Well, here it is. The infamous competition entry, and its work in progress photos.

The theme for the competition was a to create a personified season, and put them in a landscape of another season. I chose a girl representing Summer, in the middle of a Norwegian Winter. This had to be done in a traditional medium.

This took quite a while, with a lot of work. I wanted to continue, but I was panicking too much, and was advised to stop, to prevent overworking and stressing.I’m quite pleased with it, and it was a great experience, so that’s all I can hope for. I’ll probably not do next months challenge, for a nice break, but I’ll keep an eye on future themes, in case I get motivated to do another one, later.

I created this with watercolours, inktense pencils, coloured pencils and acrylic. I had to research quite a few things for this, such as the snow and what children wear in the winter, as I don’t live anywhere near cold. I created a folder full of pictures for reference of winter villages, summer clothing, mountains at night, and bonfire lighting.

I had trouble getting the final photo, as the far left always came out slightly blurry, but I think it’ll be alright. It might just be me worrying.

The entry is on Newgrounds.com, here, and I think I’ll find out results in the beginning of next month.

One thought on “#407

  1. Wonderful! You can have some fun now. It is all out of your hands.Relax. Chill. De-stress. Enjoy life. Now go and draw an elephant! Elephants cure everything except when they sit on the fence.

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