Ohh pretty colours!

I dedicated today to making an image that I could turn into a phone case image. I ordered a clear case to fit my phone, so I could use my own pictures, on paper slipped between the phone and clear case. I have to wait until I get the case to cut out the photo holes and whatnot, so I have to wait before cutting it out. In this time I can scan it in incase I need to print it, or could clean it up for online printing. I used my touchfive markers to colour, and as you can tell, I need more purple colours. I should really have begun the gradient from red to blue, but I didn’t plan very well. I added a bit more variation using coloured pencils, so they looked more cohesive, and added some gradients on each critter.

Doodle, dudes.




Just a quick update and some pretty swirly rainbow watercolours. Oooh.

So, I didn’t win the competition, which I’m fine with. It was a good experience and I leveled up my skills, so it’s all good.

I have yet another inspection coming up, so I should really stop playing with the pretty colours, and play with the less messy digital colours. I have something coming in the mail to help this. So excited :).

That’s pretty much it for now. Other than working on little projects and maybe a YouTube channel or twitch stream in the future. We’ll see how things go 😉



Rainbow mermaid!!!
Well… I didn’t quite get to the rainbow part, but I’m half way through.
I was inspired to drawing this when I saw an article tutorial for dragon scales. There was one that was probably meant for the large belly scales, that looked a bit like the tips of swords. Another tutorial had mermaids inspired by different types of fish. I decided to put these two ideas together to make this mermaid. While I was drawing, I hadn’t decided on what to do with the hair, and was thinking about it when I realised, hair would be really impractical underwater. This is probably why sea creatures aren’t fluffy. This led me to making a hair inspired fin. As well as her fin like arms, adding to the swimming aspect for the mermaid. I thought she might have arms under the fins, and have them like flaring sleeves.
I’ve always been a fan of mermaids, so I like drawing them regularly. I like this drawing, and I’ve scanned it so I can colour it in on the computer or print it to colour it in with various mediums.

Day #117


I had coloured pencils. I had black and white scrapbook paper. I coloured in.
It looks more pastel from a distance. I like it. Only made one mistake… Shhhhh.