Purdy flowers!

Last night, I spend a good while playing with tissue paper flowers and making tubes of paper from catalogues. The small flowers were punched out of cream coloured tissue paper, then watercoloured lightly. While they dried, the began to crinkle and curl, which was the desired effect I was after. This gives a nice texture, which gives a more dimensional flower in the end. Ruffling up the petals after putting the flower together also helps, as you can see all the different layers. For these, I used a simple method of stacking four to six tissue paper flowers, then putting a small brad through all layers. You can see one finished in yellow in the picture. When punching out tissue paper, it may be tricky unless you stack the tissue up the thicken the pile. Maybe using card or paper would work, if you don’t need a lot of tissue paper shapes.

As for the large flower, I saw the instructions for this a long time ago. Here is a link for the instructions. You basically staple a cross in the middle of a stack of tissue paper circles, and cut short lines about every 5mm around the edge, before fluffing up each circle into a dome shape. There’s another version without the cuts, but it doesn’t look as full.

If you’ve been following along, last post, I said I’d gotten some dies with magazines. Here are the results of cutting them all out. All of them work nicely, though the lace edge die needed some extra passes through the big shot machine. I’m looking forward to using them on some upcoming cards.



Today, I came across quite a good find at my local newsagents. There was a magazine with a free die set for a nice, versatile owl building kit. If you have seen these before, you’d know how great they are. The magazine it came with shows at least 5 other animals that you can make with these dies, as well as some flowers. The only problem I had was that the blades were a bit deep, and even with the holes to poke the paper through, it was difficult, and I ended up pushing the needle tool through the card a couple of times.
The bow on the finished owl, was a bow punch that I coloured with Copics and coloured pencils, before finishing with wink of Stella shimmer on top. I might cover it with glossy accents if it finds its way onto a card or something. I seem to be running out of glossy accents, so I’ve been using is sparingly until I can travel to the shop again.
I trialled the super fine embossing powder that I had bought online, and it was alright. It was rather transparent, and looked silver on the black paper that I tried it on. When I used white ink as a base for the embossing, it was brighter, but had much less details. It will certainly come in handy, but I would like to find a better brand. The one I bought was “Wow” white pearl superfine.
So I have some thinking to do, and see how many things I can make with my new dies.



More mail!
This time, I received a die set, and some superfine white embossing powder, that I bought.
I haven’t gotten to trying out the embossing powder, as I don’t really want to use the heat gun while we’re in a heat wave. I’m actually surprised that it hadn’t heat set itself in the post, hehe.
As for the dies, they are Sizzix thinlits by Tim Holtz, called shape strips (660226.)
I was looking for a die set that made small hearts and stars, preferably in the same set, with multiple dies, to save time. I spent so much time looking through three different online stores, trying to find one that would be suitable. Just when I was ready to give up, I found this die. It’s originally to make a line of cutout shapes for border like strips, but the pieces that come from it are perfect for tiny embellishments.


This set comes with ten dies, including hearts, chevrons, stars, numbers and two types of arrows. Six of the dies come vertical, and the rest in a horizontal layout, making them more versatile for your cards. You can use either the positive or negative shapes on your projects, and they don’t cut out the edge of the strip, so it can be put anywhere on the page when you run it through your machine. This would look great paper pieced together, with different colours creating a custom strip for your piece.
Now, I have a few things to go try before I start sounding more like an advertisement. I just really like this die set.



Now that I’ve had a bit of time to recover, and everyone should have received their cards now, I can show you what I ended up with. Last time I spoke I didn’t know how many card I needed. Turns out it was only four more and I ended up with extras somehow, so that worked out well.
By the end I was so sick of card making, and I never wanted to see Christmas paper for a while. Then I decided to spend my Christmas money on card making supplies. They shouldn’t be here for a week or so, so I have some time to recover until the next card, which is quite soon.
For Christmas, I also got Paint Tool SAI. I was using the trial, but got the licence on Christmas. I haven’t had much of a chance to use it much, as I’ve just been colouring in with all the pencils and two colouring books I received, as I recover from the food comas.
While looking through dies on ebay, I had the thought of using a background/lattice on a die cut circle to make a nice lace piece to use on cards. I couldn’t find the die I wanted for cheap, so I’ll have to look around, but I tried it with a small flourish die to see if I could get it to work. I tried it coming in from the side, but there was a few pieces that I had to piece back together. When I tried it in the middle, it looks nice, even if it wasn’t what I was looking for, but that’s how happy accidents happen.


Hope you all had a great holiday, and are creative in the New Year.



Inspection on its way again, so that means a lull in the making, but I have plenty of supplies coming in the mail, so I’ll keep you updated. One of the things that I’ve already received, is this alphabet soup die from Memory Box. The pop tab and the bobbin are for scale, and the letter A on the end was the upper case I was hoping to pair with it, but there was a miscommunication in the size, and they are too small for them, but a lovely size for many other things.
Fitting words like anniversary won’t be a problem anymore, and I can align them with a capital HAPPY or MERRY, with a small birthday or Christmas underneath. The font is so easy to read and is suitable for fun or mature, sentimental cards. The die is so small, you can run it through the machine in one pass, unlike other dies I have, and cut out the entire alphabet, getting stuck with a bunch of q’s and z’s. This is good, though, as you are able to use the negative paper as a stencil.
There are a few things that I’ve made and bought, but I’m trying to figure out the best way to show them, preferably without me in the photos, hehe.



Shopping day, as you may have noticed. I didn’t get a lot. Half because they didn’t have what I wanted, half because I got tired, half because there’s a craft market this weekend, and half because my fractions are wrong…
So, I bought my replacement big shot cutting plates. I haven’t used them yet, mainly because I heard that it’s better to use your more worn ones with the bigz dies, and save your nice, straight ones for thin metal dies. I’m not sure it matters, but it might keep them nicer for longer.
I’ve been looking online for some nice and small stamps, things that I can’t make myself, or print easily. I’ve had a hard time picking any, even in the shop, I saw some, but they were quite expensive for the few stamps that I liked in the pack. I ended up finding a stamp set in a completely different aisle to the one with the stamps in it, which was half the price, and twice as nice. It seems to be designed as a marriage set, but aren’t so strongly themed, that they could be used for a lot of things. There’s a dress that I tried colouring in red, which turned out lovely, and the diamonds will make great embellishments. There’s a bike leaning against a lamp post, which would be lovely to colour in with water colours, and banners and flourishes which I love to use.
When I went out today, I had dedication that I wanted to buy a die set. They had nothing of my interest in the die section and not even many punches to choose from. I’d given up looking, when in the fabric section of the store had the dies designed for fabric. When I first received my big shot, these weren’t released, but I was looking for a bigz die with a hexagon for making a quilt. Today I found exactly what I had been looking for. Apparently, the technique of making a quilt with hexagons is called English Paper Piecing, which I didn’t know. I’ve never been great at quilting, and hexagons might not be a great place to start, but I like a challenge.
Plus, hexagons 🙂



Long time no see. I couldn’t function in the heat, and I couldn’t blog about laying on the couch watching movies with all the fans on me. Although I could draw it as a comic, I suppose.
So today was the fortnightly transfer of the shopping centres inventory into my own home day.
I mainly wanted to get a tags die, which I did. It’s a good one, coming in all the good sizes, as well as having a hole reinforcement die, which may come in handy for other projects and embellishments. While I was in the die section, I saw the hexagon die. I am in love with hexagons at the moment, and I’d seen this die online and wanted it. It’s a lot smaller than it looks in the pictures online, but it’s a bigz die, meaning that it will cut everything from paper to thick card to fabric. I can imaging hand sewing a tiny dolls quilt with the hexagons. I’d have to glue the edges to stop fraying, as they’d be too small to have a large seam.
In the cheap shop, I found some stamps. I bought a mummy, a sugar skull girl and a cameo with a frame. I’m not sure how well they’ll work, being so cheap, but they were too cute to miss. I also picked up some cheap ink. In my experience this was a bad idea, bit the price of the craft inks is so huge, that it doesn’t seem worth getting them. I don’t often use coloured inks, so I just wanted to try these out. I found using kids markers/washable water based markers on the stamps works ok if I need a colour of ink that I don’t have.
I got a new container of gold embossing powder. I found I had fun with it the other week, but all I had, was a small vial from a pack I’d gotten a while ago, and decided to get some new. They had the most beautiful blues and reds, but I didn’t think I’ll use them as much. Perhaps I’ll get the red for Christmas and go crazy with it. I’ve found embossing powder to have an expiry date, so I’ll have to write when I bought it on there. It might be the hot weather we live in. Maybe it’ll work when I get a heat gun.
I got a felt tip black calligraphy pen in 3.0mm. Usually people use the felt tips for practice and dip pens or nib pens for writing the final piece, but I’m more used to just using the felt tip. I’d love to get some pilot parallel pens, someday.
I found a packet of self adhesive labels that I can use to draw or print on. It’ll come in handy if I want to make stickers for cards and things to sell with the raspberry sheep logo on it.
I also got some cheap glue dots. I already have some, but these are slightly smaller. I wanted even smaller than that, but I guess I’ll have to buy a real brand for that. I keep meaning to get to a scrapbook shop that I found. Perhaps next week if I haven’t spent too much on the movies this weekend…



So…  I went shopping and got way over my carrying limit. Hope I’m not too sore tomorrow. But I did get all the cubes that I wanted for my book cases. I originally thought I’d get pink, blue and green, but they didn’t have green. I ended up with pink, blue, purple, black and white, which are all nice. They do need to be aired out, as they smell badly.
I also bought a letter die set from kaisercraft, which is nice and versatile. I was tossing up between this and a grass edge punch, but I’ll have more uses for this. I was a bit shocked to find a magnetic sheet within the packaging, without notice of it. If I had rested it on my computer, speakers or phone (anything with memory storage or magnetic parts) that could have been devastating. I know this is a common way to store them, but I’ve never bought dies that come with the magnetic sheets. Some notice would have been nice.
I got more white card. I tried looking for a hundred pack, but they only had them in every other colour. I will continue this quest another day, for now I will battle on with this small pack of 25.
I decided to get a magazine, since I haven’t bought one since before Christmas, and the stamp set that came with it was so diverse and pretty. It had a whole page with sentiments, hearts, babies, bride and groom, keys, a typewriter and more. I’m slowly getting all my stamps into a folder (as told previously) and it might go quicker bow that I have a clean desk…for now.
I found a white paint pen for cheap, which I can use for labeling dark things, or to put highlights and sparklies on images. It says they write on ceramic, so I might have to play with that later on.
As I was hobbling out the shop with my twelve boxes (so heavy!), I came across some lacy paper cupcake sleeve things. I’m not the best at baking, but I didn’t think of these for cakes. I was drawn to the butterfly pattern, but there was two for five dollars, so I found another quickly, a lattice design. Apart from just sticking these to a card, I could cut out the butterflies, or use these as stencils. I try to think of at least two uses before I buy something, and this passed that test.
I’ll just put them in the pile with all the other things to do.

Day #34


Bought me some dies. Ran out of money 😦

But now I can cut out fabric. Oh yeah! 😀 who needs money when you can cut bears out of felt!… don’t answer that.

They had an ok range at my local art store, which is over priced and over packed. But given that these three dies were the most useful ones I could find wasn’t good. The guy said a lot of them were discontinued ones. Considering the dust on them, I wasnt surprised. I think I’ll buy them online from now on.

I didnt make much, I just cut out bits today. I might have to clean up my craft desk at some point and get into crafting.