Nearly time for me to dive head first into Christmas card making mode. There’s some lovely inspiration this year, and I think I’m leaning towards more watercoloured cards, so that I can make them more personalised. Sometimes I stalk the peoples Facebook pages for ideas on what they like, for inspiration and a personal touch, but now that sounds creepy.
As for felting, if you don’t know, the little green guy in the picture is the mascot for Android- the rival to Apple iPhones. We are strong Android fans in this house, and my partner loves it. He even has a group on Facebook where all his friends talk about updates and technical things. This is why when I saw the green wool that I received in my package, that matched the mascot, I knew I had to make him a mini Android. I began with a polyester filling core, so I didn’t use too much of the colour. I think felting is a lot about will power. If you will something to be a certain shape, then go into auto mode while you stab, you end up with that shape. Or something like that. Once I had the base shape, which was a cylinder with one domed end, covered in a gradient from lime green to apple green, then added tiny dots for eyes, and a dark line to separate the body pieced, I had to figure out what to do with the limbs. In the logo, Android’s arms are floating next to his body, and his legs are tiny sticks poking out from below his body. I wanted to make him look a little cuter, and have large feet. This worked out great for the design, as it’s much more efficient having tucked in limbs than bits sticking out, vulnerable to damage. I made the arms by wrapping wool around the felting needle, then pulling it off, holding the wool firmly, and stabbing carefully at each end until it was a stable shape. I added it to the body before it was too firm to be manipulated.
The antenna are pieces of wire, glued into the head with glossy accents by ranger (any strong glue will do.) I then wrapped the wire until it was covered with wool, and added a dot of glossy accents to the end of the wires so they weren’t as sharp and dangerous.
Lastly, I folded a piece of wire around the keyring chain, and twisted it into a tight eyepin shape, and glued it into the figures head.
It’s cute working in such a small scale, but tricky and more likely to stab yourself. My next project has to be a bit larger to give my fingers a rest.
It’s awfully addictive though, I’m trying to stab wool between scenes in the game I’m playing in an attempt to multitask.



Post box checking day!
It’s like shopping without money, or presents from my past self. Today I received some merino wool that I got off ebay. Each packet is about 3 grams, so maybe 2cm by 3cm bags, and there’s 36 colours. I got a small amount of a lot of colours, as I like making small projects, I can use filling as the core, meaning I need less wool, and I wanted to see what colours I’d use. There are so many beautiful colours though, I think I’ll use them all.
The first thing that I want to make is little figures of my own cats. I haven’t decided whether to make them realistic, or cartoonish. I wonder if I could make them small enough to be on a necklace. Luckily wool is lightweight. I’ve been looking to Pinterest for inspiration, and there are so many great creations to get inspiration from. I’ll have to create a few different things.

Better get my guard gloves on.



Just a quick update today. I’ve been busy working on a secret project. But while I had the paints out, I’ve nearly completed my pirate chest.
I covered it with texture and turned it into a money box. All I need to do is figure out a closing, and it’ll be ready for all my gold coins. I was thinking of supergluing a metal clasp from another box onto it, or maybe Velcro or a snap popper. I think I’ll try the clasp first, as it’ll look the best. Maybe I could try a bracelet clasp with chains. I’ll see what I have. It’s a small project, just for myself, so I’m not going to go and buy anything specifically for it. Maybe if I make more, for other people.



I’m not the biggest fan of mosaic with too much effort or crazy patchwork as it looks weird. But making mosaic out of fun foam is like a lazy puzzle.
Using adhesive backed foam, or glue, I cut up foam in little bits, and stuck them on, simple is that.
Not much more to say about it. Not sure what to use it for. Perhaps on cards… Or itty bitty garden path made of astroturf.



I had no choice but to go to the doctors today to get a script. I wasn’t happy about leaving my cozy station that I had set up to do some Christmas themed embossing.
To take the sting out of sitting in a waiting room for two hours with screaming children and snotty women, I decided to buy some craft supplies. I’m not sure how much of a reward this was, as I had to spend my own money. Luckily I didn’t go too crazy.
I found some paper pirate chests that you fold and decorate yourself. I thought it would be nice to cover it with paper mache for texture and sturdiness. When I put it together, the lid was just a strange flap that you tuck in to close. I performed a little bit of paper surgery, and turned it into a proper lid. I can add a clasp or something later, if I decide to. There are six boxes in the pack, so I have some to play with.
I also got a bag of craft foam off cuts. This will be great for cutting out letters and shapes on my Big Shot, as well as freehand. Most of the pieces are adhesive already, but I have plenty of double sided sticker sheets left.
I picked up some supplies for card making, like rhinestones and number stickers as well.
I should get to bed. It’s been a very long day, and there isn’t enough money or craft stores to keep me sane without some beauty sleep.



I figured it out! Logically and not by fluke at all. My android phone had updated to Marshmallow 6.0 recently which is when all the problems started. My partner was happy because this meant he could adjust permissions to be a lot more strict, using a new feature allowing the user to choose which apps had which permissions, instead of always having all access and no choices. I put all this information into my head and yesterday figured that it was a permissions problem. My partner showed me where to find the options for this in the settings, not in the app as I had thought. As I suspected, the app had not been given permission to access my device files or camera. This is an awesome security feature, but I would have liked more information that the permissions had been turned off. So if you have the WordPress app on android, and keep getting the warning, media item could not be retrieved, try looking at your permissions.

I’m sorry for such a technical post, but I couldn’t find the answer online, so hopefully this helps out others.

This also means back to regular posting. Yay!


Pic 2447

I have been quite busy lately, sewing, painting, gluing, masking, embossing, repairing and falling over… the usual.

I still can’t get the app to work, and it is so frustrating that I can’t post from my phone.

I went shopping today and picked up some cheap kids watercolours, and some watercolour and canvas paper to practice for the upcoming crazy Christmas card creation season. I’ve been masking and embossing for resist techniques mixing in a little calligraphy to make some cards. I was thinking of making it easy on myself, and making them all similar, using just masking and watercolour, but that feels a little too impersonal. I was already in trouble last year when I was in the middle of my course, and didn’t hand draw peoples cards, and lumped families together to save time. That’s why I have to start early this year. Although, I do have a large project on the way for my other website that I run with my partner, so, I’ll have to start getting into gear. Maybe even design a schedule. Which will take even more time.

Most of my moulds that I filled the other day have dried. not all of them came out nicely. I have a Dalek that looks like he could do with some rehab and less stripper glitter. I’m sure there’s a great backstory that could be made up for that one.IMG_20151022_212636

I suppose that’ll teach me to clean out my moulds before using them.

I forgot to take my stylus out the other day, when I went shopping and had a long bus ride, so I wanted to buy a new one. It took me four shops before I found one in a Japanese variety store. It turned out to work better than my other one, and is much more soft and responsive, so I’ve been drawing avatars and Pokemon fusions on my phone a lot lately. It’s useful for long bus rides, although that can get bumpy.

I might have to try posting without pics on my phone, then add them in later. That way, I can post more often, but you won’t know what I’m talking about until I update everything. I’ve been meaning to go back and correct all my mistakes that I’ve made, since my phone doesn’t spellcheck in the app.

We’ll see how we go.



I did quite a bit today, and am certainly going to bed soon. I’ve been out twice, to have lunch with my partner, and to check my postbox. I received only one package today, being a gem mould that I bought.

Unfortunately, despite double checking all the description, the measurements weren’t labeled as centimetres, but for some reason, I had assumed they were inches. The mould is a cute 11 by 8 cm, and still useful at this size. I am currently trying nail polish for the first casting, so I can look at the designs with detail.


While I had the nail polish out, and had already filled the house with noxious fumes, I decided to give my fake nails a coat, as well as my tissue creatures. I’m not a fan of fake nails, I just wanted to paint on them, so I bought some cheap ones from eBay to practice. I thought of using glue dots to wear them, so I can take them off as soon as they annoy me too much, which shouldn’t be long.

Yesterday and today, I have made a load of paperclay using toilet paper, water and PVA glue. I filled a few different moulds, which are all drying at the moment. This might take a couple of days, as they contained a lot of water. I try to leave them longer than I should, in case little areas like the nose are hiding wet spots down the bottom. It’s going to be hot weather tomorrow, so that should help it along.

Having all this time isn’t making my house look any cleaner. I just keep making more mess!


Pic 2378

I have been creating, It’s just been hard to upload.

This past week, I’ve gone shopping, done painting, watercolour, colouring, glittering, gluing, wrapping and cutting. My phone decided to update, causing a bunch of photos to be incompatible, somehow. Due to this inconvenience, I would go to post, then decide to fix it the next day, then forget to.

Last week, I conveyed my love for adhesive felt, but I was mistaken. It is not the felt that i felt so strongly for, but its adhesive properties. I discovered this when I went to buy some adhesive felt (at $4 for an A4 sheet) but found a discount bin with double sided adhesive sheets, and stocked up at $2 for 4 A5 sheets. Since I have a huge box of felt, this was not only cheaper, but much more versatile. Once I got the sheets home, I began to think of all the things that I could do with this, that I couldn’t with the felt. I’ve been making my own stickers out of paper, fabric, wrapping paper, drawings, foam and felt. I’ve been glittering shapes that I cut out of the adhesive with punches and dies. I have even made alphabet foam stickers out of my tiny alphabet die. There are so many things i can make with this, I even tried making nail stickers. That might need some work.


I found a couple of adorable moulds at a variety shop last week, so I used tissues and watered down pva to cast them. There’s a lot of different animals on one, and Rilakuma bears on the other. I have some more drying at the moment.


This morning, this video came up in my recommended videos on YouTube, and I thought it was great, and something more people should hear about.

I’d better go so something nice and quiet in a corner somewhere while I recover from the Gym.