Adorable cat hinders sewing attempt.
What is it with cats and thinking paper patterns and sharp pins is a game? I was a few minutes from locking them both out of the room, but I discovered if I sat still for a moment, they got bored and walked away long enough for me to pin a few more places. I was making a pair of house shorts for my partner while he was at work to surprise him. I changed the pattern a bit, and messed up a few times, but they’re comfy, which is all that matters (although I might need to take them in a bit.) After watching a reality TV show about sewing, I realised there was so much I didn’t know about sewing and that I should practice. So I finally found my paper patterns at the bottom of a paper box, and looked through for a project. I found three that would be nice, but I had started adjusting the shorts pattern, a while ago, but hadn’t gotten to the cutting section. I washed all my new fabrics that I had bought, and amongst them were some green and black fabric. When I was cutting, I didn’t realise there was a wrong and right side until I had to unpick one of the seams.
Watching the TV show had given me a few tips, and I tried sewing neater, and closer to the edges. This worked, and was beautiful… On the wrong side of the shorts. I had finished the elastic casing at the top, when I went to cut the thread and discovered, bunching and knotting the whole way around. Instead of unpicking, I went over the stitching with a zigzag stitch. I know my partner wouldn’t look that closely at them, so it’s fine. I kind of stopped looking at the instructions, as they were confusing. There was meant to be buttons and flies, and whatnot, but I made them basic, and simple. Not the best plan while learning, but ideal when trying to finish something for a surprise.

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