In celebration of not having to stare at my competition entry today this happened.
I was urged to stop working on my painting when my partner found me moping in front of the computer looking up other entries and panicking. This will stop me overworking the picture, and panicking in the last few days, which I can spend on getting the photo right and entering it calmly before it’s due.
Unfortunately, my scanner is slightly too small to get the whole picture, and coloured pencil comes out horrible and mottled. I took some photos, which will work. I will post all about it in the next few days, as I need to link to a work-in-progress photo in the entry.
As for the picture I created today, I used a piece of nice watercolour paper, and as I had all my coloured pencils and watercolour pencils out, I decided to use them. I sketched this out about a month ago when I was having a bad day. My other half has learned that the best way to keep me from turning bad days into curling up and crying is to set me challenges. He’s quite creative in doing this and they can be fun. On this occasion I was in a lot of pain and he decided to pick a card from a box of Magic the Gathering cards at random. This took a few tries, as he kept picking ones with suffering and pain damage, and I didn’t need a reminder of that. Finally he picked out a creature called a “sliver” which are covered in tentacles and spikes and spines. He wanted me to copy the picture on the card, but instead I took it as inspiration to make a glamour model.
It kind of reminds me of the baby alien in Men in Black.

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