Hey my beauties. I have returned. I never actually left, I just forgot to post. But I’m going to get back into the routine, and update you on the pretties.

Above you’ll see I’ve tried to make a few flowers and bows with ribbon. Tried being the operative word here. They aren’t too bad at a glance, but they are fairly wonky with petals longer than others, and raw edges. I’m not trusted with fire unless I’m cooking, so it’s tricky to work with ribbon without sealing the edges with a lighter. I’m hoping I can get a bunch of ideas together, so I can sit over a sink and seal a bunch of ribbon edges at the same time.

This week’s pay has been long awaited, as I was well enough to go shopping. It took every ounce of my energy, after no going out for a long while, but I did it. I ended up buying three craft magazines, all with free die gifts on them. I received a nice laced edge die, a swirly reindeer, with small bow and snowflake, and the final die set included two scalloped circles, a plain circle, a flagged banner shape, three tiny hearts and three tiny stars. The magazines had some good ideas, too, and I’ll likely go through and take notes and sketches at some time. Something I should do with all the magazines I tend to throw in a pile while I use the gifts.

I managed to grab some more hot glue sticks before rushing home to bed, so when I recover, I can play around with more ideas using ribbon, paper and plastic cups.

I’ll remember to keep you updated this time 😉



Bye bye money!
At least I shouldn’t need needle felting supplies for a while. They had no choice for colours, but at least it was a six pack and worked out cheaper than individual colours at the other store I go to. I got a handle with fine needles, and a heavy needle refill pack. They were pretty expensive, but I figure it’s an investment, reusable, and refillable, so it works out in the long run. Also five needles has to be quicker than one!
Amazingly, I discovered that I had barely any black felt in my big box of felt. This shouldn’t surprise me, as I love black and it matches everything, but my felt collection is quite large, so it was strange.
We passed a lady selling beads and handmade bracelets. Well, we tried to pass, but failed miserably. We spent ages picking out beads and bracelets, getting ideas and talking to the lady about her work. We spent more than we should have. You can look at some of her work here.
Other than that, I stocked up on plain white card, and bought some charms for a secret project. Couple of hours, and soreness all round, but nice haul. Now I need to sleep to have energy to play with my new, pointy toys :D.

Day #149


While cleaning and sorting beads, I began a “nice bright or pastel beads that might look nice in resin” box. It filled rather quickly, but is fun to run your fingers through and is pretty.
I’ve noticed that videos on resin are either made by young women, or industrial men. Quite a difference in the two approaches and uses, but essentially the same craft. I found it quite interesting.
I think I’ll have fun making cute, glittery pendants, but also want to make more elegant looking jewellery with perhaps dried flowers or images. Even some masculine themed keychains and items. The possibilities are as large as creativity with this medium, so I’ll have plenty to experiment with… After I clean up.

Day #61

Ugh. Headaches- the arch nemesis of creativity. I’ll riffle up some old pics to keep you entertained.

I absolutely love this piece above, but I couldn’t finish it for two reasons. One, the colour wasnt staying on the beads. I know they were plastic, but they looked beautiful. I was going to experiment with coating the beads with clear nail polish after its strung but I wasn’t sure it’d keep any flexibility. Secondly, I had to match the gold of the ending to a chain and finding. I kept forgetting to take it and I couldn’t match it. So I kinda gave up. But I would like to recreate, and finish it, one day.

Here’s my girafasaurus. Not quite girrafe, not quite a saurus. It was meant to be a giraffe, but it was a toy for a baby, so she’ll never know. I know the eye bled, but I was paranoid about sewing eyes on. I know you shouldn’t use buttons, and I couldn’t be bothered embroidering them on…

This is a coin purse I made when I realised I had too many coins at the bottom of my handbag. I used it once before I realised I couldn’t be bothered putting change in a purse, and reverted to the loose-change-in-handbag system…

Day #56


Played around with some beads. I didn’t use a pattern, since with the circles I’ve figured out the 3-5 rule. To keep a flat circle going, I do a round of five bead loops and then a row of three bead loops. These started with 8 bead centres but it can be as big as you want as long as its even.
Beading tutorials are hard to follow, especially without pictures so I tend to create my own stuff. Unfortunately I’m not great at explaining things either, so I’ll just show you my pretties… maybe one day I’ll make a tutorial.

Day #55


Felt like looming some beads… I started with a three bead wide chevron but used pink thread (through laziness) so I decided to “reinforce” and add more beads to cover the sides. I like it. Too short for a bracelet… might be able to attach to some nice velvet ribbon for a choker… maybe.


Day #52


I quite enjoyed beading felt for maybe badges or headbands. Not sure what to use them for, but I had a slow day and made a couple more. I liked the above one, but I didn’t use matching thread, so I have a light pink line through the sequins.

This one took longer, but I like the effect. I’ll have to figure out what to do with them. Until then I’ll probably make some more…

Day #50


Today I was being lazy and found myself watching YouTube again. There was a tutorial recommended to me, to make these fabric butterflies. They looked pretty and we’re a copy of a shop brought version, and the lady copied it quite well, but went through unnecessary steps with ironing and glued where she could have stitched, as she was gathering each piece individually, then stuck them to some card.
I made the above ones with ribbon and some beads. They were easy to make, and would look good on a headband, I think.

Day #27


Moar cards! I counted and I think I have about enough cards… just gotta finish them off and we gotta write in them.
My boyfriend introduced me to writing meaningful messages in all cards. It takes longer, but it does make it a bit more special.
Fat wrist warning!

Kapow! Yeh. Largeness maybe exentuated by the slightly tight bracelet, which is weird, coz I had to shorten it from the first try on. But I made dis. All the beads are the ones you saw earlier in the blog (or later if the blog does that backwards thing.) Yaaay!