Bows and a fairy.
I thought I’d switch it up tonight, taking a break from needle felting for now, and got out my ribbon box (which I promptly returned after to make my space pretend to be clean.) I’d been looking on Pinterest for crafts as usual, when I followed a trail towards bows. I like how you can choose images and migrate through the pages like thoughts, ever evolving and perhaps returning to images multiple times. It allows you to pick what you like, and show you more like it, it’s fun and doesn’t take brain power. In the end, the site learns what you like, and you might learn things about yourself. My journey often leads me to the miniatures section in crafts, which isn’t a surprise, as I’ve always loved miniature things. The skill that goes into the art of teeny tiny room making astounds me, and I’m yet to master this. Sure it takes a lot of different skill sets, that I may have, but it also takes a lot of patience and dedication to one project. Perhaps if I decide on a room and make a little bit each time I’m on a certain craft, I can complete something in a few years. If I had started when I first found this love. I’d have finished some by now. Come to think of it, I have a half painted wooden doll furniture set that I’m trying to customise. I’ll have to dig it out when I’m up to painting again. That might be after clay, if I ever start that.
Just like Pinterest, I have veered off course into a progressive path of natural thought. Letting your mind go on like this is good for idea generation and brain storming. Also helps with sleep if you write it all down.


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