Day #167


Felt flowers and a ribbon bow. I used my new marking pen on the felt. It worked nicely, but now I have to wait and see how it disappears. I couldn’t use it on the purple because it was the same colour, so I pinned one of the other flowers to it and cut it out.
The reason I got to making these is I saw some headbands in a shop which were just felt flowers stuck to a headband base with a jewel in the middle. Like most things, I said to myself, and my friend, ‘I can do that.’ So I did. They are different and I didn’t take a photo for reference, they are inspired by. The ones in the shop were all one colour. I tried to give them some dimension by putting a stitch in the middle of the bottom layer. I was originally going to put them all on one headband, but they turned out bigger than I thought, so I’ll either only put one, or one large and make two smaller ones to put either side. I could make three headbands. I’m not good with choices, and I make my best art and craft when my head switches to autopilot and things fall into place.

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