Day #11

Didn’t get anything done today. Had my partners Christmas party, with the theme of mobsters. I found the perfect pattern for a dress to make, but wasn’t confident enough in my sewing ability (nor my little sewing machine) to make it, so ended up not being too dressy. It was fun, but so tired.  Need to sleep so I can craft (and maybe homework) tomorrow.

Day #10

Not much to report.  Just mixing and matching papers. Thinking of colours that arent Christmassy but making Christmas cards. It also feels strange doing things like snowmen and snowflakes, when its the middle of summer for us. I was thinking of how to incorporate that into cards. Then I saw a photo on a card in a shop with a snowman made out of sand on a beach. I thought it looked funny. I imagine a bucket of water then a quote like “I made you a snowman, but it melted.”
Only started 8 cards, I need about 30. Better get a move on. It’d be great if life wasn’t so needy!

Day #9


More cards. More mess. Less heat :).
Im still just throwing things together.  I dont really have anyone in mind when I’m making these which makes it a bit harder, but I still think they look nice. With the bottom left vintage looking one, with the santa thi picture was on a Christmas scrapbook paper with a collage of vintage Christmas images, so I cut them all up to use. They already had sparkles on it, too.
I had brought some glittery ribbon to use on my cards, but the glitter falls off far to much for anyones liking, so I’m trying to think of ways to make the glitter stick. Maybe a layer of glue or something :/

Get those thinks bubbling.

Day #8


So hot! Didn’t do much on the art front, as I was melting, and actually doing homework. But I did have the idea of watercolouring on some of the embossed images, knowing the embossing would resist the pigment. Ive been playing around with watercolours pre diluted in these spritz bottles I found and just spray the colour on. They are strong colours so I usually dab some off with a tissue then I can build it up or mix the colours. Needs a lot more experimentation methinks.

Day #7


Woot, progress! Probably only because I should be doing homework. :/ told you I procrastinate… anyways I like these. Was watching youtube for ideas and gluing buttons and sequins in patterns to see how that went. If nothing else, I made a fairly decent mess.

Tip #1


I like having everything sorted by size shape colour and what not, but recently I’ve made one small box a bit of everything. For those times you dont know what you want. Maybe you want a certain colour or shape of something (or maybe you knocked all your beads together and don’t wabt to sort them.)
Either way, I like looking through this box for ideas. Maybe two objects that you wouldn’t have thought together have found each other in the box.
I’ve found it rather handy at times.
I tend to call it my bling box.

Day #5

Oops. Almost forgot to post. I was out for most of the day but made some bows and shiny things for my Christmas cards. I really wanted to draw a picture of Billie Piper, but didn’t get to. Maybe tomorrow.
Sorry there’s no pic, but I’m in bed 😛

Day #4


Embossing is so fun! Working on my cards. I don’t have a heat gun, so I’m using my hair straightener. As long as I’m careful not to get the powder on it. It works really well. I think I got more of the embossing powders on me than the paper, but at least I look more elegant and flashy, just like my cards are going to 🙂