Day #76


I had a few minutes to watch YouTube and draw this morning. I’m loving a channel named Kellie Reynolds. This lady creates paper dresses and corsets which are beautiful. She makes little hangers for them and they are in all different themes. It’s first on my list to make once I’m set up and able to create. I’m glad I have my paper and pencils or I’d be going crazier. is her blog where you can download templates and see all her pieces (down the left side.)
I imagine these would be lovely on a card front, or as an embellishment on a mixed media canvas. Even framing them in a box frame would be lovely.

Day #75


I’d been saying to my boyfriend for weeks that I’ve wanted this Ariel pop figure, and he brought it for me tonight.  😀
Sometimes when I get toys, I feel like drawing them, so thats what I did. I had to stop a few times because the lights went out a couple of times, but I got it done.
I like these figures because it reminds me of highschool, when I learnt to draw chibi cartoon characters and drew everything in that style.

Day #74


So I was watching card making vids yesterday and saw this ‘braiding’ technique. Its more just cutting and folding, but they had it on the spine of a card. They also used a template, so it was the same width, not tapered like mine, but I like the effect. I imagine it with a beautiful rainbow watercolour piece, showing through the holes, then laminated into a bookmark.

Day #73


While packing, I came across this guy. I made him a couple years ago. So cute.

So I’ve been thinking about opportunities and what I should do next. I thought I’d tried everything crafty and arty except mosaics and oils. But then I was thinking about getting something engraved, and thought that would be nice to try, since I’ve practiced calligraphy. So I looked up supplies, cost of tools and metal. Then I looked up YouTube videos. I got three videos in, and I was sick of the grinding noise. So I thought of pyrography. Tools cost about the same, wood is cheaper and more versatile. Less bits of metal to step on and have to chase the kitties away from. As well as no goggles and mask for metal filings.
One problem I can see with it is noone trusts me with hot things, but I can work around that…

Day #72


So, I love wrapping presents. There are rarely opportunities to do so, so when I do get to I do so with care and love, using real ribbon and carefully chosen paper for each person. As common with most crafts, finding suitable materials and themes are trickier to find for males. For the present wrapped in skulls, I didn’t want to put a big bow on it, and wanted it more male orientated, so I actually used a Windsor knot, Like on ties. I really am knot the best at it (see what I did there :P) but it looks ok, and not girly.

I’m all set for gift giving, now I have to go make myself presentable for public 😀

Day #71


“Oh mahhhh, she used her camera *shock*”

So, when I get in a really creative mood, I make these hand sewn bears, I love how cute they are, and they are so hard for me to give away or sell. The pattern is originally from the miniature bear in The Complete Book of Teddy-Bear Making Techniques. I’ve practiced using different materials, such as upholstery fabric, suede, felt, and the one on the right was made with actual miniature fur fabric designed for mini bears, After all these, one of my favourite methods is attaching iron on interfacing to panne velvet (which is usually stretchy, and has a tiny plush texture) so it isn’t stretchy, has a nice thickness, easy to trace the pattern onto the interfacing, and doesn’t fray.

The book includes patterns on making basic clothes for your bear, but I have the skills to create whatever makes the bear have their own personality. This is certainly an art aspect to sewing, and often my favourite part.

Day #70


This is my valentine’s contribution to the year.  I quite like it. It didn’t match what’s in my head, but most things don’t.
I would be worried my boyfriend sees it on here before Friday, but I’ve told him countless times to check out my blog and he hasn’t. Reverse psychology I suppose.
We don’t give presents, but I do like making him cards. Since this year I have gotten better at making them, I have to keep trying to top the previous year. For some reason all my embossing power has disappeared, and I wanted to use it for the sentiment. I didn’t have a black ink pad either, so I originally stamped in red, which didn’t match the colours, then outlined it in black. Then tried covering it with a gold pen, but it didn’t work properly, and went brown. So I finally went over it with my gold calligraphy pen, which was too big for the small lines, then outlined again in black pen. It doesn’t look too bad, knowing what it went through. It was kind of a pity I covered all the background page, too, as it was a lovely diamond pattern with shiny parts and hearts where the diamonds met. Also, the card is one where you’re meant to put photos or pictures in, and it folds in three, but I taped it all down and it made a nice border and covered the back of the paper nicely.

Tip #7

Apparently heat waves in Australia are not good for clear stamps… especially when not stored properly.
I have this lovely rose stamp, you may have see me use in on a card coloured in blue for a wedding. Lovely.

Unfortunately, other stamps of a sturdier plastic melted their way into this stamp…


As represented in this stamp, U R GREAT and MISS YOU are now a part of this floral bouquet.
This was a cheap stamp, but now I have to buy another set. Just a reminder to keep them away from heat and that I should actually figure out a storage method instead of chucking them in a drawer. :/

Day #69


Today I received some good news regarding some small feline creatures, and got inspired to draw this. If you dont know the origin of this meme, please Google “hyperbole and a half” its an excellent blog and needs your attention.
The other day I was looking to buy a piece of jewellery for a friend for her birthday. I’m not always attracted to these shiny stands, as I can usually make jewellery cheaper, would rather spend my money on craft supplies, and  rarely wear jewellery that isnt sentimental. But while looking, I saw a piece that was knitted in a gold material. It felt as soft as thread, but was cold like metal. It was intriguing. I tried knitting with some thin wire. It definitely did not have the same effect.


Looks like a scribble. I thought I might try gold embroidery thread. It may give the right texture and the foil like covering will make it shiny and cool. Hopefully.