Sorry it’s been ages since I posted, it’s been one of THOSE months.

In other news, I hand sewed this bunny for a future human. He’s nice and soft and cuddly and baby proof. I’m always wary of what to give babies, and don’t even trust safety eyes, that’s why his eyes are just embroidered circles. I may go over them and add a mouth, but I’m not sure. I got a bit sick of hand stitching half way through, as it was getting painful, so one I had finished that, I put him to the side for a bit while my hands recovered.

I had a dream about buying some pink fabric to make a bear, so I feel as though I need to make a pink bear, now. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything like the fabric from my dream, so I’ll have to figure that out. May take some improvising or a shopping trip.

I’m madly trying to design more t-shirts to sell online. I need to start focusing on finishing designs so I can start earning something for my work.

I’d better get some sleep. I’m getting sick on top of everything else (thanks to my other half) and need some rest. ❤



Today I decided that I wanted to try something using crochet, friendship bracelet thread and metal. I was looking through my findings box, looking for a plain ring, when I found a blank chain bracelet, with clasps attached, and that fits my wrist. Another point that drew me to this was that the crochet hook fit through the links easily. I think I made the connection easily because crochet begins with a chain stitch, so why not with chain. I’m sure I’ve seen this technique done on Pinterest at some point, but can’t remember exactly.
I used a treble 1, chain 1 combo in each space for two rows, then flipped it over, and repeated in the other colour. I was thinking this would make a nice lace cuff bracelet, but if I’d made it any longer, I’d have to think about extra clasps or ribbons to keep the ends together.
I’m quite liking the mix of metal and cotton. I suppose I have so many types of craft supplies, it would seem only natural to try and mix them occasionally. That’s how new techniques are created, and craft turns into art.



I made this star shape by cutting a circle with my big shot, then using my hexagon punch and lined two points with the edge of the circle, making a v shape. I continued around, lining the next v with the end of the last one. The final one had to be squeezed in but that isn’t too noticeable.
I found a lot of tips while looking for ideas to use with the circle dies. Punch art is quite popular and very creative. I often wonder how people come up with these great ideas, then I spend some time experimenting and get some awesome results. About 70% of experiments come out bad but that’s how we learn and improve.
Just have fun.



I made this card the other day for my partner. Our nine year anniversary, so there’s nine hearts on the front. I actually punched out all the hexagons from black card and used foam adhesive for the middle section, and stuck the edge ones on flat. My partners favourite colour at the moment is green, and I felt as though it would look nice with the pink. Lucky he likes pink, or this wouldn’t have worked as a manly card. You may think that a biohazard symbol is weird for an anniversary card, but it is the logo for the gaming site we built together. I created it by punching circles of different sizes. Firstly punching the smaller circle, then the larger circle off centre, making moon shapes and gluing them to a base made the same way, but centring both circles to make a ring.
I didn’t measure the card for the sentiment, so I had to tilt the words slightly, as the first letter going up didn’t fit with the last letter hanging down.
The first question he asked me was how long did it take to make. I replied, not as long as you’d think. Once I’d thought out the design while trying to sleep one night, I had figured out most of it. The hexagons punching and placing probably took the longest, and playing around to make the biohazard symbol.



These are the cards I mentioned last post. The orange is a bit more yellow in real life. I coloured in the bear using prismacolour pencils, but they don’t sharpen properly and are broken on the inside, which makes them hard to use.
I quite like the pink and yellow card. I thought I might be too girly, but instead looks rather Indian or Turkish, like their bright coloured fabrics. I feel as though it need an embellishment, but I’m not sure what.
The penguins on the card were a pattern on scrapbook paper, but I had to cut one off for it to fit. Hopefully I’ll find him a good home.

Day #167


Felt flowers and a ribbon bow. I used my new marking pen on the felt. It worked nicely, but now I have to wait and see how it disappears. I couldn’t use it on the purple because it was the same colour, so I pinned one of the other flowers to it and cut it out.
The reason I got to making these is I saw some headbands in a shop which were just felt flowers stuck to a headband base with a jewel in the middle. Like most things, I said to myself, and my friend, ‘I can do that.’ So I did. They are different and I didn’t take a photo for reference, they are inspired by. The ones in the shop were all one colour. I tried to give them some dimension by putting a stitch in the middle of the bottom layer. I was originally going to put them all on one headband, but they turned out bigger than I thought, so I’ll either only put one, or one large and make two smaller ones to put either side. I could make three headbands. I’m not good with choices, and I make my best art and craft when my head switches to autopilot and things fall into place.

Day #156


I’ve been slowly working on this guy. After the base coat of red I showed you a while ago, I’ve put about 5 coats of pinkish purple glitter paint. I should have done another coat of red, since the glitter is transparent and you can still see the bad paint strokes. It’s quite pretty in the light, but the camera on my phone doesn’t pick it up.
One thing about having cats and a craft room is it makes you a little bit tidier. I often hear strange noises coming from the room only to find my tools on the floor. Also covering drying items is a must. They share my love for art, or they just like playing with my things. They’re lucky that they’re so cute.

Day #64


Tried knitting today. This was as far as I got before I got too sleepy to continue. It was going to be a bow. So if I finish it that’ll be great.

Still throwing around ideas for the 21st card. The peachier pink seems to match better. I was trying out a brighter pink, but it didn’t look right.

I’ll be very busy with moving in the next month, so hopefully I’ll get them all done in time…