I haven’t died, I’m just in the middle of a bunch of half finished projects and melting from a sudden heat wave.
I’ve split my creative time between sewing clothes for myself, watercolour in, calligraphy and sewing this bear. I’ve been collecting some fabric, and while rummaging through the remnant basket at the craft store, I found some short pile non-stretchy knit fabric. This fabric is the most perfect for miniature bears, as it’s thick, but malleable, it looks like tiny fur, it doesn’t unravel easily and doesn’t need interfacing. I found the section that they keep it in with the baby fabrics, and there were a great range of different colours there, though mostly pastel. There was a beautiful periwinkle blue with white spots that I’d love to go back and get. Since these bears only use up about a 20cm by 15cm piece of fabric, you don’t need to buy a whole lot of the material.
I haven’t put a nose on the bear yet, and I thought she looked cute without it, but the white spot on her face looks like she has a strange white nose shape, so a nose would detract from that spot.
I thought she’d look great as a little brooch to go with the navy top I’m making, but I think she’s going to run away from home and live with my Mum, next time she visits.
At least I have plenty more fabric, I could make a teddy army.


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