I finished another bear today. He looks a lot like a badger, though, as I used a zebra print minky fabric that was too large for the little bear. But you don’t know if some things will work until you try. His ears are also a little wonky, but you didn’t know that until I told you and now you can’t unsee it.
I’d like to find a nice upholstery velvet, as that gives the same effect as fur fabric on a large bear, and looks more professional. It’s also hard to buy it online, as you can’t feel and see the fabric and know how it will act until it’s in your hands, and that could waste some money. Especially since all the different sellers have different opinions on what short pile fabric is. Guess I’ll have to go actual shopping. :/



Today, I finished this little guy. I started him yesterday, and watched YouTube as I sewed.
I occasionally randomly make a bear like this, as you’d know if you’ve followed me for a while. He’s completely hand sewn and is 2.5 inches high (6.5cm.) I’ve also pulled out a bunch of other bear making fabric to make some more, and have cut one out of a second hand suede skirt that I bought ages ago for this purpose.


While working fiddly projects, I often have to switch between that and a larger project to give my hands a break so they don’t cramp up too much. Here is a half finished scarf that I found when I was looking for large needles to start a red scarf… I also found a barely started green one, too.

But now, I need your help. My little bear needs a name and an outfit! Please help me, and my little fellow, out. Leave your suggestions in the comments!



I haven’t died, I’m just in the middle of a bunch of half finished projects and melting from a sudden heat wave.
I’ve split my creative time between sewing clothes for myself, watercolour in, calligraphy and sewing this bear. I’ve been collecting some fabric, and while rummaging through the remnant basket at the craft store, I found some short pile non-stretchy knit fabric. This fabric is the most perfect for miniature bears, as it’s thick, but malleable, it looks like tiny fur, it doesn’t unravel easily and doesn’t need interfacing. I found the section that they keep it in with the baby fabrics, and there were a great range of different colours there, though mostly pastel. There was a beautiful periwinkle blue with white spots that I’d love to go back and get. Since these bears only use up about a 20cm by 15cm piece of fabric, you don’t need to buy a whole lot of the material.
I haven’t put a nose on the bear yet, and I thought she looked cute without it, but the white spot on her face looks like she has a strange white nose shape, so a nose would detract from that spot.
I thought she’d look great as a little brooch to go with the navy top I’m making, but I think she’s going to run away from home and live with my Mum, next time she visits.
At least I have plenty more fabric, I could make a teddy army.



Furry burry.
He turned out quite nicely, I think. The face is needle felted and it’s all done using acrylic yarn, with a synthetic filling centre. I’m still getting plenty of fluff peeling up as I hold him, so in experimenting with hairspray to try and keep him together over time. If only I could put things in blocks of resin to prevent damage and wear. Not very tactile, but at least they will last.
The, yet to be named, bear is showing off a very fashionable paper pack called “Surfs Up” by DCWV. I bought it today, as is was 75% off and it’s sparkly and pretty. I also got a couple of polystyrene balls to try out a quilling thing, and some cheap polymer clay, in pink and purple. I’d usually use my super sculpey and paint it after, but I want to try out clay canes.
I should be on a no mess for inspection lock down, so don’t expect a lot. I’ll try to draw still and I have a thing to plan for that might lead to selling. Anxious about it, but also excited. I’ll be getting a theme, then having a month to come up with a product to sell that suits the theme. I’ll let you know when I know more. I know it’s to support Australian artists and getting local business. I was kinda roped into it, but I think it’ll be good for me.



Just an update on the bear that I started yesterday. Had to brush out some yarn for this colour, which I found in my stash. I have some darker brown for his paws and around his eyes and ears, but just getting a base on for now. He has noodle arms, hehe.
Loving this new camera-with-phone-attached. HDR FTW! Nearly true colour, for once.



These are the cards I mentioned last post. The orange is a bit more yellow in real life. I coloured in the bear using prismacolour pencils, but they don’t sharpen properly and are broken on the inside, which makes them hard to use.
I quite like the pink and yellow card. I thought I might be too girly, but instead looks rather Indian or Turkish, like their bright coloured fabrics. I feel as though it need an embellishment, but I’m not sure what.
The penguins on the card were a pattern on scrapbook paper, but I had to cut one off for it to fit. Hopefully I’ll find him a good home.

Day #163


I got pressies! My partner gave me a load of crafty stuff that he bought during his work lunch breaks. It came in a cute kitten box and there was so much that it didn’t even all fit in it. There’s so many embellishments and things to do. I’ll never need more googly eyes again. I felt weird about making things to give away or sell with the items that he gave me, but he said then I can go shopping to replace them…


I began by attacking the felt. The package said ‘princess colours,’ so I made a princess with the pink, purple and white felt from the pack, and added some blonde hair. after pottering around, I began colouring in one of the diy money boxes I got. I decided to use the markers that came in the kit, not expecting it to go far, but I managed to cover the whole thing in a base colour. The problem was that being child proof, means washable and takes a long time to dry, so I had purple fingers for the afternoon. I was thinking of covering him in rhinestones. depends how bored I get.


Finally, I unmasked my resin pieces and attempted doming on bottle caps. Some worked, some didn’t and the resin began curing in the middle of pouring, so some are a coagulated mess, with pock marks from failed bubble popping. I got the measurements wrong again, and the stickers moved, and the glitter turned a weird colour. But some pieces came out lovely… until I put fingerprints into them.

But I should be busy for a while, especially with Christmas card season coming up.

Day #139.5


Because the WordPress app only lets one photo per post, here is a picture of the Dr Who bear with scarf. I used embroidery thread and I think 1.5mm kneedles (knitting needles). With 5 stitches, I garter stitched, switching colours randomly until it was long enough. I added a couple of tassles and stitched it to itself at the back, so it wouldn’t come off. I also made him a little fez, but it looks weird and I didn’t photograph it.
I really need to set up a photo booth for my crafts. Much to research before selling, too.

Day #137


I made a bear today. I’ve made quite a few bears in the past, so I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it. They are so cute but I find that I don’t make many at a time, as they are fiddly. I have a few themes in mind, including a mermaid bear to try, but this one was for my brother in laws 21st birthday present. He’s obsessed with Dr Who, so I’m going to knit a little scarf for the bear and he has a sonic screwdriver. I’m also painting a box to look like a Tardis for the bear.
It’ll be bear-grr on the inside… Hehehe.