I haven’t died… Yet. Suffering from all the wonderful winter bugs, as well as adapting to a less flexible lifestyle ( not figuratively, I’m not allowed to bend or twist my back anymore). So all has been a challenge, but I have been paper macheing all over the lounge while binge watching in front of the heater.

As I haven’t taken any pictures to show you. I thought I’d take this opportunity to show of my two gorgeous cats. They’re so lovely… When they’re sleeping.
The black and white Tuxedo terror is named Charlie, and the grey sweetheart is Willow. The photos don’t do her coat justice. 

Ok, I have to remember this is my craft blog, and stop fawning over my kiddens. I’m going to rest up so I can get back to creating!

Go forth and create!


Charmander! Such a fiery personality.

This is my partners favourite of the original starter Pokemon, so it was my obvious next choice on my drawing list.

I love how vibrant this turned out, and how the warm colours contrast against the grey and seem to leap out the page at you. Completely opposing my Bulbasaur image, which was calm and serene, blending into the cool colour of the page.

I tried to record myself drawing this, but the setup was so bad, you couldn’t see what I was drawing at all. I’m really going to have to figure out something. I’m not too excited about streaming at the moment, least of all on Twitch, which has a good setup, but not the demographic of people wanting to watch and learn and ask questions that I’d like. Perhaps this means changing the site I stream on, or exclusively making YouTube videos. I’ll figure it out when I have some time to work on my setup.

I think it’d be a good exercise to draw a bunch of Pokemon to cover a page. I could pick all my favourites and draw them together, or maybe group different types together on a page each.


Last year, on my birthday, my parents bought me a packet of images to colour, they are awesome, because they turn into a second image, as you fold along the score lines. I recently found them again, while cleaning, and started colouring this image. It was a small challenge, as I had to think of the image and how colouring would affect the second image.

For example, I picked a fairly light brown, which would be both suitable for a cake and candle. The shading couldn’t come in from the sides too far, as it wouldn’t work for both images. I also had to make the icing match the cake, as wax dripping would be the same colour as the candle.

While everyone is wrapped up in the new Pokemon Go release, they are going crazy finding their favourite Pokemon. Luckily my favourite was the first I caught – Bulbasaur. (Technically wasn’t me first, as I was a beta tester, but they wiped that progress, so first for this time.) I used coloured pencils on grey toned paper.

While I’m here, I might as well post this, as I forgot to post it the other day. I used Copic and coloured pencils on grey tone paper. I had to flip the image in Photoshop, so I could draw the portrait. As I am right handed, it’s easier to draw curves on the left side of the page, so I usually draw people facing to the left.

I now have a clean craft room, so once I’ve recovered from the cleaning, I can get to doing more. I continued cataloguing my stamps and dies today. Unfortunately, my attempt to get rust off my dies failed. I’ll figure it out, but I don’t think they’ll last as long.

Gotta draw them all…


Today came with the energy levels of a potato, so between naps and binge watching some shows, all I could manage was a bit of colouring in, and microwaving some food.

I managed to finish these three squares over the day, and I think they look rather nice. The light one at the top was watercoloured using mainly inktense pencils, and the other two had a simple Copic marker base colour with coloured pencils over the top. I quite like this look, as the white of the page does show through the pencil, and you don’t need a lot of Copic colours to make the shading on the shapes. The colour is also nice and intense.

The images didn’t stamp very well, likely due to human error, so I tried to fix it with some fine liners. It worked alright, but only with the thinner liner, which was running out of ink. I don’t mind the effect the thicker pen gave on the roses, as I just outlined the edges. If I had gone over everything, it would have been too much.

These panels look nice against black card, so I’ll likely but them onto foam squares, lifting them from a black piece of card as a border, and using them on cards.

I’m planning to have a bunch of coloured pieces that I can grab out a box when cards need to be made, like I’ve seen other card makers do. Plus, it makes me feel like I’m doing something productive on a potato day like today, without too much effort.

I hope I feel better tomorrow, I have so much to clean this week. :/


The other day, I went to the newsagent across the road, and browsed for a bit before wisely buying a large pack of white card stock, which I needed, as I had run out of plain white card bases, and couldn’t find them for cheap anywhere, as it was discontinued where I bought the last packet. I also can’t find the large pack of white card stock that is somewhere in my craft room.
Since this trip to the newsagent, I had one of the cardmaking magazines stuck in my head… and I ended up buying it today. The thing that drew me to it was a stamp set that contained four different flower stained glass look stamps, two matching sentiments and an embossing folder. I looked up stamps on eBay that were similar, but there weren’t many, and those were quite expensive. I often disregard the magazines, though they have a few ideas and papers in them. The gift that comes on the magazine is often of high quality and usually worth more than the magazine itself.

I’d like to emboss these designs, to give a more stained glass look, but for now, stamped them in Memento Tuxedo black, so I can use coloured pencils, watercolours, and my Copic markers.

Stay glassy, San Diego…


Incase you missed this week’s stream (which is all but three people in the world) then you missed where I said I’ve been playing a game called Crashlands lately. I did some fanart on the stream, which is on my Facebook page, but decided to do a traditional picture of the main character, Flux, tonight. She is the purply alien thing.

The other card is a random lady I drew while watching the movie Chicago for the first time… and all that jazz. Her fur and sophisticated style may have been influenced by the movie. (Don’t worry, it’s fake fur.)

I made these pictures to be an Artist Trading card size, as it is a nice size for little sketches, so making a finished piece is easier and less daunting when you just need to make some art, but don’t want the commitment of a large piece. It takes some stress off, as the smaller you work, the less details you need, unless you’re working in hyper realism.

I’m off to go play more Crashlands! See ya!