Being an adult is hard. 2/10 Would not recommend. Sure you can eat cake for breakfast, but at what cost? 

I would, however, recommend being creative. I was looking for ideas in a sketchbook I have with lovely thick, textured paper, and wanted to do some watercolour in it. I found an old sketch that I could work on. I cleaned up the lines and fixed some of the features before colouring in the image. The leaves came after I dropped the paint brush loaded with blue paint on her shoulders. They’re poorly hidden, but I could go over it properly, given the inclination. 

Life’s hard, go draw. 



I’m not quite sure where this idea came from. That’s usually when I make the best things, and go into a slight creative trance, while watching TV shows.
I’ve also been doing some paper mache for a project for the cats, so I managed to half cover myself in gesso, which is always fun.
Just before bed, I printed out some T-shirt outlines to try and come up with some designs. I think my partner is getting tired of me talking about selling my art, and not actually doing it. I just wish there was a way I could do the art someone tells me, then they talk to people and sell things, then they give me some money… A bit like a job, really… But where I can be at home with minimal deadlines. Mmm.



Now, I really like this one. I wasn’t sure about the pose, and thought the eyes and nose would look weird, but I kept with it, and once it was inked, I really liked it.
I was reading up about finding your own style in art and drawing, and the one thing that stood out and stuck in my mind was ” finish for the sake of finishing.” So, even if you aren’t sure about how it looks, don’t give up on the picture. Sure, you can erase and change bits, but sometimes you need the small feeling of accomplishing something to keep you going.
Incase you haven’t noticed, I’m not one to finish projects, and that takes a big toll on my view of my abilities. Sure I have talent, but if I never finish things, what’s the point, I can’t sell half done projects and I’m surrounded by them. So this is one thing that I really need to focus on. Maybe I can start by making smaller projects, and working my way up. This should help with self esteem and give a more positive view when I begin things.
Let’s see how we go.



Update on the girl. Photo of the computer doesn’t show the colour right,  but gives you an idea of what it looks like without giving you my work in progress files.
I changed her hands and gave her dress a lot more shading. I think it’s looking pretty nice. I’m not sure of I’ve been staring at it too long, but it starts to look strange and I get unsure if it looks good. My partner says it looks “fine,” which was a poor choice of words. I don’t want to risk over working it, but I really want it to look fantastic. At this stage I’m not even sure if I should define her toes, or make it that she’s wearing stockings/tights.



Tiny sneak peek at what I was doing today.
Trying out some digital painting techniques that I’ve learnt from YouTube, and some things that I’m discovering on my own. I decided to try putting abase gradient down, then colouring the area based on what colours lands there. The picture that I’m using, I showed you a while ago, named fire fairy. I haven’t put her wings on, and I’m not sure I will on this version. I’m imagining this on a shirt, so I want to get it right. I need to change her hand position, and her back leg is too short, but I’m taking my time and having fun. It is a little unusual go change the sketch this far in, but I knew it didn’t look right, but didn’t know how to change it. Now I have a couple of ideas.
I’ll work on it between cleaning and sleeping.



Here she is! Arms and size included.
I was asked to show some reference to size, and I hate it when people use money, as I have never seen most of the world’s currency to know how big it is. I couldn’t think of anything else that would be internationally the exact same size, so I opted for a good old tape measure, with inches and centimetres on it.
I also wanted to share a tip when placing eyes. Get some pearl headed pins, it doesn’t have to match, or be perfectly the same size, but choose two roughly similar to the eyes you want for your figure. If you want, you can put beads on regular metal pins, or pin buttons for larger models. This way. You place the pins where you want the eyes, and can play around with placement without any commitment. Once you’re ready, either sew on the button where its pinned, or pull the pin out, just enough for you to stitch the actual eye either side if where the pin is coming out. Hope that made sense, headaches aren’t the best when explaining. You can also use pins through limbs to place them on tiny bears and figures. Just be sure to put the pin where you want the pivot point in the shoulder or hip.
I also just broke my first needle. Hopefully got all the pieces, or I’ll walk around barefoot until I find it :/



Bunny is coming along nicely.
Just need to finish and attach some arms, and decide where to put the eyes. She’ll need some buttons on her dress, too.
I’ve figured out that to get it smoother, you have to wipe your finger across the surface to hold down the long bits, and work them in. Also, if you switch to a smaller needle to finish the outer layers, it’ll have less big holes in the end, despite taking longer. It’s worth the effort to make it look nice.
I found the flesh coloured yarn that I wanted, just before bed, so I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, and work on the doll further. I’m not sure how I’m going to work the hair. Maybe making it a static felted ponytail will be the best action, so it doesn’t need care or styling.
I considered the other day getting plain white wool, and seeing if I could colour it with copic markers, after I’ve made the figure. I’m yet to try it, as I don’t have any white wool, but I do have some yarn (which I used for the bunny’s collar.) Perhaps I’ll try it on this, or even on the yellow wool.



Time flies, when you’re stabbing fun. I was going to have an early night, and all.
I wanted to make another cat, so I made a pipe cleaner armature, and tried to cover it with some fluff that I’d made from some variegated brown acrylic yarn. It was probably too small or something, as it was too tedious, even for me, and I gave up for now.
Instead, I began using the fluff to make a ball, then practiced making some thin shapes, that I had trouble with previously, and they looked like bunny ears, so I attached them. The acrylic seems to knot quicker and tighter than the wool, so it might be why smaller shapes are easier. Once I got to this stage, tearing myself to bed, I decided it would be so cute to make a little girl bunny with a light blue or red dress. Maybe I should do both and have sister bunnies. I like how the different shades of brown show in different areas. This wouldn’t have happened if I had continued brushing the yarn, and let it all mix more. It slightly mixes the colours as you work the felt, so I didn’t bother beforehand.
I did a little more work on my doll, making her more feminine with a nice figure. She still looks crazy and her feet are facing sideways for some reason, but it’s slowly progressing. I haven’t found any wool that I can use as a skin tone yet, so I could try some yarn, as its easier to find colours in that. I think I even have some around the house, somewhere.
Time to sleep, so I can craft and game more tomorrow. Night y’all.



Yesterday, I bought myself a cheap card holder to decorate, so in between cleaning, I made this character. She isn’t based off anyone, and just developed by herself. I’m not sure why but I imagined her with purple hair from the start. She looks a bit bare on the case alone, so I think I’ll make a loyalty banner, because it’s a loyalty card holder. Also, I might put some sparkly bits, cut out of shiny paper. The case is plastic, so I have to make sure it sticks well. I might have to use really strong glue, then cover it. Being in my bag will give it a lot of wear and tear. I know contact will peel at the edges, but it’ll protect the image. Tricky. I’ll have to ponder more on this.