I haven’t died… Yet. Suffering from all the wonderful winter bugs, as well as adapting to a less flexible lifestyle ( not figuratively, I’m not allowed to bend or twist my back anymore). So all has been a challenge, but I have been paper macheing all over the lounge while binge watching in front of the heater.

As I haven’t taken any pictures to show you. I thought I’d take this opportunity to show of my two gorgeous cats. They’re so lovely… When they’re sleeping.
The black and white Tuxedo terror is named Charlie, and the grey sweetheart is Willow. The photos don’t do her coat justice. 

Ok, I have to remember this is my craft blog, and stop fawning over my kiddens. I’m going to rest up so I can get back to creating!

Go forth and create!



Post box checking day!
It’s like shopping without money, or presents from my past self. Today I received some merino wool that I got off ebay. Each packet is about 3 grams, so maybe 2cm by 3cm bags, and there’s 36 colours. I got a small amount of a lot of colours, as I like making small projects, I can use filling as the core, meaning I need less wool, and I wanted to see what colours I’d use. There are so many beautiful colours though, I think I’ll use them all.
The first thing that I want to make is little figures of my own cats. I haven’t decided whether to make them realistic, or cartoonish. I wonder if I could make them small enough to be on a necklace. Luckily wool is lightweight. I’ve been looking to Pinterest for inspiration, and there are so many great creations to get inspiration from. I’ll have to create a few different things.

Better get my guard gloves on.



Adorable cat hinders sewing attempt.
What is it with cats and thinking paper patterns and sharp pins is a game? I was a few minutes from locking them both out of the room, but I discovered if I sat still for a moment, they got bored and walked away long enough for me to pin a few more places. I was making a pair of house shorts for my partner while he was at work to surprise him. I changed the pattern a bit, and messed up a few times, but they’re comfy, which is all that matters (although I might need to take them in a bit.) After watching a reality TV show about sewing, I realised there was so much I didn’t know about sewing and that I should practice. So I finally found my paper patterns at the bottom of a paper box, and looked through for a project. I found three that would be nice, but I had started adjusting the shorts pattern, a while ago, but hadn’t gotten to the cutting section. I washed all my new fabrics that I had bought, and amongst them were some green and black fabric. When I was cutting, I didn’t realise there was a wrong and right side until I had to unpick one of the seams.
Watching the TV show had given me a few tips, and I tried sewing neater, and closer to the edges. This worked, and was beautiful… On the wrong side of the shorts. I had finished the elastic casing at the top, when I went to cut the thread and discovered, bunching and knotting the whole way around. Instead of unpicking, I went over the stitching with a zigzag stitch. I know my partner wouldn’t look that closely at them, so it’s fine. I kind of stopped looking at the instructions, as they were confusing. There was meant to be buttons and flies, and whatnot, but I made them basic, and simple. Not the best plan while learning, but ideal when trying to finish something for a surprise.



More cats. I’m trying to draw things without colouring in before my markers arrive, because every time I get new things I get so excited that I can’t think of anything to draw. I spent all evening sketching a gun from an anime. It’s so intricate, but it’s also small so hopefully all the misaligned pieces aren’t too noticeable. Because it took so long I had to stop because my hand cramped up. Even now I’m moving my phone to my finger to type. At least I can say it took me over two years to complete. I often start things on new years eve for this reason. I have to rest my hand now.
Happy New Years, guys.



So I began drawing in my little Bristol book, and put YouTube on for some inspiration. I came across this video about Simon’s cat creator. As he shows how he draws his four cats, I applied his technique and style to create a cartoon version of my two cats, Willow and Charlie, up the top. The ginger kitten was copied from the cutest sketch in the video, but I decided to make it ginger instead of black, like his cat, Hugh, is. It reminds me of a ginger kitten we were going to get a long time ago, named Teddy, but my other cat hated him.
This was all really a test to see how the markers and multiliners worked on the paper, and it was brilliant. I always wondered how people were able to get such nice blending, without the ink spreading the more you add colour. Turns out, regular paper from the newsagent doesn’t stack up. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am trying to be a firm believer that you don’t need the best to be the best at something. Perhaps struggling with materials makes you better, as it’s an added handicap. Just like dialup internet teaches you patience and how to find things in the least amount of page loads.



Kitty stickers. Yaaay!
Also a stencil kit I got from Typo, a paper/novelty item shop. I haven’t done a lot with stencils, so I’m keen to try some gesso and paint techniques. They had Christmas and palm tree themed one, but I thought the love one was more versatile throughout the year, also I love love hearts.
I also bought some green glitter nail polish to put on cards. I think it gives a nicer coverage than glitter glue itself, and I can use it for other crafts or even put it on my nails! I wasn’t allowed glitter before I moved out, so I’m going crazy with it now. My cats are often sparkly by accident.
I have been crafting more than I’ve been posting, mainly because I want to write a tutorial, so I need to cover all bases and make a few different types before I write it up. I’ll try and get that done soon so I can show you guys everything.