It was decided of a committee of one that I needed to make more headbands. Once the motion was passed, these two were created. The one with the stars was made, because I bought some scrap squares and glitter tulle in various colours. The squares are great for making bows, so I picked out a pattern and began hand stitching one. I was watching movies while I made them, so I couldn’t use my sewing machine. The glitter in the tulle got absolutely everywhere. Maybe spraying it with some sort of fixative or hair spray would help keep some on the fabric. I used the green one on this, that’s why I matched it with the headband and ribbon, but it’s hard to tell in the photo.
The other came about while I was looking for the green ribbon to match the tulle. I found some lace in my ribbon/lace/elastic/twine/raffia box. I thought I picked up the same ribbon, but it was the same colour, in two different widths. This made it better, as I could vary the flower sizes.
I should make a butterfly themed headband to go with my new scarf. I love butterflies.



Bowses and roses.
I spent the day covered in glue, as I paper mached my way through ideas, while watching design ideas on Ted Talks on YouTube. There was some lovely ideology and a few methods of thinking that could be applied to my own ideas and projects.
After my nanna nap (the kiddens were frustrating and definitely needed a rest,) I cooked dinner, and worked on my digital painting until my hand cramped up. Unfortunately this didn’t take long at all, but I did get a few key things done, such as cleaning up the edges and swapping the full black background for a transparent one, which will make it better for applying to a t-shirt. I also noticed that she didn’t have much of a wrist, and fixed that.
After a time and kitty cuddles, I was able to move my hand enough to sew. I keep meaning to get out my sewing machine, but I decided I’d hand sew while watching a movie, so I made a bow. I usually use one square and fold it in half to make a rectangular bow, but I realised you get a much fuller bow if you start with two squares. So, I made up the bow, and got out my ribbon box to match the centre to the fabric. Then I had to find my headband box to make it into a headband. It’s nice to have everything clean, but then I have to re-find everything. While I had these boxes out, I found another headband that I had stared a while ago that I wanted to match with my superman shirt. I had glued blue ribbon to the headband base, but stopped there. I got out some red and yellow ribbon and came up with the design above. Half way through the rose making, I was going to give up, because the rose looked weird. I ended up liking the stylised look and went with it.



Bows and bitty beanies.
One of my recent internet browsing sessions brought me to an image of a lovely set of bows, basic and made of felt. What made these bows different to other bows was the mini buckle on each of the centre strips. The ones in the picture were round and silver, but I knew I had some square, gold buckles that needed to be put to use, so I tried it out. I was playing around, and came up with a nice red, white and gold theme. The tulle I used is more an orange-red than the felt, and probably brings down the elegance factor. But, hey, how elegant can you get using felt? I imagine a lovely off white, large soft satin bow would be lovely. I’ll have to dig my way down to my material box, and see what I have. I’ve been dying to get out my wonderful sewing machine lately. I know I have some pajama pants waiting to be made, among plenty of other things.
As for the little beanie, it’s made of merino wool, as far as I can remember. I keep all my yarn labels, along with a length of every wool I buy. Only problem is looking through all the labels which have found themselves in plenty of different boxes. So, I’m hoping it’s a high enough percentage of wool, as I made it as a small test to try out machine felting. The hat was actually a simple pattern for a micro-preemie baby. If I got the ply right, and my tension, then there are babies heads out there that small, and that’s so tiny.
Here’s the pattern for the hat. It can also be found on Ravelry.



Knitted puffy bow!
Not quite how I had imagined it, as I wanted it to have more height. I forgot that knitted fabric acts differently to cotton, where squares make perfect bows. Its still cute, especially when I squish it sideways to be shorter. I also probably should have taken more care wrapping the centre so it looked neat. All things learnt for next time.
As for my doll, I began bulking out her arms, and defining the face a little. I’m not sure how much will make it through her skin layer, but thought I could at least block it in to see how it might look and how big I’ll need to make the facial features, etc. Also, making the dents for where the eyes go, so they don’t look buggy, might be a good idea.
I want to get a couple more colours of actual wool roving, as I only have red, and would like to play around using actual wool to make something nice. I’ve seen little felted cats made to copy real cats, and that would be great to do of our cats. So many embellishments and charms can be made with felting. It’s and excellent medium, whether done with synthetic, cheap materials, or pure wool roving.



Instead of showing you painstakingly slow progression pictures of my needle felting, I thought I’d show you how that yarn, that I bought, knits up. It’s 4ply soft baby yarn (which looks a bit softer in colour than this), and using 3.25mm needles. Most of my knitting needles are on unfinished projects, or half in another dimension, so it’s rather slim pickings at the moment. I decided that I would make a small, puffy, knitted bow for a headband, as it didn’t need a pattern. Knit a square, sew into tube, sew ends of tube, after stuffing, and wrap middle with yarn.
To update on the needle felting, I did a fair bit of the legs. They still need so much work done, but they are mostly blocked in. There is absolutely no way this figurine will stand up by herself at the moment, and will need a whole load or wire to do so. Now would be the time where I decide to let her sit, or wrap her in wire before she gets too bulky and I can’t add things without them showing on the outside. I suppose I could use a doll stand that are used for displays.

Day #167


Felt flowers and a ribbon bow. I used my new marking pen on the felt. It worked nicely, but now I have to wait and see how it disappears. I couldn’t use it on the purple because it was the same colour, so I pinned one of the other flowers to it and cut it out.
The reason I got to making these is I saw some headbands in a shop which were just felt flowers stuck to a headband base with a jewel in the middle. Like most things, I said to myself, and my friend, ‘I can do that.’ So I did. They are different and I didn’t take a photo for reference, they are inspired by. The ones in the shop were all one colour. I tried to give them some dimension by putting a stitch in the middle of the bottom layer. I was originally going to put them all on one headband, but they turned out bigger than I thought, so I’ll either only put one, or one large and make two smaller ones to put either side. I could make three headbands. I’m not good with choices, and I make my best art and craft when my head switches to autopilot and things fall into place.

Day #86


Today I had a box of ribbon, thread, glue and I got up and got some felt and created while watching telly and YouTube videos.

I played around with bows and banners and I don’t know what those faces are meant to be, I just went with it. Most of the embellishments in the YouTube videos were using paper, and I simply used as inspiration, Like the banner had the year on it, and was on a scrapbooking layout for Christmas. Once I find a reasonably priced alphabet die set for my big shot, I could make personalised mini banners.

As for the top, white bow, I was watching a video that said just keep adding. so I added a bit at a time, and quite like the outcome. I was going to add a gem, but I didn’t have any in the box, and thought the center was nice and straight for once, and didn’t need it. I want to add it to a headband, but don’t have any white bases, so I’ll have to cover one for it.

Day #72


So, I love wrapping presents. There are rarely opportunities to do so, so when I do get to I do so with care and love, using real ribbon and carefully chosen paper for each person. As common with most crafts, finding suitable materials and themes are trickier to find for males. For the present wrapped in skulls, I didn’t want to put a big bow on it, and wanted it more male orientated, so I actually used a Windsor knot, Like on ties. I really am knot the best at it (see what I did there :P) but it looks ok, and not girly.

I’m all set for gift giving, now I have to go make myself presentable for public 😀

Day #7


Woot, progress! Probably only because I should be doing homework. :/ told you I procrastinate… anyways I like these. Was watching youtube for ideas and gluing buttons and sequins in patterns to see how that went. If nothing else, I made a fairly decent mess.