I didn’t intend to make a lot today, but I sat down for a while, and this happened.
I’ve been wondering whether to continue making Christmas cards, or make everyone a hand decorated ornament each. It seems a bit quicker to do the ornaments, depending on how elaborate and detailed they are, but it might be a nice change to cards. Also, you can look at the ornaments each year, but it’s rare you see your Christmas cards a lot. It was always really fun putting up our personalised decorations on the tree when I was little, and thought it would be nice, despite not having any children in the family. But I am getting quite sick of card making at the moment.
I need to figure out soon, as I won’t have time to do both.

One thought on “#365

  1. I know that the “older” members of the family would like cards ( and I use the older term very very loosely). So maybe make a family card and some personalised ornaments.

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