This is my first attempt at wet felting. It went alright, but might need a bit more work. For some reason it made my skin peel from my hands, so either I’m sensitive to something, or it’s the best exfoliation treatment around. I could only make a small piece, as it’s a bit expensive for me to buy wool at the moment, but I wanted to trial it. I don’t think doing this is large quantities would be fun, as it takes a lot of physical work, which I’m not able to do in excess.


I coloured in my picture today, and was pretty happy with it, so was my partner, so he wanted it as a profile picture. I scanned it in, and the colours were off as well as the shading went all blobby. I probably set the DPI too high on the scan, but it is annoying. I’m contemplating redrawing it on the tablet, for his avatar.
I didn’t do too much else, apart from a bit more loom knitting, although my list of things to do is starting to grow again.



I have spent the past two days, on and off, trying to cover this cat in red wool. I made the base in filling as normal, but for some reason it’s taking forever to cover. It might be that the shape is more complex than a ball that I’m used to, or something, but it’s getting really frustrating. I work on it until I get bored, then I game until I get bored, or when my wrist starts hurting, then switch back or to another activity. Hopefully I get through it soon, otherwise I’ll give up. I am working on little wool cat charms of my cats when I get annoyed at the red cat.
Even though I have so much that I should be doing, I have a pile of projects on rotation. I really need to prioritise and organise them. I’ll put that on my list of things to do.



Nearly time for me to dive head first into Christmas card making mode. There’s some lovely inspiration this year, and I think I’m leaning towards more watercoloured cards, so that I can make them more personalised. Sometimes I stalk the peoples Facebook pages for ideas on what they like, for inspiration and a personal touch, but now that sounds creepy.
As for felting, if you don’t know, the little green guy in the picture is the mascot for Android- the rival to Apple iPhones. We are strong Android fans in this house, and my partner loves it. He even has a group on Facebook where all his friends talk about updates and technical things. This is why when I saw the green wool that I received in my package, that matched the mascot, I knew I had to make him a mini Android. I began with a polyester filling core, so I didn’t use too much of the colour. I think felting is a lot about will power. If you will something to be a certain shape, then go into auto mode while you stab, you end up with that shape. Or something like that. Once I had the base shape, which was a cylinder with one domed end, covered in a gradient from lime green to apple green, then added tiny dots for eyes, and a dark line to separate the body pieced, I had to figure out what to do with the limbs. In the logo, Android’s arms are floating next to his body, and his legs are tiny sticks poking out from below his body. I wanted to make him look a little cuter, and have large feet. This worked out great for the design, as it’s much more efficient having tucked in limbs than bits sticking out, vulnerable to damage. I made the arms by wrapping wool around the felting needle, then pulling it off, holding the wool firmly, and stabbing carefully at each end until it was a stable shape. I added it to the body before it was too firm to be manipulated.
The antenna are pieces of wire, glued into the head with glossy accents by ranger (any strong glue will do.) I then wrapped the wire until it was covered with wool, and added a dot of glossy accents to the end of the wires so they weren’t as sharp and dangerous.
Lastly, I folded a piece of wire around the keyring chain, and twisted it into a tight eyepin shape, and glued it into the figures head.
It’s cute working in such a small scale, but tricky and more likely to stab yourself. My next project has to be a bit larger to give my fingers a rest.
It’s awfully addictive though, I’m trying to stab wool between scenes in the game I’m playing in an attempt to multitask.



Post box checking day!
It’s like shopping without money, or presents from my past self. Today I received some merino wool that I got off ebay. Each packet is about 3 grams, so maybe 2cm by 3cm bags, and there’s 36 colours. I got a small amount of a lot of colours, as I like making small projects, I can use filling as the core, meaning I need less wool, and I wanted to see what colours I’d use. There are so many beautiful colours though, I think I’ll use them all.
The first thing that I want to make is little figures of my own cats. I haven’t decided whether to make them realistic, or cartoonish. I wonder if I could make them small enough to be on a necklace. Luckily wool is lightweight. I’ve been looking to Pinterest for inspiration, and there are so many great creations to get inspiration from. I’ll have to create a few different things.

Better get my guard gloves on.



Today I made an eye-ball. It’s a thing of nightmares, but it was all about the learning. After a while, I was just having fun. I might even add more eyes. When I was learning clay sculpture, my teacher got us to make a practice piece of facial features individually, which helps focus and practice without worrying about wreaking a large piece. This can be used for most arts.
This project was about learning how to put felt eyelids around beads to make it look like eyes. The character that I’m basing the figure on has completely green eyes, that’s why I didn’t bother painting irises and pupils on beforehand, as I don’t need to practice that yet.
Basically, I felted a ball, stitched pearl beads into the ball and pulled tightly, so they were slightly inset. I then experimented with folding felt and laying it on, using one layer, putting the bottom lid on first, the tried the top lid on first. Most of them looked sleepy, until I figured out that I had to push open the bottom lid nearly all the way. One had a bit of space between the lids, so I stuck some pink in for the corner of the eye, but it was too bright and looks weird. One eye has eyeliner added in pen, which made me want to experiment with shading and colouring. This might define it better, perhaps even adding glue to the areas that came out a bit fluffy.
Maybe I could try painting some eyes on, if all else fails.

How to #1

How to needle felt! Kinda.

Step 1: make sure its a day where you have loads you should be doing. I picked a day with at least 4 other things, and Christmas eve is a good one to choose.

Step 2: check your last tetanus date, may need to get it renewed after this.

Step 3: put youtube or something distracting on because poking a needle near your hand thousands of times clearly doesnt need that much attention.

Step 4: gather materials. Preferrably while the tutorial is playing so you miss important steps. Now, I decided on making a cat. Great and detailed for a first time project. Make sure you get the cheapest materials with a limited colour palette. I chose one forcing me to make a blue cat.

Step 5: begin stabbing wool and fingers with a slightly rusty needle, since you bought the cheapest one. Make some shapes of varying density.

Step 6: accept that your fingers will be forever blue due to bad materials,  reminding you that you are a cheap person.

Step 7: Get bored and regret picking something this tricky as I first time project. But continue because the pictures were cute.

Cut ears out of pre bought felt to save some sanity.

Step 8: get angry at poking your fingers so many times- you’re running out of tissue.

Step 9: ok, its starting to look cute. May not be a total failure. Poke yourself a few more times.

Step 10: search for some beads, but not too hard, only until you find something that’ll do, like bicones…

Step 11: and you’re done! He isnt perfect, but I love him.

He’s cute 🙂

Phew. I need a nap after that.