More cats. I’m trying to draw things without colouring in before my markers arrive, because every time I get new things I get so excited that I can’t think of anything to draw. I spent all evening sketching a gun from an anime. It’s so intricate, but it’s also small so hopefully all the misaligned pieces aren’t too noticeable. Because it took so long I had to stop because my hand cramped up. Even now I’m moving my phone to my finger to type. At least I can say it took me over two years to complete. I often start things on new years eve for this reason. I have to rest my hand now.
Happy New Years, guys.



So I began drawing in my little Bristol book, and put YouTube on for some inspiration. I came across this video about Simon’s cat creator. As he shows how he draws his four cats, I applied his technique and style to create a cartoon version of my two cats, Willow and Charlie, up the top. The ginger kitten was copied from the cutest sketch in the video, but I decided to make it ginger instead of black, like his cat, Hugh, is. It reminds me of a ginger kitten we were going to get a long time ago, named Teddy, but my other cat hated him.
This was all really a test to see how the markers and multiliners worked on the paper, and it was brilliant. I always wondered how people were able to get such nice blending, without the ink spreading the more you add colour. Turns out, regular paper from the newsagent doesn’t stack up. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am trying to be a firm believer that you don’t need the best to be the best at something. Perhaps struggling with materials makes you better, as it’s an added handicap. Just like dialup internet teaches you patience and how to find things in the least amount of page loads.



Mmmmm. Art supplies. I went into the city to get some things in preparation of the arrival of the new copic markers. I got a very small sketchbook of Bristol smooth paper, which is meant to be nice for using with Copics. I wanted to get some X-press It blending card, but they don’t stock it anywhere close, so I might get that online. I bought some liquid frisket/masking fluid because when I wanted some, I couldn’t find it in the shop, so I picked it up while I could. I got two new copic multiliners, in .03 and .3, and I bought a refill for my golden yellow (Y17) copic, since I use it a lot. I should be able to get 15 copic ciao refills out of one container, for the price of under 2 markers, so it’s a good investment. Perhaps I won’t be so conservative while using them on things in fear that they’ll run out.
I got a tiny sketchbook so that I could practice small pieces without using too much inks but learn techniques by trialing swatches on good paper. The pages are probably a good size for small chibi characters and thumbnails. Also I can use the pages on cards, as it’s nice and small.



Today was a long day. And for me, long days mean pain. This drawing was to distract me so I was able to function at my family’s dinner. Often as a distraction of pain I need a visual, mental and audio stimulus. Too much and I get panic attacks, so drawing helps regulate and calms me down as I use distraction. Art therapy is a useful tool, and I have used art to help with depression over the years. One therapist I had got me to draw my life as I see it, then we went over each bit, and he went through the drawing with me, offering suggestions to what things mean, and it was a nice way for me to express feelings that I can never put into words. It was very helpful, and if you get the opportunity, I recommend trying it. Even if you just draw it for yourself, or write words. Whatever your best outlet is. It helped me understand where things are and what is most important in my life. The image will be constantly changing as your life is. Perhaps making it a yearly routine and keeping it in a journal.
While you’re drawing, you can be in control, even when your life is in chaos.



Little sketch of Link from memory. I wanted a basic small image that I could practice inking and colouring. Link is a good subject for practice, as he has been portrayed in a wide range of styles, he’s quite well known and he wears multiple coloured tunics with the same shape.
I finally ordered my copics! So excited. I had to get in sent to my house otherwise I’d have to travel to my postbox all the time to check if they arrived for two weeks. I was nearly ready to buy the ’36 set A’ when I decided to check if I’d get any doubles. Luck I did, because I would have had 13 doubles. I went through all the sets A-E, and found that set D had had only one double, and a nice range of colours. There seemed to be a lack of yellows, but I can buy individual ones to fill in any gaps. Also the colours online are so far from the actual colours, it’s hard to tell, and will be a bit exciting to see what the colours look like. I thought it was my monitor distorting the colours, but they were weird on other screens. My phone actually showed the closest, but still off by far. That’d have to be the main problem of buying art supplies online. So jealous of other countries and their art stores. Even other states are better stocked than mine.
I’ll pick some marker paper and new fineliners up to go with my copics. I keep having to switch during inking because they run out or are too awkward and thick. It isn’t good to switch like that, as I can’t remember if the ink is water proof or alcohol resistant. With three different inks I could have both. So best to get a set of fineliners and stick to them.

Copics on the way! 😀



Today’s art exercise was about using a light table (or a glass computer table with a nightlight where the keyboard is meant to go) to ink my own drawings, so there is not indents and flaws in the paper. This way inking or coloured pencils don’t get caught in grooves from the pencil sketch, and when scanning its a lot easier to clean up the lines without using a blue pencil.
Basically I drew a rough image, where I could have guidelines and sketchy lines, then using the light table, ink directly onto another piece of paper. This way you not only won’t mess up the original sketch, but this let’s me play around with positions, since I could draw each element individually, then bring them together without worrying about sketching behind something to figure our size. Also, I was able to do the original sketch on cheap printer paper, which I like to use for ideas, then I inked the image onto bleedproof marker paper, saving pages of better paper if I need to rework the sketch.
This image is of a plush toy of Link from Legend of Zelda and a figurine of Sylvanas from World of Warcraft that I bought my partner for Christmas. We were playing around with Link and I ended up giving him a drunken personality. We decided this would be a good comic strip, where he picks fights with the cats and loses. I’ve always thought that toys come to life and have adventures (even before Toy Story came out) so it isn’t hard to imagine what this drunk toy could do. I thought he might try to pick up the first lady he sees, which of course was Sylvanas. My partner doesn’t usually take the figures out of the box, as was the case here, so I incorporated it into the drawing. It’s so wonky, but I didn’t notice until I took the photo. The inking isn’t complete, as Link has a bottle of Jack Daniels next to him. I didn’t put a lot of effort into getting things right. I think I just wanted to rush to the colouring, and I didn’t focus on inking nicely or getting perspective right. It was meant to be much smaller, but I just went for it.
Lessons have been learned.


I know it’s a few days early for New Years, but I have decided that this year, I will focus more on my art. I would like to get better at full images, not static design like poses. I would like to get better at colours. I know the colour wheel in and out, but I’m not using colour to it’s full potential, but I will learn. My goal to aim for is to produce an image (at least one) that I myself would be comfortable and proud to sell and wear on a T-shirt.
Since I came third in a T-shirt design competition this year, I’ve come to see how much seeing my designs on t-shirts would be an awesome and thing. Perhaps I will enter it again with my gained knowledge. It was my first large image and I hadn’t been practising using my wacom tablet, so the fact that I won third was pretty awesome. I know I needed a lot more shadow for contrast so it would read better when printed, so that will be on my list of things to get better at.
Perhaps a series of postcard sized images would be useful practice, and I could give them as presents and use on cards.
Our walls are fairly blank in my house at the moment, so I’ll have to do something about that.
By writing this here, it is my mission statement that I can focus on, and have witnesses to support me in my endeavour.
Now I have to go do homework >_<'



Its been a hectic week, but at least I can show you some cards I made. After I had written them all out and wondering what to write in them, I had the idea to write jokes in them. Maybe I’ll do that from now on.
This card was made using a Gorjuss brand stamp. I wanted to see if I could make it Christmas themed by using colours. I coloured her using copics and a sharpie. I found that they blend, as they are both alcohol based, so it was useful while I don’t have my red copic. I still don’t have a usable yellow, but hopefully that will change soon, as I’m planning on getting some more copics. I was going to get a set of 72, and was even looking at other brands to get the most value, but decided that I could get a 36 pack of Copics then I can get some Bristol paper, to go with them, which is apparently great for blending on. I chose to get the more expensive copics over cheaper brands because I have had experience with them, I love the feel of them and you can buy refills for colours I use often. Luckily I found a couple of places that do free delivery and are much cheaper that the official Copic site.
I hope you all had a great and creative holiday.



After showing you guys the face I drew a few weeks back, I decided to draw her with a body. I was going to practice some digital techniques using her. Yesterday I was looking through my sketchbook, and decided I needed to attempt to fix her posture and legs. It’s not a perfect, but this image is a good one to practice various new things on.
I’ve realised lately how far my drawing level is to what I’d like it to be. I have been focussing on various other things lately, and would like to do more drawing. Watching speed paints on YouTube helps to see other peoples techniques and styles, as well as tutorials are very useful for learning, since I’m unable to do art courses at the moment.
I suppose it’s all down to practice, practice, practice.