Post box checking day!
It’s like shopping without money, or presents from my past self. Today I received some merino wool that I got off ebay. Each packet is about 3 grams, so maybe 2cm by 3cm bags, and there’s 36 colours. I got a small amount of a lot of colours, as I like making small projects, I can use filling as the core, meaning I need less wool, and I wanted to see what colours I’d use. There are so many beautiful colours though, I think I’ll use them all.
The first thing that I want to make is little figures of my own cats. I haven’t decided whether to make them realistic, or cartoonish. I wonder if I could make them small enough to be on a necklace. Luckily wool is lightweight. I’ve been looking to Pinterest for inspiration, and there are so many great creations to get inspiration from. I’ll have to create a few different things.

Better get my guard gloves on.

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