So I began drawing in my little Bristol book, and put YouTube on for some inspiration. I came across this video about Simon’s cat creator. As he shows how he draws his four cats, I applied his technique and style to create a cartoon version of my two cats, Willow and Charlie, up the top. The ginger kitten was copied from the cutest sketch in the video, but I decided to make it ginger instead of black, like his cat, Hugh, is. It reminds me of a ginger kitten we were going to get a long time ago, named Teddy, but my other cat hated him.
This was all really a test to see how the markers and multiliners worked on the paper, and it was brilliant. I always wondered how people were able to get such nice blending, without the ink spreading the more you add colour. Turns out, regular paper from the newsagent doesn’t stack up. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am trying to be a firm believer that you don’t need the best to be the best at something. Perhaps struggling with materials makes you better, as it’s an added handicap. Just like dialup internet teaches you patience and how to find things in the least amount of page loads.

2 thoughts on “#212

  1. Wonderful! You captured the grey one perfectly, The black and white is right in colour but not quite in character. Teddy is exact! Love,Love Love you to do the crazy cat!

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