Today I decided that I wanted to try something using crochet, friendship bracelet thread and metal. I was looking through my findings box, looking for a plain ring, when I found a blank chain bracelet, with clasps attached, and that fits my wrist. Another point that drew me to this was that the crochet hook fit through the links easily. I think I made the connection easily because crochet begins with a chain stitch, so why not with chain. I’m sure I’ve seen this technique done on Pinterest at some point, but can’t remember exactly.
I used a treble 1, chain 1 combo in each space for two rows, then flipped it over, and repeated in the other colour. I was thinking this would make a nice lace cuff bracelet, but if I’d made it any longer, I’d have to think about extra clasps or ribbons to keep the ends together.
I’m quite liking the mix of metal and cotton. I suppose I have so many types of craft supplies, it would seem only natural to try and mix them occasionally. That’s how new techniques are created, and craft turns into art.


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