell and wear on a T-shirt.
Since I came third in a T-shirt design competition this year, I’ve come to see how much seeing my designs on t-shirts would be an awesome and thing. Perhaps I will enter it again with my gained knowledge. It was my first large image and I hadn’t been practising using my wacom tablet, so the fact that I won third was pretty awesome. I know I needed a lot more shadow for contrast so it would read better when printed, so that will be on my list of things to get better at.
Perhaps a series of postcard sized images would be useful practice, and I could give them as presents and use on cards.
Our walls are fairly blank in my house at the moment, so I’ll have to do something about that.
By writing this here, it is my mission statement that I can focus on, and have witnesses to support me in my endeavour.
Now I have to go do homework >_<'



This morning there was a link from my partner. He’s always volunteering me for things, and tells me afterwards. This time it was someone we know asking our gaming community to come up with a dragon skulls tattoo design. I had drawn dragons before, but never dragon skulls. People have told me before that I should do tattoo designs and I like a challenge occasionally, so I decided to try some drawings and see how I go. I couldn’t really imagine any ideas on how to go about this, so I looked up dragon skulls in google images. I found a sculpture of a skull and began to draw it. The guy asked for a line drawing with no colour, but I’m not sure if that included shading, so I’m doing it without for now. This drawing is only my first try and was copying mainly so I can get an idea of the shapes involved and form ideas. It looks a lot like a normal dragon, probably because the bones look like scales and without shading its hard to define otherwise. Also I added the eye as an undead dragon idea, but it looks too alive and I’ll try a version without it.
The ideas of tattoos are great to me, but the fear of having something go wrong or not liking it terrifies me. Between the artist creating the piece, the tattoo artist and the ink and skin, there’s so much that can go wrong but when it’s done well they can be beautiful.
I saw a woman with ‘imperfection is beauty’ written beautifully across her shoulder. Ironically she was wearing so much makeup that her face was all one colour.
I don’t have any tattoos, but if I ever do get one it would have to be one of my own designs, as I’d always be picking at it and criticising whatever’s there.