Day #135


You would think with so many events needing cards coming up, that I would works towards that. Guess not.
These two cards were produced tonight. The teddy one, thanks to a card making magazine, which came with an embossing folder and stamp. I coloured the bear with copics, and because it’s just regular card, bled outside the lines. I went over it with pink so it’s slightly less noticeable and I went over the flowers in cream matching the card base. I was going to colour him in grey with a blue nose, but that would seem like copying the “me to you” brand, and ended up liking these colours anyway.
The second card is made using little girls cut out of wrapping paper. I really wanted to have some patterned paper behind them, but when I cut and glued the paper down, it didn’t fit on the card, so I ended up getting a larger card base, and found some green shiny paper that I wanted to incorporate somehow.
Remember: wrapping paper is patterned paper too. There are hundreds of designs, you can coordinate the card and present, it can be fairly cheap and you get heaps of it. If its too thin, stick it to card and cut out patterns. Repeated patterns are brilliant for paper tole cards and you can build up a collection and not worry about last minute lack of wrapping paper!

Day #71


“Oh mahhhh, she used her camera *shock*”

So, when I get in a really creative mood, I make these hand sewn bears, I love how cute they are, and they are so hard for me to give away or sell. The pattern is originally from the miniature bear in The Complete Book of Teddy-Bear Making Techniques. I’ve practiced using different materials, such as upholstery fabric, suede, felt, and the one on the right was made with actual miniature fur fabric designed for mini bears, After all these, one of my favourite methods is attaching iron on interfacing to panne velvet (which is usually stretchy, and has a tiny plush texture) so it isn’t stretchy, has a nice thickness, easy to trace the pattern onto the interfacing, and doesn’t fray.

The book includes patterns on making basic clothes for your bear, but I have the skills to create whatever makes the bear have their own personality. This is certainly an art aspect to sewing, and often my favourite part.

Day #53


Still tired from the heat last week, so here’s another lot of creativity from the past.

I make a lot of headbands. It’s mainly the only thing I do to my hair daily. I have a whole box of ones I’ve made. Here are a couple.



Excuse the bad photos, I’ll get around to getting my camera out one day. Phone cameras are convenient but not as good as my beautiful Nikon. :/
Hope you like 😀

Day #36


So, I went shopping today, on three hours of sleep which was probably not a good idea. Luckily I had enough brain power to decide that glass and I dont go well together, because I’ve seen a lot of nice storage ideas with buttons and bits in glass jars. So I brought $50 worth of plastic containers to carry home in three bags. Lucky it wasnt heavy, since I was already wobbly from the lack of sleep. So now I have containers galore, then went out and bought two five drawer units for more craft sorting. I should be set. Once I have some time and sleep.

I did a couple of run throughs of my big shot. Thought of making the bear into a top folding card. Might need a hat or bow to cover his flat head, though. I also cut two out of felt to make into a doll, except the eyes get cut out of the back of the head. I thought of making a reversible one, like girl on one side and boy on the other, but for now I just glued some felt on there.
I also tried embossing a card front, but discovered a few bits of the white core showed through. I tried covering it with gold, but it was tedious and not a great effect. Then I sanded it back a bit to bring out more of the white, and liked it even more 😀