Day #88


Finally got myself a hexagon punch! Yaay! Honeycomb for all. I was playing around with it, having some fun. There are loads of possibilities for this punch. It’s going to be fun finding them all.
So, as I said in another post, I like to buy a few things with a lot of uses. The way I would do this is investigating. Sure I buy things on a whim, maybe when they are cheap or seam like a good idea, but when I plan, I tend to not only save money, but increase creativity.
So, what am I talking about? Say you buy a die cutting shape for a project. You get a shoe themed die. You may have one or two friends that like shoes, and it’s not very suitable for many occasions like Christmas. Once you’ve made a card for those friend with this die, unless you want to sell cards, you may not use that die again. Alternatively, you could buy a small amount of diecut shapes online or friends that may have it. Or think creatively and cut out your own.
Flowers, swirls, circles, basic shapes and leaves are versatile, as a lot of the time you can modify them to change the look, and any amount of rearranging can be done to change the feel of the card. Flowers and butterflies will fit almost any occasion from sympathy to birthdays, weddings and Christmas. Just change the paper and colours. Shapes such as squares and hexagons can be used to make geometric backgrounds and suit male orientated cards. Flourishes and swirls can be cut or added to for endless embellishment options. Try and figure out reusability, modification options and whether its worth the money you are paying for it.
Just be creative with the basics. Like lego, using the simplest building blocks, your imagination can build anything. It isn’t the amount of tools you have, it’s your skills that make the work amazing.

Day #87


I played around with my bigshot today. Trying to make something out of my limited collection of dies. On the left, I dry embossed some two colour iridescent paper (I used the red/green because I’m not a fan of it) it worked pretty well, as the stars shine red when the rest is green.


I threw bits together and stamped some tags. I didn’t do a whole lot, but played. I’d like to make paper embellishments for future cards and some scrapbooking. I wanted to make some tags, and forgot I had the tag shaped stamp, so I stamped and cut it out by hand. I’ll probably embellish them when I need to use them, and have someone in mind.
Also trying to figure out the dies I can get the most use out of, so I can do more without buying hundreds that I’ll only use once.

Day #86


Today I had a box of ribbon, thread, glue and I got up and got some felt and created while watching telly and YouTube videos.

I played around with bows and banners and I don’t know what those faces are meant to be, I just went with it. Most of the embellishments in the YouTube videos were using paper, and I simply used as inspiration, Like the banner had the year on it, and was on a scrapbooking layout for Christmas. Once I find a reasonably priced alphabet die set for my big shot, I could make personalised mini banners.

As for the top, white bow, I was watching a video that said just keep adding. so I added a bit at a time, and quite like the outcome. I was going to add a gem, but I didn’t have any in the box, and thought the center was nice and straight for once, and didn’t need it. I want to add it to a headband, but don’t have any white bases, so I’ll have to cover one for it.

Day #85


Yes, I know. You thought I was totally cool, now you find out I have my dolls still. Bet none of you could guess my age. 😛
I’m continuing with toy clothes today had a few ideas last night to try.
First we have Andrea on the left sporting a polka dot dress. Hand sewn by me- I’m trying to decide if its more lazy to get out the sewing machine, or to hand sew because you couldn’t be bothered getting the machine out.
Then I had an idea or saw on a video that had dolls hair curlers using bobby pins and straws. So I’m trying it out. I wet the dolls hair first, and I’ll wait for it to dry, and I’ll add hair spray before and after I take them out.
The headband is just a piece of cord I was playing around with and wrapped it around a headband base. I like the gradient a lot, so I glued it in places, and might do some stitching to make sure it stays.
Tune in next time in great adventures of playing for adults! Also known as “crafting.”

Day #84



Toys clothes! The first craft items I made and what got me to love Sewing. Lately, my Mum and I have been discussing making dresses for toys, so today I felt like making one.

It was all hand stitched, as it was a trial run, so the thread doesn’t even match properly. Also I didn’t burn the ribbon ends, so they’re beginning to fray. Although you can’t see, the bodice is supposed to be pleated, but I didn’t want to iron, so I tacked it down, and it just looks like a random seam. I love the blue and white combination, but found a few more fabrics that would be nice.

I’ve always wanted to make a pattern book for doll clothes. I just need the motivation and dedication. Maybe I’ll go craft some…

Day #83


Despite getting a fair bit done today, shopping and homework, this was all the completed art I did. Basically messing around with pens and paper. It started by looking for a hexagon paper punch online, then remembered how many people sell punched out bits of paper. So I decided to punch out bits of paper… mainly to see how much effort and paper went into it, to see if I could add it to my craft stall ideas. Some punches were easier on the hands than others. As usual I began experimenting. I punched cirles then smaller shapes inside. Then realised its much easier to punch the small one first, then the circle. Then I punched from catalogues.  Then I made a tiny rose out of the catalogue. Then I made a tiny rose out of purple. Then after a while I noticed my fashiony sketchbook and kind of drew a dress I saw using scumbling as the pattern. I photographed it then began blogging about it. Then here we are… never did find that hexagon punch at a good price.

Day #82


My boyfriend picked me up a colouring competition sheet. Can’t find my nice pencils yet, so I couldn’t layer my colours well. But it was just a bit of fun and won’t be submitted.

Day #81


Practicing calligraphy and crochet. This covers today and yesterday. Craft fairs always spark my creative drive a little, and I’ve been thinking about doing calligraphy sayings and artworks for a while now. I did a course a few years ago on calligraphy, which was fun, and I only used my calligraphy on cards since then, but I did like the assessment pieces that we created. I think they would be great for gifts and selling. Also, it would only take a little while a day to practice to better my skills. Lets hope I can stick to this one for a bit :/

Gotta go, my cat is cleaning herself on my chest, making it hard to write 😛

Day #80


So… this is my before shot of my craft room. Not very inspiring yet.
I started putting together my table and got overheated, so I didnt get as much done as I’d hoped. The space I have now is at least doubled from my last creative area, so I have room to sort and store. Before I couldn’t access half my stuff easily, so I’m excited about getting all set up!