Slowly, slowly.
I’ve been getting some good use out of my new watercolour set, but this means I haven’t really done anything towards Christmas. In fact, I ended up cleaning most of the card making supplies up. I just haven’t been in the mood with the heat and mess.
Apart from watercolour, I have been making tiny little potions made of glitter, food dye and dish soap. I’ve made at least twenty now, and am also making a stand for them, called my Apothecary, out of foam board and a cat food box. I have been trialling a paint program called Paint Tool SAI, that all the cool kids are using nowadays. It has a couple of features that aren’t in Photoshop, like a stabiliser, which makes the lines very smooth. Often, both programs are used in conjunction, to get the best results for art pieces, so I’d like to learn Paint Tool SAI.
Other than that, I’ve been absorbing inspiration from YouTube, Pinterest and bathroom tiles (a strange birdman with a hand puppet and balloon, no less.)
I’ve wanted to do some celebrity portraits for some practice, but I keep putting it off, as I know there’s other things I could use that time on. Then I just get bored, and put everything off, as I binge watch Netflix. Maybe I should have more monitors… Or more hands.


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