Day #144


So, I’ve been growing some flowers, getting a Winnie the Pooh head in life and getting plaster of paris-ed.
So, Winnie was taken from a mould I have where you stuff toilet paper and water into the mould and it makes super lightweight, super cheap embellishments with no difficulty added. It does take a little while to do, but it doesn’t need your undivided attention… Might be why mine took a while :P. But what you do is get a roll of toilet paper, rip off squares, then rip them into pieces. Depending on the size and detail determines how big the pieces you need are. I used a spray bottle to spritz whenever the paper got too dry. The reason you use toilet paper for this, and you don’t need glue is that toilet paper is designed to dissolve into pieces in water, so the fibres interlock and dry into their new shape. I learnt this off a you tube video (I can’t remember which one, sorry.) But if you search there, you’ll find video instructions.
As for the flowers, I saw an idea making the nail polish flowers into a head-wreath. I’m not sure why, but the past load of these flowers I made got holes in the petals. Perhaps the polish was too old, or I didn’t let them dry properly before sticking then in a container and they poked each other. I’m thinking of putting another coat of polish once they are dried to make them stronger. I bought some floral tape, so that I don’t get stuck with all the wire in the head and hopefully it’ll keep it looking nice.
Lastly, I’m getting around to painting my plaster pieces. It took a few days to dry, due to being the middle of winter. You can tell they’re dry when they are about room temperature. Cold = moisture = not dry yet… Unless you have a really cold room.


2 thoughts on “Day #144

    1. I’ll leave these out to air for a while. I think the container kept it smelling longer. Mrs M’s birthday is coming up and was going to put this on her card 😛

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