It’s getting late, so I’ll be quick. Even the cats are tired from chasing all the moths that spring has brought.

With the birthday money that I received, I decided I needed to invest in a new trimmer as I was getting increasingly impatient with my old one, which left so many burrs on the edge of the paper that I needed to use a pair of scissors anyway. After researching, looking at sites and reviews, ( which I rarely do, but my partner does for everything, to the point it’s annoying and I know more about his purchase options than I ever wished to.) I came to the conclusion that the GBC 4 in 1 rotary trimmer, while looked great, didn’t have any reviews, and I wasn’t willing to pay $200 on a gamble. So watching videos and looking at Amazon reviews, (not to buy on there, of course, they are awful at shipping to Australia,) and I found some useful information in reviews, which led me to look at the Dahle brand. I originally looked at the Dahle 550, but as I’m not going to be cutting on a business level, I didn’t need the industrial version, and found that the Dahle 507 was more suitable for me, and a bit cheaper.

Here he is, all lovely like. Excuse the mess… I’m creative.

I’ve only used it a few times, between naps as I wasn’t feeling well, but he’ll get a lot of use soon with the Christmas cards.

I think I’ll call him Roald, as Roald Dahl is my favourite author, and it suits him.

So much for being quick. Goodnight.



Inspection on its way again, so that means a lull in the making, but I have plenty of supplies coming in the mail, so I’ll keep you updated. One of the things that I’ve already received, is this alphabet soup die from Memory Box. The pop tab and the bobbin are for scale, and the letter A on the end was the upper case I was hoping to pair with it, but there was a miscommunication in the size, and they are too small for them, but a lovely size for many other things.
Fitting words like anniversary won’t be a problem anymore, and I can align them with a capital HAPPY or MERRY, with a small birthday or Christmas underneath. The font is so easy to read and is suitable for fun or mature, sentimental cards. The die is so small, you can run it through the machine in one pass, unlike other dies I have, and cut out the entire alphabet, getting stuck with a bunch of q’s and z’s. This is good, though, as you are able to use the negative paper as a stencil.
There are a few things that I’ve made and bought, but I’m trying to figure out the best way to show them, preferably without me in the photos, hehe.



I was waiting for a call today, that never came, but while I was waiting, I decided to cut apart one of the cupcake decorations, to see how many I’d get out of it. I thought I’d clip off a few wings trying to get complete butterflies, but with a small amount of effort, I was able to divide all the butterflies cleanly.
I remembered after yesterdays post that I had seen a lady in a video, a while ago, who kept a box on her desk of things that she’d bought but hadn’t used yet. This might be a good idea for me, as I tend to put things away and forget that I have them. Also being on your desk, makes you more likely to use them, in theory. I think I will need two boxes. One for new things to play with and one for current projects. I often get half way through a project and lose pieces, or have to stuff it in a box for inspection… I mean clean up. Perhaps I need a few bags so I can rotate projects and plan new ones, and put things together as I find them. I’ve seen a card maker do this with folders, but I’m not only working in 2D.
The troubles with being a multicrafter are plenty.



A lot of taping up cat food boxes today. My assembly line is looking good. I need to add card bases, ribbon and finishing touches boxes.
I bought another magazine today that says it has all I need for my Christmas cards, including stamps, embossing folders, papers and a bunch of images and sentiments to cut out. They have a few paper tole/decopage images that will be fun to put together. I have a lot of fussy cutting to do.
I need to get cracking on these cards, as I would like to send some out at a reasonable time this year.



I was watching tv and mindlessly fussy cutting trees out of some Nordic Christmas scrapbook paper, and was wondering how to make them a bit bolder. I thought of covering them in glitter or at least the outsides, as the plain red and white, with no dimension, wouldn’t work well as a focal point, in my opinion. As a repeating pattern or on the background it works well, but I decided to see what it would look like with a bit of black line work. It worked better than I thought. I was originally going to outline all the white, but when I saw all the lines, I decided only a few lines would work better, and I could add more later if it needed it.
It kind of reminds me of paisley bandanas, but more Christmassy.



I quite like this embellishment. It was created by fussy cutting out designs in matching papers and stacking them with foam adhesive in between. I added a few gems, which was harder than it should have been, as my hands were shaky. This will go nicely on a card, I think. I’ll have to look through my paper stash for more designs. I’m sure this would look nice with flowers. I’ve seen something similar done with intricate designed stamps, where you stamp multiple of the same stamp, but cutting different amounts off, just like paper tole images.
I did put together a few cards, but the photos I took were bad, so I’ll take some more in the daylight.