Hey everyone! I completely forgot to blog there for a while, as I was doing some secret projects and commissions. But today I have a great reason to blog today!

I got a photo light box for taking pictures of my crafts. YAY! Now I can look all professional like on my blog. It came with a white and a black foam background, and it plugs into the computer usb to light up. The light is a great cool colour and shows the colours of the objects closely.

The box is foldable for easy storage, and did fit together with magnets, but I was a bit wary of the magnets near the computer, which I have to plug it into. I cut the magnets out, and used glue dots and pegs to keep it together until I can find some Velcro to glue onto it.

Good thing I have so many things to photograph.

Stay snappy, my sheeple 🙂


Hey, everyone, how are you? I’ve had a bit on my mind lately, but today I actually remembered to blog. I was doing some paper mache after being inspired by YouTube. I started by covering a polystyrene ball for a later project, and it developed into coveing a lightbulb, a small container, and creating a vase for fake flowers out of card.

Here, it’s upsidedown.

It wasn’t a good idea to start a messy project so close to a house inspection, but I was inspired, and couldn’t resist. To be fair, I have a few messier projects in mind, so this was fairly safe on the list.

I try to keep you guys up to date… But no promises, heh.


It has been a hell of a day, and I wasn’t able to stream tonight. Sincerest apologies to anyone who wanted to join, but I wasn’t feeling the best, so the stream wouldn’t have been too entertaining.

I spent all day waiting for the plumber to come, but he never did, so I spent some time watching YouTube, playing games and smocking.

I saw a video by Handiworks showing a smocked cushion cover. The version I saw was sped up, so I just copied based on a quick explanation. I have to watch the long version to see how to sew into a cushion, as mine is very diamond shaped still, and the smocking is larger. I just really liked the how the satin highlighted the pattern more dramatically than more matte fabrics, and I’ve been meaning to make cushions for our lounge since we bought it four years ago.

Here’s a view from the back.

I’ve had a pile of sewing projects building lately, so it’s very nearly time for the sewing machine to be brought into daylight. I’ve had to do some research regarding jersey fabric so i can resize some t-shirts, and I watched a couple of seasons of Project: Runway, which made me feel like trying some new things out. Even if I’d never be hold enough to wear them outside, but I have a huge pile of fabric not doing anything else.

No smocking beyond this point…


Geez, life is so annoying! But enough about that.

So, I’ve been painting a bit lately. I felt bad about not blogging, but I don’t have the brain power to explain all the different pieces yet.

Here are a few pieces, so I’m getting good use out of the paints that I bought after Christmas. My partner and I have also assembled and primed our respective Warhammer 40k armies, but have to wait to paint them, as we have an inspection coming up.

In the mean time, I have been painting all sorts of things, as you can see. I’ve drawn pictures to paint, copied pictures, used a gesso transfer and painted over the magazine image, I’ve painted boxes, clay figures that I’ve made in the past, begun painting a dress on a paper mache dress form, and scoured my craft room for half finished projects, so I have plenty on the go.
Please excuse the quality of the pictures, the colours did not want to show up with the light, and I had to try an adjust them back. I keep forgetting to take the photos during the day. Perhaps I’ll make a day if it when I’ve completed more pieces. I might even iron the background sheet ;).

Paint the town red! Or maybe just the dress form.



I was cleaning today (a bit,) and I found a scrap of paper on the floor. I actually found quite a few, but this one gave me some inspiration. It had been punched with a maple leaf punch, and torn in just the right way that made me think of Godzilla rising out of the ocean. I used the piece of paper as a template, and filled in details, before colouring in the scene with pencils.

This wasn’t the first time in this cleaning season I’d found inspiration. I also made a box thing using catalogue paper and plastic shopping bags…

Cat for size reference. Though the cat is large.


Hey my beauties. I have returned. I never actually left, I just forgot to post. But I’m going to get back into the routine, and update you on the pretties.

Above you’ll see I’ve tried to make a few flowers and bows with ribbon. Tried being the operative word here. They aren’t too bad at a glance, but they are fairly wonky with petals longer than others, and raw edges. I’m not trusted with fire unless I’m cooking, so it’s tricky to work with ribbon without sealing the edges with a lighter. I’m hoping I can get a bunch of ideas together, so I can sit over a sink and seal a bunch of ribbon edges at the same time.

This week’s pay has been long awaited, as I was well enough to go shopping. It took every ounce of my energy, after no going out for a long while, but I did it. I ended up buying three craft magazines, all with free die gifts on them. I received a nice laced edge die, a swirly reindeer, with small bow and snowflake, and the final die set included two scalloped circles, a plain circle, a flagged banner shape, three tiny hearts and three tiny stars. The magazines had some good ideas, too, and I’ll likely go through and take notes and sketches at some time. Something I should do with all the magazines I tend to throw in a pile while I use the gifts.

I managed to grab some more hot glue sticks before rushing home to bed, so when I recover, I can play around with more ideas using ribbon, paper and plastic cups.

I’ll remember to keep you updated this time 😉



I found a pebble in the garden. So I washed it and painted it. I’ve seen heaps of people who paint dragons eyes on rocks, so I thought I’d try that.
I started out using acrylic, but only had three colours in front of me, so I put it to the side while I was trying out nail art on some fake nails. In the middle of this, while waiting for coats to dry, I decided to try using nail polish as the dragons scales. This worked even better than I thought. Building up blobs of the polish gives the piece texture and depth on the scales. As this wasn’t very planned, I added to black for the crevices between the scales afterwards with black acrylic. I found the green polish to be quite opaque and with the amount I put on, it could have easily gone over the top of a black base. Since this picture, I have gone over the red in more polish to make it stand out a bit more, and am planning to put a clear coat over the eye to make it glossy.
I think I’ll pick up some nice stones at the hardware store next time I go, and paint some more. They usually sell packets for gardening things.
I might show you some nail art one day, but I am so very bad at it, I’m just practising the basics at the moment… Like covering the nail in polish. But not too much.
Also patience. Need more patience.



This will be handy…
I’ve been very busy working on my competition entry that I mentioned. I’ve barely even touched other projects. While this is good for focus, I’m beginning to go crazy and worrying whether it’s good enough. However, I decided to give myself a break tonight to save some of my sanity. I decided to make my own hand.
Easy to do. I got a disposable rubber glove, put it on my non dominant hand, and proceeded to cover with masking tape. When covered, I cut a slit, on the palm, just big enough to wiggle my hand out, then taped the cut back up. I then filled it with tissues and notebook paper before taping the hole up.
My next step will be to do a cover of paper mache and I might paint it and put fake nails on.
There’s no practical use I have for this. I don’t wear rings for it to be a ring holder. I just needed something quick and easy to do that wasn’t the picture.
There is about a week left of the competition time, and I have to finish the picture soon, so I don’t go too crazy.
Maybe too late for that…



Got back from crafting not too long ago. Had so much fun, but am very sore. We made penguin doorstops out of socks and rice, Christmas tags, and gift boxes out of some nice scrapbooking paper. My friend hadn’t seen me craft before, so was surprised that I zoomed ahead.
There wasn’t many people, so I was able to chat and it wasn’t too overwhelming with people. I had something in common with each lady, which was nice to be able to talk about things.
For now though, I’m just glad I don’t have to cook, as I’m completely exhausted.
I just have to think of a name for my penguin.