I got mail! Yay!

I know I’ve been a bit absent from here and Twitch streams for the last couple of weeks. This is partly because I’ve been sore (nothing new or unusual about that) and I’ve also been working on my website and coding some more random prompt generators over at RaspberrySheep.com. It’s still under construction, but it has some working parts and links, so feel free to have a look. If it’s broken, I’ve likely been trying something new.

As for the mail I received, I bought some things from eBay last fortnight, so they’re arriving slowly. First thing that arrived was my Touchfive markers.

The Touchfive markers are an alcohol based marker, like the Copic markers, but a fraction of the cost. I only bought the set of 40 markers to see how I liked them, but there’s 168 markers in the full set, which I will be buying soon. I was very pleased with the quality of these markers, considering the cheapness of them. At approximately 50 cents per marker (compared to 7 dollars for Copics,) they not only have great colours, but I’m not as worried about using up the ink. The pens are dual ended, with a chisel tip and a bullet nib, and have been said to run out of ink quicker, as the flow of ink is faster than other alcohol based markers. This is not a flaw in my opinion, as there is better coverage in the first application of colour, and with the price, you could replace the marker fourteen times to match one Copic marker.

To try out these markers, I have been drawing on label paper to make my own stickers. The bullet nib makes small pictures fairly tricky, but I have been trying out colouring before inking the image. This was mainly to avoid issues with the ink smudging, but this allows some room for correction, as you can modify the line based on how the colouring goes.

The other item I received this week was a spirograph. Most of you will recognise these, and they are returning in popularity lately in force. Unfortunately the official brand name kit is about twenty dollars, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend that much on it, so I bought a cheap one for three dollars online. As fun as it is, I am way out of practice and my spirals are inconsistent. It’s very hard to hold the large piece in place, as my hands cramp before i finish the pattern. I tried some bluetack, but it lifted and the circle snuck underneath the stencil. I found ballpoint pens to work the best, and luckily, I had a few colours to try out. These would make cool designs to put on cards and making patterned paper. I keep forgetting which holes on which circles make which designs, so hopefully I can come up with a diagram to remind me, as the kit didn’t have any helpful information. All trial and error I guess. 

Now, go forth and try new things.



City appointment after payday equals art shop! I filled in some gaps in my copic collection, and bought nine new colours and a refill for one of my most used skin colours. I also picked up a pad of A4 bleedproof marker paper when I was there. The guy who served me gave me a free copic colour chart mouse pad, which is pretty nice. I asked him how he knew I liked copics, I must have a vibe about me.
The marker paper I got was the art shop brand, so I thought it’d be better than the cheap brand from the newsagent, but it reacts weirdly to the copics. The cheap version has a wax or plasticy coating on the back, which prevents bleeding through, but still allows blending. The art shop paper seems to have the resistant material mixed into the paper, preventing layering and blending is a bit harder. Plain marker lines and dotting texture works fine, but it seems to pick up the multiliner ink much easier, which was annoying.



Today I was watching YouTube videos while I attempted to recover from the heat, and was watching videos from the gorgeous BayleeCreations. In one video she mentioned that she super glued printed circles of the copic colour numbers on her copic ciao markers. I thought this was a good idea, especially since all but three of my markers are the ciao type. All other copic markers have the number printed on the lid, and since the lid isn’t always a good representation of the marker, it’s hard to tell, without picking it up. Each copic colour has a name, but the number system gives a better idea about the colour. It’s explained better elsewhere, but each colour has a family initial, (for example, R for reds, G for greens, BV for blue violets) after this is two numbers. The first is saturation. The higher this number the duller the colour. The second is brightness, and the lower the number, the brighter and lighter it is. This is why when you look at a copic colour chart they aren’t all in order, and you may find a 34 goes better with a 24 than a 33. This is meant to make it easier, but it takes a bit of getting used to. So I decided to label my markers. Instead of printing the numbers out, I punched a bunch of circles with a regular office punch, wrote each colour while holding the circle with my finger nails. It felt a bit like playing tiddlywinks, as they flew all over. I also had to make sure the fan wasn’t directly on me, either, as that would end in tears. Once written out, I glued them to the marker lids with glossy accents. I don’t have a good reputation with super glue, so I was avoiding using it.

If you’re interested in copic colouring videos, check out Sandy Allnock’s YouTube. She has amazing copic skills, and creates cards that focus on colouring to create awesome scenes. She also has a blog and does a load of things with the Simon Says Stamp company.



Finalllleeeeee got my copics package today! Feels like I waited forever… But they actually came two days early.
Above is a rather bad trial of trying out the colours. Without knowing what blends well, it’s tricky. I guess people don’t usually show of their first attempts, which often leaves people like me to believe the work artists do is always premium quality, as that’s all we see from them. But this blog is about creativity and the trial and error process to get there. I found that some of the colours in the copics were quite similar, and weren’t even varied enough to blend as shadows. As expected, the colours were completely different from the computer screen. They are mostly darker than they looked. I think I will buy single ones from the store from now on, to fill in gaps in my collection. With less waiting time, real life colours and the experience and journey of going to the art store might just out weigh what I’d save buying them online. I ended spending more time drawing pictures than colouring them, but there was a new chibi tutorial on my Facebook feed that I wanted to try. I think I could have done better, but I rushed so that I could colour. I’ve never been one to take time in my drawings and was always ahead of others in drawing courses, but it never usually affected my quality of work. Perhaps because I’m trying new things. I need to learn to walk before I can run…



Little sketch of Link from memory. I wanted a basic small image that I could practice inking and colouring. Link is a good subject for practice, as he has been portrayed in a wide range of styles, he’s quite well known and he wears multiple coloured tunics with the same shape.
I finally ordered my copics! So excited. I had to get in sent to my house otherwise I’d have to travel to my postbox all the time to check if they arrived for two weeks. I was nearly ready to buy the ’36 set A’ when I decided to check if I’d get any doubles. Luck I did, because I would have had 13 doubles. I went through all the sets A-E, and found that set D had had only one double, and a nice range of colours. There seemed to be a lack of yellows, but I can buy individual ones to fill in any gaps. Also the colours online are so far from the actual colours, it’s hard to tell, and will be a bit exciting to see what the colours look like. I thought it was my monitor distorting the colours, but they were weird on other screens. My phone actually showed the closest, but still off by far. That’d have to be the main problem of buying art supplies online. So jealous of other countries and their art stores. Even other states are better stocked than mine.
I’ll pick some marker paper and new fineliners up to go with my copics. I keep having to switch during inking because they run out or are too awkward and thick. It isn’t good to switch like that, as I can’t remember if the ink is water proof or alcohol resistant. With three different inks I could have both. So best to get a set of fineliners and stick to them.

Copics on the way! 😀



I’ve been trying to maximise my variety of copic markers, by laying down a base colour in copic, then doing the shading in coloured pencil. This works to a certain extent, but now my red and yellow aren’t working, which are both rather useful for Christmas colouring. As you can see on the bells around his neck, I tried using a mix of orange and brown mixed with yellow pencil to make gold, but failed miserably. Luckily, I can fussy cut that bit off at the collar or cover it with gold sharpie.



Stamping and colouring today, for some cards. Didn’t feel like doing a lot today, so I hauled my supplies to the lounge and coloured in front of the TV. I’m in a dilemma between wanting to use my copic markers and not wanting them to run out. Then the other dilemma of buying more singly or save up for 72. Either way has pros and cons, like travelling to the city or learning to save.
Since my red has completely run out, I experimented, and found dark pink with maroon like shadows make a fairly good replacement. I might just have to get a red though, considering how many Santas I may need to colour in.