Day #173


I’m back from the heat wave. I stopped functioning, and it wasn’t even very hot by summer standards. The other day I went to our favourite gaming/pop culture store, and while picking up a new game, I saw dr who ice trays. I’d been looking at buying these online, so when I saw it, I had to get one for using with resin. There’s a lot of places for bubbles to hide in them, so I had to chase them out with a toothpick. I made sure to measure and count the drops correctly, and it still began to set before I was ready. Halfway through mixing glitter into the poured resin, it got thick, so I just covered the ones I wanted with glitter to hope they cling onto it enough. I suppose I’ll find out tomorrow, even though they were probably set half hour after I poured them :/
With my last batch, I had to coat them with nail polish, to shine them up and get rid of some stickyness. It didn’t feel too sticky, but the pieces stuck together, so I think the nail polish will solve that.
I cast a couple of clear pieces, so I can try painting them.
Finally got around to washing the clothes from the op shop, so I’ll try them on, and see what needs doing soonish.

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