Day #102


Quilling and bottle caps combined! Yay!
I know the photos I put up aren’t great as they are taken on my phone at night, since I mainly blog on my phone in bed. This is the easiest way for me, and I know that if I do it all properly and get my camera and daylight and upload on my computer it’ll all look nicer, but I’m not as likely to post then. Besides, blurry or small images boost your imaginative skills. So I’m teaching you… in a way 😛
So, I was watching the frugal crafter on YouTube today, looking up quilling. It happened that she had made bottle cap pendants with quilling in them. As this was what I was working on, most of the supplies were in reach, so I got to working. It was actually quite fun. I might cover some with the clear embossing powder, especially the cool looking large circle ones.
I got my hot glue gun out also. I rarely get this out, mainly because I’m scared of getting burnt, even though it’s a low temp one. I was burned by one in primary school quite badly and took me a while to even get one. No matter how handy they are.
I was playing around with filling silicone moulds with hot glue. I think a hightemp one would have given nicer results, but it was an experiment and it worked ok. I tried some with pva, which will take a lot longer to dry, so I’ll find out in a few days.


Rant #1

I do not live in America. This is a problem because I am a crafter.
I watch videos and read blogs of crafters with their brand names and cheap supplies. The only way to get these supplies is online and pay over the top postage-often more expensive than the item itself. Those are the ones that even deliver to my country.
I’m not usually bothered by using brand names, as improvising is just another form of creativity. But certain supplies can’t be recreated. I can’t find things like tack it over and over glue, dies and stamps. Occasionally I’ll find something on ebay or am able to bulk up an order so the shipping may be worth it, but it is rather annoying. I told my partner if we ever go to America, I’m spending all my shopping money on supplies 😛

Day #101


Today I got angry. Mainly at the fact my body doesn’t work as well as it should and I couldn’t do as much as I wanted.
I began drawing more circles for pendants, this time using my own drawings. I got about a third of the page inked before my hand cramped too much to do any more.
My partner really wants me to make stuff to sell and said I should set a goal of selling to buy a 72 set of copic markers. I suppose I’m afraid of failure or something because I keep putting it off. Maybe it’ll be good to have a goal.
I really want those markers.
I tried some quilling, incase I feel like doing some on cards I make. It was a bit annoying amd not great fun. The Internet makes it look easy.

Day #100


Yay! 100! If only I did something more exciting 😛
So, for all my test bottle cap pendants I cut images out of magazines, which look awesome, but I can’t sell them due to copyright.  So I stamped some images and coloured them in while watching tv. I used my beloved copic markers, which are running out rapidly. I really need to get the whole set, but I’m bad at saving. So, I’ll carry on with my twenty or so markers until I get around to buying more. I never know, if I start selling my crafts, I could earn money to buy them. *gasp*
The cycle of life.

Day #99


Another friend has a birthday. It’s as though the all have one! Outrageous!
This was very loosely based off the cover of a game I know he likes (Grand Theft Auto.) So that’s why the words are in that font and I didn’t get to use my new alphabet die. It’s wonky and hand drawn lettering, but I rather like it.
I left making it until the day before we see him, so of course I couldn’t find any of the stamps or card I wanted.
Luckily it was a simple card, so once I found the stamps, I got it done quickly.

Day #98


I’ve been a busy Miss Lizzy today.
For weeks I’ve been brewing on the idea of these pendants and have been looking at videos and tutorials and developed a rather professional looking thing 🙂
The first problem I had was that I didn’t realise that unused bottle caps are curved out, making them easier to flatten. I was using old bottlecaps and they didn’t act the same.
I tried adding glitter glue and rhinestones on the images, below the clear embossing powder I used, but the rhinestones melted and the glue from the glitter was sizzling from the heat to melt the powder, so I didn’t try any more of that.
To attach the pendant to jewelry, it was supposed to be easy to punch a hole with a nail, but I couldn’t get that to work for me, so I’ll either sandwich something between two of them, use them as badges and card decorations or find another way to make holes. Maybe I should ask someone stronger and less afraid of hammers…

Day #97


Working on lots of things at once. So confusing and my hands are sore from all the drawing. I’m attempting to create art for two different competitions. They are just for fun so I’m not bothered if I win. But it would be nice.
I also have three cards to do, a present and keep up with homework which they’ve changed so that I have to submit an assessment every week.
Today I learnt a bit about using a program called inkscape. It’s rather annoying but it has some filters that photoshop doesn’t have and I think it’s free. It is very laggy and kept minimizing for no reason. Maybe it was just me.
So, feeling very overwhelmed and despite my kittens best efforts, sitting on the keyboard does not help. Thought I’d keep you updated 🙂

Day #96


Went shopping today…
I got a new embossing folder, an alphabet die, a small hole punch and a tiny hole punch. The letters I got are a good size for cards and a font that can be used for many occasions. I cut it out of adhesive paper, so I didn’t have to glue all the little bits down.
The embossing folder is a pirate themed pattern, but there may be other uses, such as cutting out the diamonds or using it for gothic themes. It seems more masculine than my other two folders, which may be useful.
The two circles I didn’t realise at the time but are the perfect size for making home made sequins. I got them to fill in the sizes between my existing circle punches, the tiny one especially to make holes for making paper charms for jewellery.

Day #95


Playing with my punches. Experimenting is great. When everything builds up and needs planning, playing like this is just what I need.
Theres an anime and games convention that I go to each year, and this year I have decided to give the art competition a go. I have no idea what to do yet, but I got some grey card and will play around with some pastels. I rarely go into competitions with my art, as I am not good with the stress of deadlines and am usually unpleased with my work by the submission date. But nothing compares to seeing your art on a wall and people admiring it. It may just be worth the pressure.