Day #91


This is technically from yesterday and today, bit I had a BBQ yesterday and went straight to bed when we got home. So made some progress on my amigurumi. It’s a little skinnier than the pattern I’m using from but its still cute.
I had a massive case of insomnia the other night, and went crazy looking on pinterest for bow ideas. There was some awesome ones bases off of Disney princesses and ladybugs and all sorts. I tried a couple using what I had and using my own artistic licence. The black and white one is based on Venom from Spiderman. The original had a spiderweb pattern, but he only has them in the movies, not the comics, so I left that out.
The gingham and ruby red is based off no other than Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. The blue is slightly darker than intended but I think it still looks nice. I know I have the right ribbon somewhere, but my craft room is still a mess.
I want to make some Dr Who scarves, which seems easy with the simple garter stitch, but I’m not one for big projects. Also considering how many of my friends are Dr Who fans, they all may want one. :/

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