Day #40


Wow. 40 days. Feels like a milestone. Not that creating is a challenge, it’s keeping up with something on a routine that is hard for me.
So today was a long one. I had an appointment and decided to got to my favourite art and craft stores on the way. I spent quite a bit but had fun.
Above are the stamps I bought. They’re so cute, I think and they have a good reusability factor. I also bought a couple of dies, a star embossing folder, nordic Christmas paper, miniature grass and some water colour paper.

Im sure I’d save a bit of money if I honed my craft and art to a couple of areas, but I change my interest weekly and am most interested in creating and experiencing all types of art and craft (except mosaics- I’m not fond of the look) but, there lies the problem. A short attention span and a procrastinator rolled into one and messy to boot.

Day #2


(Excuse bad phone photo, it’s the only way I can post without moving)
So today was shopping day, so haven’t really made anything, just played around with the scissors and embossing thing. This is the stuff I brought to make our Christmas cards with. Went a bit over budget, but I figure most of it it reusable and I’ll have enough left over for next year.
Exhausted from shopping so I’m going to stay home tomorrow which should give me time to make something and do some homework :/