I decided writing ‘day’ in the title is somewhat midleading, as I miss days. But this also gives me the opportunity to post multiple times a day if needed. I’ll keep the number so I can see how I’m progressing.
I unmasked the resin this morning, and they turned out rather well. My partner really liked the dr who ones. Not too many bubbles made it through, and they aren’t that noticeable. The glitter worked on a couple, but I blame the resin drying too quick for that. The red dalek looks quite good with just a layer on the back, but K-9 was too thick for it to show through properly. I would mix the glitter in the resin before pouring, but by the time I’d mixed all the colours, they would start to set before I get it in the moulds. I think painting on the clear ones will be successful, then coat with clear nail polish.
The Dr Who figures all stand up, so that’s useful. I think I’ll probably turn them into Christmas decorations.

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