Instead of making things easier on myself, I decided to stamp out some of my own patterned paper to use on cards. I was watching YouTube again, and whenever I see people colouring on toned paper, I always get the urge to do it too, as it’s one of my favourite art types to do. So I wanted to incorporate it into cardmaking, and the YouTuber made hers into a lovely card by colouring all the stamped images. I thought that looked great, but would be time consuming. I was inspired to develop my own version by lining up one stamped image to colour, and stamp around this with just outlined ones on the rest of the paper.

I ended up adding some simple shading on the background Santas, which makes them look more dimensional. I haven’t finished the colouring on the main Santa, but he’s in the right area to be pointing to a sentiment, which I hope looks as good as I’m imagining.

It’s been a long day, goodnight.

Sleep. Eat. Craft. Repeat.


Busy busy busy. Almost like I forgot to keep blogging…

Anyway, I’ve been balancing between multiple projects, trying to keep the mess at bay and sleep. Not all going to plan, but slowly progressing while keeping myself busy.

A couple of things I have discovered to improve my cardmaking that I can share, making the blog more than pretty pictures.

The first, pictured above, is making patterned papers look fancier. There are heaps of ways of getting cheap paper, or paper that is a bit plain, and turn it into the expensive looking ones really easily. High grade papers often have dimension, glitter and glossy areas on the patterns. You can personally decorate patterns using a variety of materials, including glossy accents, glitter glue, shimmer pens, gel pens, fine liners, markers and so on. It’s very lenient, as it will depend on your tastes and what paper you have in your own stash. The paper shown in the picture was from a card kit that came with a magazine. I liked the pattern, but I experimented by adding a shadow to one side and I like it much more. Try different designs and use whatever you have to accentuate patterns and come up with your own creations.

The other discovery came about when I was thinking about how bad I am at stamping, and I don’t like the mixed results when trying to get a good impression. This lead to the idea of scanning in the plastic stamp sheet that comes with the prestamped images. This worked well for me. Ensure you have a white sheet of paper behind when scanning, and this allows you to have the images on your computer to resize and print at any time. I was able to enlarge some stamps I have and print them in light grey, a colour I don’t own in ink pads. I had been stamping out all my stamps to keep on the computer anyway, but this way it’s already been stamped nicely.

I hope these tips help. I have a huge amount of ideas for blogs. Getting to them is another story.

Go forth and create.


Today came with the energy levels of a potato, so between naps and binge watching some shows, all I could manage was a bit of colouring in, and microwaving some food.

I managed to finish these three squares over the day, and I think they look rather nice. The light one at the top was watercoloured using mainly inktense pencils, and the other two had a simple Copic marker base colour with coloured pencils over the top. I quite like this look, as the white of the page does show through the pencil, and you don’t need a lot of Copic colours to make the shading on the shapes. The colour is also nice and intense.

The images didn’t stamp very well, likely due to human error, so I tried to fix it with some fine liners. It worked alright, but only with the thinner liner, which was running out of ink. I don’t mind the effect the thicker pen gave on the roses, as I just outlined the edges. If I had gone over everything, it would have been too much.

These panels look nice against black card, so I’ll likely but them onto foam squares, lifting them from a black piece of card as a border, and using them on cards.

I’m planning to have a bunch of coloured pieces that I can grab out a box when cards need to be made, like I’ve seen other card makers do. Plus, it makes me feel like I’m doing something productive on a potato day like today, without too much effort.

I hope I feel better tomorrow, I have so much to clean this week. :/



For some strange reason, I thought it would be a good idea to spend today stamping all my stamps out so that I could scan them into the computer. While I stand by the fact that this is a good idea, as I can see what stamps I have, colour them digitally, or print them out, this was a tricky task.
While I did get into a good rhythm, I had to sift through my piles of crudely sorted stamps to attempt to group together themes. In the end, I only stamped two pages before needing a nap. There was a distinct lack of space where I chose to work, and the wet cushions from spilling my drink limited the space even more. I was stamping them all into marker paper, using Memento Tuxedo black ink, so I could colour and cut out the designs for future cards.
While I had the stamps out, I stamped a couple onto watercolour paper, so I could play with my paints, which I ended up doing this evening. These stamps have so many details that it’s hard to know what is petals or leaves, and which flower each belongs to, so it takes some thinking. I’ll probably add a bit more shading, especially in the pink roses, as they blend into each other, so adding more depth might help.
I’d better get some beauty sleep before tomorrows stream- I definitely need a lot… after I’ve checked all my phone games.



These are my own oil pastel scratch art papers. Unfortunately, I forgot what colours I had made them beneath the black. I guess blue Santas can be Christmassy. It is cold in the north pole.
Perhaps, next time, I’ll write the colours on the back, though it is exciting to uncover the colours without knowing. Might work better for non-specifically coloured images, like the bear.



Crazy eyed embroidery owl. Yay!
I decided to stamp on fabric and embroider the outline. I figured it’s easier than looking for a pattern, printing and tracing. I used a water based ink, so hopefully the bright pink won’t show after washing. I’ve never been great at satin stitch, stem stitch or bullion stitch, but ended up using all of them in this piece. I don’t think I did too badly.
The image didn’t stamp properly, allowing for some leniency, but this caused problems when it came to the zig zags on the front of the owl. Looking back, lining the area to fill in with a straight stitch would have been wise. I was unsure of what to do with the eyes and what colour to make them, so they look strange for now. Perhaps a satin stitch in brown or something, as I thought using the same green would make them dull.
There are a few stamps I have that would be nice to try with this technique, but I wanted to try something simple. I think I’ll use calico next time as well, since I used flannel that was a bit soft and having some sturdier fabric might help with stitching. If I knew what if be using it for, I could spray the fabric with hairspray, which makes it really stiff, but wouldn’t be suitable if I use the image for something soft. I suppose it would wash out after, but I suppose that another experiment to add to the list.



I did a few things today, in the way of crafts. I slept in, so I crafted instead of my afternoon nanna nap. I did some embossing, which is fun. Still using my hair straightener to heat the powders. I have a heat gun on my list, but I’m great at improvising. I had a few problems with the white powders I had. One was rather chunky and lost all detail, but a brilliant white, the other was lovely and fine, but subtle and transparent. It helped to use a white ink pad under the fine powder, but it made it look silver. I might have to invest in some superfine ones, designed for sentiments, as I have a lot of delicate looking stamps.
I tried embossing that honeycomb texture from the silicone mat, but I must have pushed harder in some areas and got a bit of ghosting, probably due to the extra squishiness of the silicone. I tried embossing some stamps, which had large flat areas, onto patterned paper in clear powder, with the intension of inking over it, and it resisting, leaving the image patterned, and the surrounding area inked. Unfortunately I messed up three images, before figuring out I had put too much ink and stained the clear image. But now I know, and I could even see some of the pattern through the ink which is fairly nice.
I also began knitting a project. Yay! My hands are not a fan of knitting, but I surely am. I’m surprised I got as far as I did, and can still type. Just. I originally wanted to make a beanie for myself, and I’d bookmarked a pattern, but when I went back, I realised it was meant for kids, and was in all garter stitch. I love purl, so this wouldn’t do. I’d already gotten out the wool and kneedles, so I looked a bit for a beanie with matching materials, but for some reason (maybe because I haven’t made one yet, or found one) there isn’t a way to search for patterns by needles, yarn and stitch. All I wanted was a beanie knitted on 4mm straight needles with 8ply wool, but that’s too much to ask for, so I started a scarf. They don’t need patterns and I wanted one to match my nonexistent beanie. I just cast on 30 stitches, and began knitting. After a few rows, I decided to make it a sample scarf, as I got bored of the stitch I was using. Scarfs are so lovely and forgiving. If only they didn’t make me itch and feel like I’m suffocating…



Sneak peeks. Just because I need to blog once in a while.
The Christmas themed pictures are for a special card that I’m making. They are stamped, coloured and glossy accented.
As for the little lion in the front, while I was shopping, I saw a simplistic lion themed box. It’s simple shapes reminded me of punched shapes, so I whipped up a version of what I saw.
I think the nose should be smaller, proportionally, and the mane should be bigger, but it was the best I could do without getting my die cut machine out. I was more focussed on actioning the idea before I lost it.
I think he’s cute anyway.



Stamping and colouring today, for some cards. Didn’t feel like doing a lot today, so I hauled my supplies to the lounge and coloured in front of the TV. I’m in a dilemma between wanting to use my copic markers and not wanting them to run out. Then the other dilemma of buying more singly or save up for 72. Either way has pros and cons, like travelling to the city or learning to save.
Since my red has completely run out, I experimented, and found dark pink with maroon like shadows make a fairly good replacement. I might just have to get a red though, considering how many Santas I may need to colour in.