We had a great stream on Tuesday, where I scanned in a comic that I drew and coloured it in over the two hours. I didn’t quite finish at the time, so here it is completed.

I used both Paint Tool SAI for the linework, and used Photoshop for colouring and text. My friend attempted to teach me how to used clipping masks, after she was appalled at how basic my skills were. I’m mostly self taught, so I tend to do things the hard and tedious way.  I really should but some effort into learning the programs, so I can use that extra energy and time on improving my art skills.

I am very enthusiastic at the moment towards improving my digital art, as I would like to sell prints one day. There is a plethora of obstacles between now and then, and the easiest to control is practicing and improving my art. I have been looking at websites like CGSociety for inspiration, where artists submit their high quality digital art. It’s easy to be jealous and feel inadequate when looking at these galleries, but I just remember that I’m striving to be better and am constantly learning. Just because I can’t stand up to the standards of them yet, doesn’t mean I never will, and gives me a goal to aim for.

At least I’m a good drawer.


Even though there was a lack of stream last week, the week before proved interesting in the creativity department.

Many potatoes were to be had.

Let me know if you recognise any of these ‘taters, and see if you can name them all.

In more current news, I went shopping yesterday for the first time in a long time, especially without going to the doctors to drain all my energy first. Yay!

I bought a small packet of plastic tools for clay, a set of three waterbrushes in various sizes, and an A5 watercolour paper pad.

I was eager to try out my new supplies, so I began painting without a plan, which began as leaf shapes, expanding across the page.

When I began, I was still getting used to the flow of water in the brush, and it’s very thin, irregular shapes and densities. As I progressed, and became more familiar with the brush, I was able to regulate the flow better, making the leaves more regular, even and smaller as I gained control. I’ll have to make a similar practice for the other brushes in the packet, as they all have different flows.

Go with the flow, yo.



Update on the girl. Photo of the computer doesn’t show the colour right,  but gives you an idea of what it looks like without giving you my work in progress files.
I changed her hands and gave her dress a lot more shading. I think it’s looking pretty nice. I’m not sure of I’ve been staring at it too long, but it starts to look strange and I get unsure if it looks good. My partner says it looks “fine,” which was a poor choice of words. I don’t want to risk over working it, but I really want it to look fantastic. At this stage I’m not even sure if I should define her toes, or make it that she’s wearing stockings/tights.

Day #146


Technically I did this yesterday, but forgot to post. Oops.

I had no plan here… Or reference images. I just knew I wanted to draw on my wacom tablet.

In my gaming course, I need to come up with a design for a box texture. I guess I was thinking about it while I was drawing, because this cube turned up. I think it became green because my partner has been talking about getting parts for his computer to make it black and green a lot lately. I set my keyboard to green because he can’t, so it might have been subliminal. I was going to focus on the character more, but I thought I do that most times and wanted to try something different. I kept cropping bits off, so it eventually became a nice size for my cover photo on Facebook. I still need a lot of practice with lighting and being more painterly (looser brush strokes). It was nice only having a limited palette, as skin tones and shadows were simple. I’m not good at seeing anything but brown and pink in skin. Something I am really looking to improve.

Apparently, when digitally painting, it’s good practice not to zoom in, so apart from the figure, I painted mostly in a fit-to-screen size. I think this helped fitting things into the composition and not getting into details.

I watched a video the other day where the artist recommended four hours a day of fundamentals to improve your art skills. I don’t believe you need to be that drastic – you may get RSI in three years :P. I’d say an hour, or a sketch a day. I’d draw at least once a day through high school and improved at a nice rate. Always have paper and pencils on hand. I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t just sit and watch TV without something in my hands to do.

Another piece of information I gained from YouTube this week is from Will Terrell. He said that it isn’t the person with talent to succeed, it’s the one that stuck to it and practices or ‘stucktoitiveness’ as he said. Here’s that video: http://youtu.be/oeY8lWprqkM?list=UUHu2KNu6TtJ0p4hpSW7Yv7Q

Day #139


Found some time to get my tablet out to draw tonight. This is a picture from Mark Crilley’s Mastering Manga 1 book. I sketched her loosely based on the picture in the book, then refined by myself for practice. I know I have the skills and talent to create figures and comics, but for some reason it doesn’t turn out how I’d like. My poses are too static, recreating the same character and getting characters to interact and look like they haven’t just been photoshopped into the same picture, is some of my problems. At least I know what I need to practice. I really need to add to my DeviantART gallery, but I need something original that I’m proud of. Then maybe I can move into shirt designs and things.
I suppose I’m my greatest critic.

Day #46


Not a lot to report today, Quickly drew this up for a friends avatar. Still cleaning, still hot.

I drew the base on paper and took a photo with my webcam, before using my wacom tablet to outline and colour the panda. The flames were done using a technique where you drag white into the black using the smudge tool, then use the colour balance tool to make them flame coloured.

Day #45


Welp, I can’t type much, because I drew this. Now my hands are cramped…

I usually get bored before getting this far in pictures, but I was determined to have something to show for today.

I couldn’t get the shading right on the lid, and looks detached. Something to put on my things to learn πŸ™‚