It’s beginning to look a lot like Christ-mas.
I went shopping with the intention to get some nice baubles to decorate, but I saw the teeny bobbles and had to buy a bunch. They’ll probably be quicker and easier to decorate, anyway. I found a couple that were clear that are designed to hold pictures, so I can put my cats photos in them. I was going to get some glass ones, but they were already broken, and I doubt they’d have survived the bus trip home with me if they weren’t.
I also picked up cute Santa stickers, some curling ribbon and wrapping paper.
In the newsagents, I found some gorgeous magenta glitter glue that I have had my eye on, as well as a cheap travel watercolour set. I don’t usually travel with or without my paints, but sometimes I need something small without much setup when all my work areas are as messy as they are. I really need to take some time off crafting to clean before the hoarders TV crew turn up.
Lastly, I got some small bottles, with coloured sand and sequins, and enough double sided adhesive to get me through to winter.
So, if you don’t hear from me, I’ll be under the pile of beads and baubles.

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