Kitty stickers. Yaaay!
Also a stencil kit I got from Typo, a paper/novelty item shop. I haven’t done a lot with stencils, so I’m keen to try some gesso and paint techniques. They had Christmas and palm tree themed one, but I thought the love one was more versatile throughout the year, also I love love hearts.
I also bought some green glitter nail polish to put on cards. I think it gives a nicer coverage than glitter glue itself, and I can use it for other crafts or even put it on my nails! I wasn’t allowed glitter before I moved out, so I’m going crazy with it now. My cats are often sparkly by accident.
I have been crafting more than I’ve been posting, mainly because I want to write a tutorial, so I need to cover all bases and make a few different types before I write it up. I’ll try and get that done soon so I can show you guys everything.


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