I made this card the other day for my partner. Our nine year anniversary, so there’s nine hearts on the front. I actually punched out all the hexagons from black card and used foam adhesive for the middle section, and stuck the edge ones on flat. My partners favourite colour at the moment is green, and I felt as though it would look nice with the pink. Lucky he likes pink, or this wouldn’t have worked as a manly card. You may think that a biohazard symbol is weird for an anniversary card, but it is the logo for the gaming site we built together. I created it by punching circles of different sizes. Firstly punching the smaller circle, then the larger circle off centre, making moon shapes and gluing them to a base made the same way, but centring both circles to make a ring.
I didn’t measure the card for the sentiment, so I had to tilt the words slightly, as the first letter going up didn’t fit with the last letter hanging down.
The first question he asked me was how long did it take to make. I replied, not as long as you’d think. Once I’d thought out the design while trying to sleep one night, I had figured out most of it. The hexagons punching and placing probably took the longest, and playing around to make the biohazard symbol.

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