Furry burry.
He turned out quite nicely, I think. The face is needle felted and it’s all done using acrylic yarn, with a synthetic filling centre. I’m still getting plenty of fluff peeling up as I hold him, so in experimenting with hairspray to try and keep him together over time. If only I could put things in blocks of resin to prevent damage and wear. Not very tactile, but at least they will last.
The, yet to be named, bear is showing off a very fashionable paper pack called “Surfs Up” by DCWV. I bought it today, as is was 75% off and it’s sparkly and pretty. I also got a couple of polystyrene balls to try out a quilling thing, and some cheap polymer clay, in pink and purple. I’d usually use my super sculpey and paint it after, but I want to try out clay canes.
I should be on a no mess for inspection lock down, so don’t expect a lot. I’ll try to draw still and I have a thing to plan for that might lead to selling. Anxious about it, but also excited. I’ll be getting a theme, then having a month to come up with a product to sell that suits the theme. I’ll let you know when I know more. I know it’s to support Australian artists and getting local business. I was kinda roped into it, but I think it’ll be good for me.

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