Day #133


It’s a buffalo… With wings.
My father in law likes spicy things and we didn’t think we’d be seeing him so soon, so I had to come up with something quickly. Not bad for about an hour at one am. The buffalo in my reference photo looked grumpy.
July is a very busy month. I have birthdays and dinners and parties and even a friends engagement party. So there’s plenty of cards to make and keep me busy.
Maybe I should just sleep through it.

Day #132


Inspired by : Japanese Drama Show- Love in Tokyo

As you may know I like headbands and I look for inspiration everywhere. This time I saw this lovely headband while watching some Japanese Shows and tried to create my own version.

One thing I think I find most helps when making something inspired by but not copied is to not look at the source while making. Figure it out in your head while looking then put the picture away, So, I knew the headband had pearls, hints of pink and the design went from the top to one side. If you pick out the basics, you can create something that will develop as your own instead of being limited by strict rules. The ribbon wasn’t on the original at all, but I decided that’s what I wanted.


This wonderful creation was invented by a YouTuber named PootlesPapercraft. She makes beautiful Boxes and has innovative ideas, as well as makes some lovely cards. She is also associated with a jewellery company, where she creates a locket, then creates a matching card inspired by the charms in the necklace.

Watch the tutorial here: Envelope Punch Board Petal Pot Tutorial

Don’t forget to check out her other videos, too.

Day #131


I was trialling watercolour resist techniques tonight.
This one above uses those metallic or shiny plastic sticker sheets that seem to be popular in scrapbooking and card making. This didn’t work too well with other stickers, so I hope you know which ones I mean. Apply stickers, and make sure they’re stuck down well- I used my bone folder to make sure, to cardstock. I’m not sure how this would work with watercolour paper, as it might absorb underneath. Then apply the watercolours, I tried to be fairly liberal to really test this and get a nice contrast against the paper. Wait for the paint to dry before peeling up stickers with a pointy tool. I’d like to test this in layers, putting a wash of colour under, but not sure how much layers the card stock can handle or if the stickers will affect the paint.
I also did a bit of heat emboss resist. This definitely didn’t work on my watercolour paper. Not sure if it was because I use low quality paper in the testing, but the embossing soaked into the paper and wasn’t shiny and resisty. It worked well on card stock and the lines were nice and clean.
I also made some glimmer mist. Considering I’ve never seen glimmer mist in my life, I assume I did ok. I mixed iridescent medium and water in a mist bottle (finally found a place that sells them individually.) I’ll find out if it worked tomorrow. Drying times are only useful when you have more things to create.

Day #130


Pretty much threw this card together. I was bored and so played around with the patterned paper I got with yesterdays magazines. Most of it was pre-cut including the butterfly and the red printed square. I added the yellow as it brought out the yellow of a flower that I liked in the background paper. But I covered one and there’s a half one peeking from the top, so that seems silly now.
I was thinking that sometimes you don’t need to put occasions on the front of the card. I could make blank cards and write inside as necessary or attach a sentiment at the time.

Day #129


Shopping day! I know I said I’m plenty stocked in the supply area, but I did need some watercolours. I picked up a magazine- Quick Cards made easy. It was the April edition, but its UK based. Not sure why it was there nearly three months late though. With the magazine I received a small pack of papers. I actually looked through all the gifts that come with the magazines to see what I’d like, then get the magazine as a bonus. They had a few with paper packs, but the butterflies in this one caught my eye. I’ve been a bit obsessed with butterflies lately. I even bought tissues that had butterflies on the box.
The watercolours I got was a Reeves set of 12. They didn’t have the watercolours in the 36 pack, but this should keep me going. Twelve is much better than three. I got some bright card in lovely bright warm colours, a pack of small punches and some pretty brads. I didn’t go overboard on suppliesand am trying to think of storage solutions. Some shelving units or bookcases seem like the best way to go, as I’ll be able to store boxes and papers without having to dig to the bottom of a pile.

So many creations, so little time.

Day #128


Gah! Super happy with this!! Even attached it to my cupboard to see when I’m in bed. I love this butterfly die so much (it’s to die for. Eh heh heh.) I originally wanted a butterfly die when I saw this technique of paper piecing on a YouTube video. The lady had a much less intricate die but I loved the look. I didn’t think I’d have the patience for doing this, but I persevered and anlm impressed with the results.
Today after our inspection was over, the craft ban was lifted and my creativity exploded. I began with watercolouring. I coloured heaps of pages with a mix of the three watercolours I have that actually work. I did some embossing with my big shot and hoped the watercolours would pool in the debossed areas, which they did, until it dried. Bit sucky but I can add layers and some worked better than others. After I left them to dry for a few hours, I came back and die cut a butterfly out of some the blue watercoloured paper. I was careful in trying not to lose any pieces, but I did lose one piece (50 points if you figure out which one.) Then I die cut a black butterfly. I should have done the black first, so I could keep the blue pieces there until I needed them. I cut a piece of black card and covered it with tape runner, before placing the black butterfly and all his blue pieces into the holes. All this was made up as I went, so I thought at this point that I’d put it on a card. I cut a strip of white card and cut out the butterfly again. I was going to trim it to a snug rectangle, but I decided it looked like a bookmark. So I put the butterfly in his white surroundings and decided all bookmarks need a quote. I looked up short quotes that would fit, and found one I’d saved. I thought the quote was fitting for me and my partner, as a reminder. So I got to work die cutting letters. I stuck them down, rounded corners. Cut a back panel and matted it with foam squares.
I not only came out of today with an awesome inspirational art piece, but figured out something useful. I don’t have one of those quick sticks, where you can pick up all the tiny things, nor could I find one in stores. If you roll up blue tack (which I also use as a kneadable eraser) you can form it to a point and pick up the tiniest pieces, I also used it to hold the letters while I applied glue. So now I don’t have to spend money on a tool I don’t need. Yay!
Sorry for the long post- I was excited 😀

Day #127


This is my craft room. It’s full and junky looking but it’s my place to be. We recently moved and I have more than double the space from before… So that was squished in somehow.
It’s not sorted by a long shot and I have no idea how I want my final room to look and to get the most functionality. You’ll notice a lot of the containers I use are clear or labeled, so I don’t have to pick up ten boxes to find out the box I wanted wasn’t in that stack, saving my back the effort. But labels change and clear boxes show how I’ve thrown things into boxes. Looking around today after piling the boxes actually shocked me as to how much stuff I have. Now perhaps I’ll put my supplies money into getting some nice shelves and baskets. At least my table is usable at the moment. I even found two punches and an embossing folder that had been missing :). But no crafting until after the inspection tomorrow. To keep me busy I’ve been colouring my Disney Princesses. I think I’m improving 😀

Day #126


So, kinda had an idea like this. But this developed quite different.
I think I more imagined silver black and red on a white background but I had white ink and a small black canvas and went for it. The image was too small for the canvas so I filled the background with the same image, but smudged one part with my hand. Luckily it was still only slightly damp and I smudged the rest with a baby wipe and I prefer it that way. I painted the centre one with silver and attached the pink teardrops as flames as well as pink and purple rhinestones on every end. It didn’t take long at all, apart from painting over the lines, but if I had silver ink I could have done that, or used a silver sharpie. Maybe I could make gold and bronze ones to make a triptych. I think gold and green and bronze and blue would be nice.

Day #125


Last night I put on a clean pair of pajamas and noticed the design reminded me of an embossing folder that I bought at the craft fair on the weekend. Instead of mixing and finding colours that matched properly, I picked out things as I went, going more by instinct than conscious deciding. This makes it a true inspired by rather than copying completely. I painted on the raised side of the embossed tag which was alright for following the lines, but I imagine filling the debossed side would keep the paint in line better.
Let’s see what happens next time I put on clean clothes 😛